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Mild brain shocks may improve learning and cognition - Boing Boing (Build 20110318052756)
Mind - Research Upends Traditional Thinking on Study Habits And check out the classroom. Does Junior’s learning style match the new teacher’s approach? Or the school’s philosophy? Maybe the child isn’t “a good fit” for the school. Such theories have developed in part because of sketchy education research that doesn’t offer clear guidance. Student traits and teaching styles surely interact; so do personalities and at-home rules. Mind - Research Upends Traditional Thinking on Study Habits
Writers on Consciousness

Ecology of Mind - (Build 20100722150226) Ecology of Mind - (Build 20100722150226) The Tech-Singularity is not alone… there exists another movement that is THE direct and harmonic counterpoint that remains predominantly unknown. And perhaps “counterpoint” is the wrong word to use, though illustrative. My thoughts, and even my visceral sense, e.g. feelings, on this matter have led me to the proposition that there is an unstoppable and infinitely progressive ”global human” movement afoot for which the technology-singularity activity is acting in a supporting and accelerative role. On the subject of “Technology-Singularity”: So what is hidden that remains un-named and that

Lucid Dreaming