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The Little Black Box – Living Off Tips. People are concerned that cell phones, mobile, wireless devices, computers and other Wi-Fi technology may have the potential to cause certain types of cancer or other health problems. The technology is expanding at a rapid rate. According to Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, there are more than 327.5 million cell phone subscribers in the United States. Globally it is estimated at five billion. Device technology has improved resulting in lower electromagnetic signal output.

However, with long consumers increasing their length of time, on cell phones and computers, some are experiencing health related symptoms. Sensitivities Electromagnetic field radiation (EMFs) is produced by all electronics. Protection Products Electromagnetic field (EMFs) protection is rising. Other schools of thought say that effective EMR protection devices should be on the phone with grounding technologies, wireless protection tools, and gadgets to protect ourselves from EMFs. Bogus Science. Behind the Scenes | Expand Success. The Head of Research at Lund University, Sweden, Professor Leif Salford said, "The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones... [is] the largest human biological experiment ever. " Mobile phones, digital wireless systems, and communication networks produce electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range.

This also includes occupational contact such as, traffic radar devices which expose police officers and many others daily. The potential health effects of electric and magnetic fields are controversial. They are the subject of intense and ongoing research. General health effects explore potential carcinogenic, reproductive and neurologic results. Exposure Microwave radiation is an integral part of society today. We have known about the exposure to radiation in the form of X-rays increasing the risk of cancer for decades. Microwave radiation has shown to be a consistent and reliable energy source for heat. Nutrition. Controversial Science: Telecom Safety – The Daly Blog. The telecom, digital communication industry is expected to reach a value of more than 1.2 trillion Euros by 2018.

Overall, the health consequences of chronic exposure to radiation are controversial and undecided. Public information is limited to trusted, unbiased, research studies. Many studies contradict each other on key elements making it difficult to come to a finite conclusion. The length of time for radiation cumulative effect to have a health outcome is unpredictable. In addition, it is very difficult to prove a cause and effect relationship. Therefore, the best we can do is look to the experts for guidance. One study completed in May 2011, by the WHO/International Agency found that radiofrequency electromagnetic waves may be a causal effect in the production of cancer in humans. The next investigation by researches Heynick LN, Johnston HA, examined cancer investigations published in peer-reviewed journals involving exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Safety Health Symptoms. The Little Black Box – Page 3 – Living Off Tips. People are concerned that cell phones, mobile, wireless devices, computers and other Wi-Fi technology may have the potential to cause certain types of cancer or other health problems. The technology is expanding at a rapid rate. According to Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, there are more than 327.5 million cell phone subscribers in the United States. Globally it is estimated at five billion. Device technology has improved resulting in lower electromagnetic signal output. Sensitivities Electromagnetic field radiation (EMFs) is produced by all electronics.

Protection Products Electromagnetic field (EMFs) protection is rising. Floor matsBracelets, wrist strapsGrounding bed pads, sheetsEnergy pendants, necklaces,Flip flops shoes for the feetAluminum wall foil, mesh or fabric shielding applicationsGrounding mouse pads, plugs for electrical wall socketInstall filters inside and outside grounding rod, transformerAcupuncture Bogus Science Practical Guide.

Bridge Building: Radiation Protection Tips – Soul Curry Magazine. Some cell phone industry scientists are sounding the alarm. They predict the numbers of new cases of brain and eye cancer will increase in the coming years. Studies from the National Cancer Institute have connected cell phone radiation to health concerns. Testimonial symptoms from test patients have reported pain, worries, hypertension, cancer, dementia, and forgetfulness.

The development of these conditions takes years; therefore, any link will not be known until more evidence is discovered. As with any disease, it is the effects build up, so sound advice is to take precautions now. Some of us use daily sun block to prevent the sun’s harmful rays in hopes of preventing skin cancer. Electrical Activity Cell phone radiation protection information and solutions have the attention of industry leaders. Electrical activity is strengthened when using a regular wired headset. Bridging Tips Cell phone use is essential in today world. Interventions. Meso Journal – Energy Fundamentals: Life’s’ Show. There is an invisible world around us. We feel the wind. We smell the sweet aroma of flowers. We see the rain. Even on those special misty, foggy days, we can see the sun’s fingers radiating through the clouds.

