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MCC UE 1 001 Intro to Media Studies Brunton. MCC UE 1571 SampleSyllabus. MCC UE 1413 SampleSyllabus. MCC UE 1412 SampleSyllabus. MCC UE 1408 SampleSyllabus. MCC UE 1402 SampleSyllabus. E59.1352 Empire Revolution Media. E59.1352 Empire Revolution Media. MCC UE 1031 SampleSyllabus. E59.1025 Race and Media. MCC UE 1022 SampleSyllabus. MCC UE 1019 SampleSyllabus. MCC UE 1017 SampleSyllabus. MCC UE 1012 SampleSyllabus. MCC UE 1011 SampleSyllabus. MCC UE 1003 SampleSyllabus. Undergraduate Courses. This umbrella number encompasses topics-based courses offered at NYU global campuses & other international locations that examine the social, political and economic dynamics of media & culture in specific national, regional & historical contexts.

Undergraduate Courses

Note: The courses listed below count under one Field of Study: Global and Transcultural Communication. Pop Culture and Power. In Jonathan Franzen’s 2001 novel, “The Corrections,” a disgraced academic named Chip Lambert, who has abandoned Marxist theory in favor of screenwriting, goes to the Strand Bookstore, in downtown Manhattan, to sell off his library of dialectical tomes.

Pop Culture and Power

The works of Theodor W. Adorno, Jürgen Habermas, Fredric Jameson, and various others cost Chip nearly four thousand dollars to acquire; their resale value is sixty-five. MCC UE 1 001 Intro to Media Studies Brunton. 100 Killer Ideas For Your Social Media Content. Product Tags Video Production. Creative Workshop. Making Waves: A Guide to Cultural Strategy. Making Waves: A Guide to Cultural Strategy from The Culture Group explains the concept of cultural strategy—how it works, and why it matters.

Making Waves: A Guide to Cultural Strategy

We include historical and contemporary examples to bring the theories and concepts to life, and offer practical steps for initiating and deploying cultural strategy. This reference guide is now available to advocacy organizations, foundations, organizers, and artist activists who want to effectively integrate these practices into their social change work. We can arrange for bulk orders of the book as well as presentations based on materials from the guidebook as a training for advocacy organizations, foundations, funder affinity groups, and others interested in learning more about cultural strategy for social change. Please contact

View and download by clicking the image above or here. The PEOPLE'S CREATIVE TOOLKIT - Rogue Citizen. 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism. Are Trump and the Republican party trying to implement fascist policies in the United States?

14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

You have to understand how fascists behave to determine that. Here are some hints. If you don’t think they are flirting with Fascism which of these are they trying to implement? What are the distinguishing characteristics of a… The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism Dr. 1. 2. 3. 4. Log In - New York Times.

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Sign up here » Facebook Google. Lesson: The Power of Images. Sometimes a single photograph can have a far greater emotional impact than words alone could.

Lesson: The Power of Images

This emotional potential makes photography a prime candidate for interpretation based on confirmation bias. As illustration, this lesson includes an interview with St. Log In - New York Times. A multimedia assignment checklist. In 2012 a writing professor from CU Boulder and I co-hosted several teaching-with-multimedia workshops.

A multimedia assignment checklist

Our audience was composed primarily of faculty from Colorado community colleges and our goal was to effectively walk attendees through the process of creating a working multimedia assignment. With any choices in how an assignment might be defined come cautions, opportunities, and considerations. To help our group see as many foreseeable variables as possible, we used a flowchart to give form to the process of creating a solid media-based assignment.

Let's look at that presentation here, in checklist form. The assignment What, exactly, will you ask your students to do? Service-learning or outreach; Having your class work for real clients can be a real pain... but worth the effort nonetheless. International professional communication journal (ISSN 2325-6044) Critical Thinking Skills and Higher Learning Program. Steve Fox's Multimedia Journalism Class. Diversity Style Guide – Helping media professionals write with accuracy and authority. Practicing freedom. Workshop at the Teachers for Social Justice Conference Practicing Freedom provides workshops, curriculum design, coaching and training for trainers in Popular Education.

practicing freedom

L Holding Up Our Vision. 2.1FindingCommonGround. Public Domain ~ Free Media for Creative Projects. WITNESS Human Rights Video Training. WITNESS Human Rights Video Training. How to Be An Activist Filmmaker: An Interview with Chris Rogy of Witness. The use of video recording and live social networking in the last year of protests has left us with a very modern conundrum: Even as video becomes more important in protest, we still focus on the content we are gathering, and not how the tools we use shape content.

How to Be An Activist Filmmaker: An Interview with Chris Rogy of Witness

With the rise of the citizen journalist, whatever is recorded becomes fact, and we take for granted that spontaneity equals a lack of craft or strategy. The camera becomes a second eye, but rarely do we think about how we control it or where we point it. 101 Tips. Transom - A Showcase and Workshop for New Public Radio. Declaration of Dependence: Building the Bridge Between Newsroom and Community. How to Shake Up the Discussion Board in Your Online Class.

8 Takeaways from Moving Journalism from the Classroom to the Community. UW-Madison senior Daniel Harrigan edits with a high-school student at the Simpson Street Free Press.

8 Takeaways from Moving Journalism from the Classroom to the Community

Photo by Sue Robinson. The student looked vexed as she lingered outside my office door.