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Bypassing outbound egress restrictions with cntlm and Putty « Undead Security. Oxford Latin American Economic History Database - Links. Stata Code - MEDevEcon. Last updated: 3rd May 2013 The usual disclaimers apply.

Stata Code - MEDevEcon

Please see help files for examples, data links, references and acknowledgements. For a wealth of data sources for development economics (micro, macro) please refer to my data website. Empirical illustrations using some of the below routines can be found in my own research papers. For an introduction to the panel time series field see my presentation at the Stata UK User Group Meeting. NEW I've added some new material for spatial econometric analysis. For feedback please email me at Panel Time Series Tools xtmg Estimating panel time series models with heterogeneous slopes - ado, help, Stata Journal article, application. Data Sets - David Canning - Richard Saltonstall Professor of Population Sciences and Professor of Economics and International Health - Department of Global Health and Population.

Data. Experts. Thorsten Beck is Professor of Economics and Chairman of the European Banking Center.


Before joining Tilburg University and the CentER, he worked at the Development Research Group of the World Bank. His research and policy work has focused on two main questions: What is the effect of financial sector development on economic growth and poverty alleviation? What are the determinants of a sound and effective financial sector? Human Capital Inequality and Economic Growth: Some New Evidence. United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Ited Nations Publications. Ited Nations Statistics Division - Commodity Trade Statistics Database (COMTRADE) ComtradeTools and Stata: Automating UN Comtrade data downloads « Stata Daily. ComtradeTools (developed by UN) is a command line program that allows you to obtain data via UN Web Services and to convert the data into CSV format (or to an SQL server).

ComtradeTools and Stata: Automating UN Comtrade data downloads « Stata Daily

You can use Stata’s -shell- command to run ComtradeTools. First, read the instructions here. Download the latest version (March 2010) of ComtradeTools here and the required Microsoft .NET Framework (version 1.1.4322.573) here. The command line parameters are listed in /help which you can copy into a text file. To copy ComtradeTools /help contents to ComtradeTools_Help.txt: cd “C:\Program Files\UNSD\ComtradeTools\”shell ComtradeTools /help >>U:\Data\Comtrade\ComtradeTools_Help.txt /help does not enumerate all possible entries for each parameter, but you can find them in UN Comtrade’s website.

/r: Reporter Code. Copy U:\Data\Comtrade\Countrylist.xml //You can open this in Excel. TradeProd. Global Market Research and Analysis for Industries, Countries, and Consumers. Andrew K Rose Recent Research. Last updated: March 21, 2014 What’s New?

Andrew K Rose Recent Research

Recent (unpublished) papers are available in reverse chronological order. What have I done recently? My research since 1995 is organized by topic. Some pieces are easier to read. What have I ever done? A complete list of my publications in reverse chronological order is available in my curriculum vitae. What else is available at this website? Macroeconomics. Central government debt data provided by each member country to the IMF.

Summary report: Estimated amounts of future debt service repayments for each country starting from the 1st of the current month until the last maturity of all its loans and/or credits Detailed report: Estimated repayments at the loan/credit level for a given due date Assumptions made in estimating the data listed at the end of the reports Projected payments to IMF Monthly historical transaction. Resources - MEDevEcon. Webcasts of the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference 2009 can be found here.

Resources - MEDevEcon

This includes keynote speeches by David Laibson and John Vickers, as well as special sessions on growth (Chang-Tai Hsieh) and factor models (Serena Ng, Richard Smith, Lucrezia Reichlin and Hashem Pesaran). The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) offers access to a lecture series given by Jeffrey Wooldridge and Guido Imbens during the 2007 Summer Institute under the title 'What's New in Econometrics? '. The videos and slides can be found here. The American Economic Association runs Continuing Education sessions during the annual AEA meetings. Stat - Reports. The Róbinson Rojas Archive.-On planning for development: Development - Desarrollo - Developpement .- Education for Sustainability - Environment - Development Education - Distance Learning - RRojas Databank.- Information on economics, research methods, glo.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization: INDSTAT2 at ESDS International. United Nations Industrial Development Organization: Industrial Demand Supply Balance Database Title: United Nations Industrial Development Organization: Industrial Demand Supply Balance Database , 1981 - Abstract: The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Demand Supply Databases contain data broken down by country, industry and year for on the following variables: domestic output (refers to the domestic output produced by the establishments covered by annual industrial surveys.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization: INDSTAT2 at ESDS International

It is measured as census output in most cases) imports from the world (valued at c.i.f. prices. For several countries these include imports for re-exports) exports to the world (valued at f.o.b. prices. All the variables are measured in current US dollars. The databanks are built around the International Standard Industries Classification (ISIC) code system, which classifies industry broadly along product lines (such as food, textiles, iron and steel).

Economics: Key Tables from OECD - OECD iLibrary.