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Convocatorias - AECID Colombia. AECID Colombia Ir al contenido Barra de navegación de herramientas Buscar Redes Sociales Menú Secundario.

Convocatorias - AECID Colombia

Alcaldía Local de Tunjuelito - Inicio. Alcaldía Local de Tunjuelito - Directorio Alcaldía Local. Fundación de la Mujer > Home. Directorio.pdf. Entrepreneurship: It Takes a Village. When you’re trying to start a small business, it’s daunting enough to pull together the essential elements of the business itself including leadership and key staff.

Entrepreneurship: It Takes a Village

But, the most successful entrepreneurs don’t just plan for the resources within the business, they also strategically assemble a team of resources to help support the company: “the village.” As a successful entrepreneur, I can’t tell you how many hours of sleep have been lost and time otherwise spent addressing issues myself, because I didn’t have the right “support team” in place or the person I previously relied on just closed their business and now I have to find a replacement.

Indeed, this village of resources that can often mean the difference between success and failure. So, who do you need in your village? Here are six must-have resources. 1. It goes without saying that unless you’re a CPA, you’re likely not a tax expert, so you need one on your team immediately. Los grandes mitos de las TI.

La cambiante y dinámica industria de tecnología debe estar pendiente de los mitos en torno de las formas como las personas se vinculan al mundo de las TI.

Los grandes mitos de las TI

La industria de tecnología es cambiante y dinámica; debe adaptarse a las necesidades de las personas y alcanzarles en la carrera del día a día. Debido a esta celeridad es normal que surjan mitos en torno de los dispositivos y la forma de vincularnos con el mundo de las TI. Sabemos que las computadoras comenzaron siendo máquinas enormes que abarcaban una habitación entera, pero ¿cuánto ha cambiado esto en solamente 20 años?

Cuando éramos niños, sólo imaginábamos posible en las caricaturas tener una “videollamada”, y hoy, para algunos de nosotros, es un ejercicio cotidiano. Actualmente podemos utilizar dispositivos cómodos y pequeños para trabajar dentro y fuera de la oficina, podemos cargar 100 libros en un solo objeto… ¿Lo imaginábamos hace años? Jovenes innovando para la paz. .O. Embajada del Japón en Colombia .O. SigWeb3. Contactos. Development and Cooperation - EuropeAid. Alcaldía Local de Bosa - ¿Quiénes Somos? Funciones Escenciales 1.

Alcaldía Local de Bosa - ¿Quiénes Somos?

Divisiones de Servicios. Alcaldía Local de Kennedy - Inicio. Culturapaz.pdf. – Be a publisher. The J.M.K. Innovation Prize - JM Kaplan Fund. Welcome!

The J.M.K. Innovation Prize - JM Kaplan Fund

The J.M.K. Innovation Prize is an exciting new initiative of the J.M. Kaplan Fund, a New York-based family foundation. In 2015 up to ten Prizes will be awarded to U.S. Stanford Social Innovation Review: Informing and Inspiring Leaders of Social Change. JWForresterBio.pdf. 3 Myths That Kill Strategic Planning. In its simplest form, strategic thinking is about deciding on which opportunities to focus your time, people, and money, and which opportunities to starve.

3 Myths That Kill Strategic Planning

One of history’s greatest strategic thinkers, Napoleon Bonaparte summed it up this way: “In order to concentrate superior strength in one place, economy of force must be exercised in other places.” If dead, despotic French emperors are not really your style, Michael Porter said it like this: “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” At the highest level, this usually means deciding to sell off one company in order to buy another one. More often it simply means deciding to move some initiatives to the back burner in order to concentrate the bulk of your resources in a single key area. Sounds simple enough. Collective Impact. Large-scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination, yet the social sector remains focused on the isolated intervention of individual organizations.

Collective Impact

See also: “Roundtable on Collective Impact” “Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work” “Understanding the Value of Backbone Organizations in Collective Impact” “Embracing Emergence: How Collective Impact Addresses Complexity” Collective Impact. System Change Through People Power. A look at how the Nova Scotia public health care system transformed from the inside out.

System Change Through People Power

Many organizations faced with the significant challenges of improving organizational capability, creating better services, and becoming more agile—often with less money—forget that the key to the best possible future lies in the minds of the many that use, create, and deliver these services everyday. If an organization can harness that deep knowledge, powerful change for the better can unfold naturally. Not a management consultant in sight In Nova Scotia, large-scale change to the public health care system is happening through a process called Participatory Leadership, in which public health practitioners and others are co-designing and co-creating solutions to challenging organizational issues. This process allows all participants to contribute to—and thereby embrace—systems change. Better decision-making This system also means wise decisions get made, faster.

Greater commitment. 7 Steps to Deliver Better Customer Experiences. A surprising thing happened during a recent brainstorming session I led for a retail client.

7 Steps to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

We were supposed to be coming up with ideas for improving the company’s customer experiences, but the head of operations could not think of a single new customer service idea to explore. And the development leader failed to identify any new ideas for store layout or building features. Los emprendedores de éxito hacen estas 5 cosas cada día. Hay un dicho que dice solamente hay tres tipos de personas en el mundo: los que ven lo que pasó, los que se preguntan qué pasó y los que hacen que las cosas sucedan.

Los emprendedores de éxito hacen estas 5 cosas cada día

Los emprendedores están en esta última categoría, por supuesto. Son agentes de cambio, personas que no ven el mundo como es, sino como podría ser. Ennovent%20Position%20Paper_Frugal%20Innovation.pdf. Expectativa vs Realidad: 9 lecciones aprendidas durante mi primer año como CEO. 20 Reasons to Start Your Own Business. Be You, It's What True Entrepreneurs Do. Entrepreneurship is a vast field. Despite so many people in the world claiming the title of entrepreneur, the reality is that it is a uniquely individual job description that requires your own parameters for success.

Since it’s your life and journey, why would you be anything but yourself? The answer is external pressures. Family, friends, society, success, money -- all these factors can start to weigh on your individuality and start to push you gently further and further away from your authentic self. Related: Searching for Wisdom? Oportunidades de voluntariado. Socialab. El Instituto IDEAS premia un año más los mejores proyectos emprendedores de la Universitat Politècnica de València.

Who we are - Global Social Entrepreneur Network.

Emprendimiento social

How Successful People Consistently Achieve More. The path to success isn't always clearcut. Award-winning actress Zoe Saldana was a ballet dancer before becoming a movie star. The novelist James Patterson, whose books have sold 275 million copies, was an ad executive before he switched to writing. How did both achieve success so quickly--even after changing directions abruptly? Shane Snow, founder of Contently, wondered about that very question. Disrupters bring destruction and opportunity. As buzz words go, it is an ugly one. But, in 2014, “disrupters” have been wreaking havoc on traditional business models everywhere, writes Sarah Gordon, Business editor. As technology puts new tools into innovators’ hands, the old boundaries between sectors are breaking down. Amazon has transformed bookselling, branched out into general retail and is now experimenting with delivery by drones. Apple shook up both the music and telecoms industries, and now has designs on our wrists.

Six years after it came into existence, Airbnb has more rooms available than IHG or Hilton, the world’s top hotel groups. How Successful People Consistently Achieve More.