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20 Fundamentals: What Every Teacher Should Know About Learning. What makes a teacher successful? Having an expertise in reading, writing, math or science is necessary, but the ability to transfer that knowledge into another person is what makes an excellent instructor stand out. What good is it if a teacher has all the facts, but cannot communicate them in a way that others can comprehend? Aside from comprehending the curriculum content, teachers should have a basic understanding of how people acquire and absorb knowledge.

The following list highlights 20 principles of learning every teacher should know. 1. It may seem obnoxiously obvious, but how many classrooms are currently designed with one learning style in mind? Worksheets and flashcards work well for students who absorb knowledge visually, but for a child who needs to hear the information in order to grasp it, traditional methods of teaching force him or her to use a physical sense that is not as well-developed. 2. Using information is how it becomes knowledge. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Are you? 10. 10 Good Apps & Sites for Creative Writing Projects. The Library Voice: "20 Awesome Digital Tools and Apps To Kick Off The New Year"....Join Us For... What is Cortana?

Cortana is your clever new personal assistant. Cortana will help you find things on your PC, manage your calendar, track packages, find files, chat with you, and tell jokes. The more you use Cortana, the more personalized your experience will be. To get started, type a question in the search box on the taskbar. Or select the microphone icon and talk to Cortana. 1. Here are some things you can say to Cortana: How old are you? One of the things Cortana can do for you is to give you reminders. The reminder will appear at 2 PM, along with any info you’ve added to it. Extra bonus—if you have a Windows phone and are signed in with the same Microsoft account, any reminders you set on your PC will be automatically synced to your phone. Set Cortana to hear you anytime you say "Hey Cortana. " > Settings  and turn on Let Cortana respond when you say "Hey Cortana. " Note Cortana is only available in certain countries/regions, and some Cortana features might not be available everywhere.

A Vision of Students Today. Throwing Away the "Magic List" DigiLit Books - Google Slides. How to Create Online Collaborative Whiteboards. 20 YouTube Channels for Educators. Before You Hand Out Grades – Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension. Fun Assessment for Silent Sustained Reading. My 90 minute English class begins with 15 minutes of silent sustained reading every day. I prioritize this time because I know students won’t love every book we read as part of our curriculum.

I want to give them the opportunity and time to read anything that interests them. They can read whatever they want…graphic novels, biographies, popular young adult books or science fiction. My only request is that they select books that are at or above their reading level. My students LOVE silent sustained reading. It gives them time to “pleasure read,” which is a welcome time out for many of my overscheduled and stressed out high school students.

The challenge for me was to design an “assessment” that was meaningful. It wasn’t until I went to a book club meeting with some friends that inspiration struck. So, I decided to design a book club style chat assessment for our silent sustained reading. SSR Book Club Style Chat The Passage: Hook your group members! Why Picture Books – 5 Reasons Why They Belong in Every Classroom – Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension. I don’t remember when I fell out of love with picture books, but I do remember wondering why any teacher would invest any money in them if they were not teaching young kids. After all, picture books are so expensive and there is not much to them. No, I would rather invest my money in chapter books, that is where you get the most value. So picture books? Perhaps a few selected mentor texts in my 4th grade classroom. I don’t remember when I fell back in love with picture books.

Picture books give us a common language. I love how we can read a picture book and then refer back to it again and again as we weave our threads of community throughout the year. Picture books can teach us complex matters in a simple way. When my students became curious about the great Malcolm X, I read them Malcolm Little. Picture books can make us feel successful when we have lost our way. I often teach students who don’t think they will ever be a strong reader. Picture books relieve stress. Like this: Like Loading... Hook vs. Do Now: Why Inquiry Trumps Compliance. The first lesson I ever taught was in Pachamama, Ecuador. I was a wet behind the ears Peace Corps volunteer, and it was my first charla, or workshop. I was delivering a presentation on the importance of cropping sheep tails to a group of seasoned campesinos, who obviously knew far more about ovine management than I ever would. They were native Quechua speakers who understood un poco español, while I only knew two indigenous terms* and garbled a rather rudimentary version of Spanglish.

If that weren’t bad enough, I was also suffering from an explosive case of Atawalpa’s revenge, South America’s counterpart to that of our old friend Montezuma. Needless to say, it was going to be a tough sell. Daunted and somewhat delusional, I decided to pull out all the lanolin and start with an attention-grabbing (I hoped) skit. Dressed up like a ruminant Casanova, I pretended to court several fetching ewes, some with tails and others without. All Work and No Play Dewey Now The Art of Inspiration. Cloud 1.