This is all energy, whether it is light, heat, or sound. Inside those beams is ultraviolet radiation. These are high-energy particles or waves that include X-rays, gamma rays, electron beams, protons, microwaves, and radio waves. Think of tossing a pebble into a pond of water. Wireless Devices Cell phone radiation works the same way. Cancer Devices send out a weak form radiation that is not enough to damage our DNA. Radiation Prominence Inside our buildings, radon is present.

Outside in our environment, from the mountains to the beaches there are cosmic rays of ultraviolet light radiation. Applications We use energy to advance medicine, health, and save lives. Material Halts the Travel Remember, radiation is the emission of energy. Microwave Radiation Protection Shield – Dangers of Microwaves. Microwave Radiation – We are being flooded with tremendous amounts of wireless microwave radiation (EMFs between 300 MHz and 300 GHz on the radio spectrum).

Every day we are exposed to one hundred million times more microwave radiation than our grandparents were, and that number increases daily. Basically, if you can use a cell phone, you are in an area that is saturated with microwave radiation. What Emits Microwave Radiation? Cell phonesCell towersLaptopsWiFiRadarBaby monitorsUHF radiosAnd more Subcategories of Microwaves The microwave portion of the radio spectrum can be subdivided into three ranges, listed below from high to low frequencies: Extremely high frequency (EHF) is most often used in radio astronomy and remote sensing.Super high frequency (SHF) is used for radar transmitters, microwave ovens, WiFi, cell phones, and satellite communication.Ultra-high frequency (UHF) is used for television broadcasting, walkie-talkies, cordless phones, and many other applications.

Facts! WiFi. Is cell phone radiation dangerous? - Aires Technologies. Want To Know – “Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous?” There is an invisible threat that looms over every person that lives in an urban modern society. We walk through it every day unknowingly because you cannot see it with the naked eye. You may be feeling the effects of it and not even know why or where they are coming from. You may have heard the question, “Is cell phone radiation dangerous?” Did you know that there are significant findings across the globe about the dangers of cell phone radiation? Aires Technologies Can Help You Reduce The Risks Of Cell Phone Radiation The health risks of cell phone EMR can vary from person to person and are directly correlated with the amount of exposure that a person has had to the harmful radio waves.

More Resources EMF Protection EMF Protection Get EMF Protection with our EMF shielding and EMF protector EMF Protection – Our website is quickly becoming one of the most visited sites on the internet pertaining to EMF protection. EMF Shield EMR Protection. EMF Protection With EMF Shielding And EMF Protector. Get EMF Protection with our EMF shielding and EMF protector EMF Protection – Our website is quickly becoming one of the most visited sites on the internet pertaining to EMF protection. Most people do not know that there are two different types of EMF or Electromagnetic Frequencies. The Low Frequency EMF’s are considered to be below 60 hertz and can be generally be found throughout a typical home. They are emitted from devices and appliances such as microwaves, the electrical wiring in your walls and the power lines that are coming into your home.

Aires offers EMF protectors and EMF shields. If you own a Gauss meter that detects low frequency EMF’s, did you know that unless otherwise stated, it most likely does not measure the high frequency EMF’s given off by the same appliances? More Resources EMF Protection EMF Shield EMF Shielding The Aires EMF Shield is an award winning EMF protection product. Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection Radiation Shield. Health Facts Behind An Anti Radiation Phone Case. Are You Thinking Of Buying An Anti Radiation Cell Phone Case? Radiation Cell Phone Case – You may have heard about anti radiation phone cases or simply radiation blocking phone cases.

The Aires Shield has these products trumped, now let us tell you why. There are numerous anti radiation phone cases out on the market today. However, it is hard to find a tested and certified radiation blocking phone case and even if you do, anti radiation phone cases are often bulky with frustrating designs that are difficult to fit on your phone and even when they do, they often cause your phone to become uncomfortable in your pocket or your hand. Some are more stylish and ergonomic, but there are so many imitations and knock-off products out there that claim to be electromagnetic radiation blocking phone cases with no proof or definitive studies done on them.

What Is Better Than An Anti Radiation Phone Case? The Aires Shield is one of the best Cell Phone Radiation blockers on the planet. More Resources. Are Cell Phones Dangerous to Health? - Aid Medi Tech Clients. Even with the fact that the radiation emitted from cell phones can cause a lot of negative effects on the human body, each of us are enlightened as to how optimal protection can be derived all thanks to the information we have gathered so far from the research that has been conducted over time.

