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OSHO, is one of the most influential mystics whose the science of the inner continue to touch and inspire the hearts of millions of individuals worldwide.

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Krishna. Krishna is not a seeker.


It would be wrong to call him a seeker. He is a siddha, an adept, an accomplished performer of all life’s arts. And what he says in this siddha state, in this ultimate state of mind, may seem to you to be egoistic, but it is not. The difficulty is that Krishna has to use the same linguistic “I” as you do, but there is a tremendous difference in connotation between his “I” and yours. When you say “I” it means the one imprisoned inside your body, but when Krishna says it he means that which permeates the whole cosmos. Whenever someone speaks to another in the language of the ego, it creates an instant reaction in the ego of the other. But Krishna’s “I” is absolutely free of all traces of egoism, and for this reason he could call upon Arjuna to make a clean surrender to him. Egolessness comes to Buddha and Mahavira too, but it comes to them after long, hard struggle and toil. Osho Quotes on Trust. Trust Itself Is Such a Blessing “When everything is going smoothly and beautifully, you can trust.

Osho Quotes on Trust

But you are trusting somebody else: God, God’s only begotten son, any messenger of God, a prophet, a tirthankara or a Gautam Buddha. It does not matter. You are trusting somebody else and things can go wrong any moment. The basic trust has not to be in existence, it has to be within you. “You should learn to become more conscious and alert to trust yourself. What Is Meditation? Flowering. "Remember, meditation will bring you more and more intelligence, infinite intelligence, a radial intelligence.

What Is Meditation? Flowering

Meditation will make you more alive and sensitive; your life will become richer. "Look at the ascetics: their life has become almost as if it is not life. These people are not meditators. They may be masochists, torturing themselves and enjoying the torture... Freedom Quotes by Osho. Freedom Has Two Sides Osho, Enjoying your meditations has given me the sense of freedom of not belonging to any particular place, country or even nationality.

Freedom Quotes by Osho

It’s really great. I’ve felt able to move about without much fear and to be committed without feeling imprisoned. The Osho Tantra Collection. Osho Quotes on Tantra Here… Osho Books and eBooks on Tantra: Osho, Tantric Transformation: When Love Meets MeditationOsho Talks on The Royal Song of Saraha Saraha was an 8th century Indian sage who left his opulent life in the royal court to live with an arrowsmith woman.

The Osho Tantra Collection

Inspired by her single-pointed awareness, and the potential of living each moment, Tantra was born. The world of Tantra has no division between higher and lower. Death Penalty. Chuang Tzu. There is a beautiful story about Chuang Tzu, a great mystic of China.

Chuang Tzu

One morning, sitting in his bed, he looked very sad. His disciples had never seen him so sad. Bliss. Osho on Relaxation. Relaxation Is Just Being Natural Osho, Will you say something more about relaxation?

Osho on Relaxation

I am aware of a tension deep at the core of me and suspect that I have probably never been totally relaxed. When you said the other day that to relax is one of the most complex phenomena possible, I glimpsed a rich tapestry in which the threads of relaxation and let-go were deeply interwoven with trust, and then love came into it, and acceptance, going with the flow, union and ecstasy.... Astrology. In the name of astrology, ninety-nine percent of astrologers are only bluff.


Only one percent know that astrology is a vast subject - so vast that someone can only enter into it hesitatingly. The astrology I am talking about is of much depth. Something essential between your life and the universe is connected, is in a rhythmic harmony. We are not separate or isolated but joined together in an organic way. Osho on AIDS. Osho, Would you please say something about AIDS?

Osho on AIDS

Aloneness. Adi Shankaracharya. I am reminded of a beautiful incident about the Adi Shankaracharya, the first Shankaracharya, who established four temples – the four seats of Shankaracharyas for all the four directions.

Adi Shankaracharya

Perhaps in the whole world, he is the most famous of those philosophers who are trying to establish that everything is illusory. Change. Misery arises because we don´t allow change to happen. We cling, we want things to be static. If you love a woman you want her tomorrow too, the same way as she is yours today. That´s how misery arises. Nobody can be certain about the next moment – what to say about tomorrow? Guidance. Bayazid.

Receptivity. Truth cannot be sought - one can simply be receptive, that´s all. One can open the doors and wait. One can say only this much, “If the divine guest comes, you will be received, welcomed. I don´t know who you are, and I don´t know your address and I cannot even send an invitation. But whosoever you are, and whomsoever it concerns, if you come, my doors will be open - you will not find them closed.” That´s all that a seeker can do. So let this posture be your deep attitude. Bahaudin. Ashtavakra. Dialogue. Dialogue means trying to understand the other with an open mind. Dialogue is a rare phenomenon and it is beautiful, because both are enriched. In fact, while you talk, either it can be a discussion – a verbal fight, trying to prove that I am right and you are wrong – or a dialogue.

Dialogue is taking each other´s hand, moving together towards the truth, helping each other to find the way. Atisha. Diogenes. One day, when Plato was on a morning walk by the side of the sea, he saw a man. It was early in the morning, a little dark – the sun had not risen yet. He could not figure out who the man was. This man was Diogenes and in a spoon he was bringing…He would go to the ocean, take the water in the spoon – he had made a small hole in the sand – pour the water into the sand, and then go back. Plato, standing there, saw him doing it. He looked like a madman. Diogenes said, “I am trying to empty the ocean.” Patanjali. Patanjali is rare. He is an enlightened person like Buddha, like Krishna, like Christ, like Mahavira, Mohammed, Zarathustra, but he is different in one way. Buddha, Krishna, Mahavira, Zarathustra, Mohammed – none of them has a scientific attitude.

They are great founders of religions. They have changed the whole pattern of the human mind and its structure, but their approach is not scientific. Patanjali is like an Einstein in the world of buddhas. Celebration. Celebration is the foundation of my way of living – not renunciation but rejoicing. Strangers. Unhappiness. If you are unhappy, that simply means that you have learned tricks for being unhappy. Nothing else! Unhappiness depends on the frame of your mind. Playfulness. Existence. Spiritual Dependence. My approach to your growth is basically to make you independent of me. Femininity. God. No-Self. Parenting. A child is trying to climb a tree; what will you do? Receptivity. Disciples. Disciples in the past have created organizations. That was their relationship, that "we are Christians," that "we are Hindus," that "we belong to one religion, to one faith and because we belong to one faith, we are brothers and sisters.

We will live for the faith and we will die for the faith. " All organizations have arisen out of the relationships between disciples. In fact, two disciples are not connected with each other at all. Each disciple is connected with the master in his individual capacity. Comparison. Guidance. Pleasing. Spiritual Delusions. Giving. Awareness. Suffering? Human Rights. Friendliness. Integration. Gratefulness. Accept Yourself. Courage. Responsibility. Intelligence. Anger. Worship. Relaxation. The Heart. True Love. Listening. Enlightenment. Humanity. Your Parents. Money. Life Satisfaction. Conditioning. What Is Creativity? – Creativity Is a Quality.

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