It is of utmost importance that we give undivided attention to it because our staying healthy depends solely on it since almost every individual uses cell phones for different purposes. Safeguarding your life is important. Therefore, visit Aires Technologies to get some of the latest cell phone radiation protection devices and reduce the amount of radiation emitted into your body through your ears by a reasonable percentage. There has been confusing opinions with regards to how the radiation from cell phones affects the human body and if it does, then how much damage can result?

However, no one knows. Protecting Yourself from Microwave Radiation | AskSheWeb. Advancement in technology has brought about significant improvements in communication. Today it is almost impossible to do without a mobile phone. Mobile phones transmit electromagnetic waves of high frequency through its antenna. Cell phones transmits microwave which are defined as waves between a frequency of 300Mhz – 3000GHz. Aires Technologies offers microwave radiation protection devices tested, verified and approved in independent medical and scientific facilities.

Microwaves can be harmful to the human body; they can damage the embryonic and reproductive system of the body and affect the immune system too. Follow the tips below to minimize the risks caused by microwave radiation when using your cell phones; Opt for licensed mobile phones that have microwave radiation protectionDesist from placing your mobile phones around your waist to prevent damage to internal organsAvoid using your mobile phones frequently, use them only when necessary e.g. during travels. Protection From EMFs – What EMF Protection to Use | mobilemondaymelb- Mobile and tech tips. There are increasing model of mobile devices and as such there is increasing demand for such products. These devices emit Electromagnetic radiations which tend to cause harmful effects on the body. There has been a lot of question arising as to if these radiation causes any harm to the body. The fact is that it sure affects the body negatively and as such there is an increasing need for protection against such side effects.

The most appropriate protective measure should be using sand EMF protection devices from Aires Technologies to help prevents is harmful effects. Basically, electromagnetic field prevents the body being able to respond to stimuli thus affecting the entire system most especially the immune system. All electrical appliances emit this radiation making it necessary to give attention to ways we can protect ourselves. Electromagnetic field (EMF) also cause other effects on the body such as, fatigue, headache, cancer and destroys the DNA just to mention a few.

Interesting Facts about Cell Phone Radiation - Designeus. The invention of mobile phones has paved way for effective communication between friends, co-workers and family. However, excessive use can take a toll on your health. To be enlightened, necessary information has been made available to the public by researchers. Some of their finding is that, the radiation from cell phone is really dangerous as it pose the possibility of one being affected with cancer. Aires Technology uses the latest technology in producing cell phone radiation protection devices to keep you safe and healthy Further research has also shown that infertility, brain tumor and high blood pressure are some of the side effects that radiations have on the human body. Each phone has different rate at which they emit radiation. More so, depending on the country that you reside, there is a specific absorption rate for each phone. You also need to know some details concerning the radiation emanating from the use of cell phone since there is over 5 billion users worldwide.

Cell Phone Radiation Protection, What it is and How to Avoid It! | Hi Tech | Technology Guide. Radiation is the energy that is travelling through space in the form of waves or particles. The type of radiation emitted from cell phones is electromagnetic. This is so because cell phones uses radio frequency waves to make and receive calls. Aires Technologies is your one stop company that offers reliable cell phone radiation protection devices to keep you safe and healthy. There has been a lot of questions arising with regards to these radiation if they are harmful or not. Extensive research have been conducted but there has been no conclusive evidence that using a cell phone could cause a long term harmful effect on humans.

Much more research is being undertaken to know for certain the effects they have on human health. These studies have shown that exposure to the radio frequency waves emitted from cell phones can cause the following; Research has shown that there is a slight increase in blood pressure while using your cell phone. The health risk is considered to be very small. The Best Way to Radically Block Microwave Radiation | Bayd Soft. A Cell Phone Radiation Blocker Can Be a Life Saver | Kapokcom Tech. Helpful Tips for Optimal EMF Protection | Mind Web. EMF Blockers: The Ultimate Solution to Harmful Radiations – Techy Blog. Blog for techies. Ways to Shield the Radiation From Your Computer Monitor – Children Should Have Limited Use of Cell Phones | Magical Invetion Reached For Android Lovers. Ways to Remedy Exposure to Computer Monitor Radiation – Click2Touch – Leading Source for Reliable News. Do Microwaves Emit Radiation? – CR0TECH.COM. Cell Phone Radiation is Harmful to the Body – Laptop Computers, PC's & Notebooks, Mobiles more |

Do Cell Phone Cases Protect Against Radiation? | IIFM Web Center. How To Prevent Microwave Radiation - Online Buy Mobiles. The Concept Of The Microwave Radiation. Protect Yourself With Radiation Cell Phone Case | QSoft. Deadly Microwave Ovens: Fact or Fiction - Ganna Magazine Blog. Avoid Microwave Radiations From Mobile Phones – The Beautiful Way to Organize Code Snippets. Cell Phone Headaches – What Causes Them and How to Stop Them. EMF Protection – Fact or Fiction? Radiation Effects From Electronic Gadgets On Humans | Milasansor. What is EMF Protection and does it Work? - ITinformers. Is Microwave Radiation Harmful? | NetPrecos. Cell Phone Radiation Protection – How you can Do It   – Gemini Web Gemini Web. Does Microwave Radiation Affect Human Health? - Vets 4 Vets.

Cell Phone Radiation Protection- Cell Phone Cases to Reduce Radiation. Cell Phone Radiation: A Case Can Protect You - Web Masterfort. EMF Protection is Serious Business | Go On, Get Your Technology Out… Microwave Radiation: Something You May Not Even Consider – Restorative Technologies. Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Can Preserve Your Health | Super Brands Digital. Are You Thinking Of Buying A Cell Phone Radiation Protection Cases? | Crearti Web. Cell Phone Radiation Effects And Solutions - Earth Soft. Enjoy A Healthy Lifestyle With Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding - Health Maybe! Protect Your House From Harmful EMF Radiation | My West Montapt Home. Understanding The Basics Of EMF Protection - Soft ML. Do Microwave Ovens Pose Health Risks? - Utahchiro Practic Health. The Invisible Danger and How To Protect Yourself - Asic cloudAsic cloud.

The Invisible Danger – Information Sacking of Modern Research. Cell Phone Radiation – Too Much Exposure Is Dangerous | Mobile Monday Melb. EMF ProtectionSatinTech | SatinTech. Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case – How To Avoid A Brain Tumor | Tech and Internet Industry News - Statlab Development. How To Protect Your House From Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation – Techpreds - The Home of Technology. Ways To Protect Yourself From Laptop Radiation – ..::Telefonosandroid::.. Microwave Ovens And EMR Exposure Precautions. How To Protect Against EMF Emissions - One Green Earth. The Top Five Radiation Protection Product Supplier.

Why You Should Consider EMF Protection - Super Juegos Flash. EMF Blocker – Benefits And Importance. Shielding Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation – What You Need To Know. The Dangerous Effects Of Cell Phone Radiation | Tech Bloggers. Can Cell Phone EMF Protection Shields Protect You? | Routers. Cell Phone Radiation: Know And Hack | Find Your Way. Are Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Cases Effective? - The Growing Health Concern of Cell Phone Radiation. Shielding Material And Working Principle Of Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding | YATMM. Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding - Heat Flow Tech. Radiation Cell Phone Case Studies against Radiation – Soft ML. Styles Of Cell Phone Radiation Case Options For You To Choose From - Android. Radiation Cell Phone Case Diminishes Radiation Omitted From A Cell Phone. Is a Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case Worth it?

EMF Protection against EMF Radiation – ComputersForArt. Why Purchase A Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case | Julian Sherman. Tips For Limiting The Exposure Of Radiation Subjected To When Using Your Cell Phone | Wsi Web Efectivo. EMF Blockers – Get The Best Products ~ Idea Engine Blog. Radiation Cell Phone Case | Linq Phone. Cell Phone Radiation Case | Kasyno Tech. Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case - Tech Window. The Most Recommended Radiation Protection Products To Avoid Health Problems. EMF Blockers - Get The Best Products. Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding - What Works? Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case by Robert F. Recognizing the Hazards of Cell Phone Radiation | Meet Me Down Town - Write & Read!

Cell Phone Radiation Effects. TOP 5 COMPANIES OFFERING ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION SHIELDING DECEMBER 2015. Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case. Benefits Of Radiation Blocker For Cell Phones. Top 5 Reasons Why You Need An Electromagnetic Radiation Shield. Types Of Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Products.