Girls Summer Fail Compilation 2011
Funny Seems Legit Pictures (12 Pics) | Vitamin-Ha
The 36 Absolute Best Things in the World Email There are somethings in the is world which are just so much better than others. We are talking about those little things in life which really do make life worth living. Here we are looking at The 36 Absolute Best Things in the World. Feel free to share your own greatest things in life with us. The 36 Absolute Best Things in the World
The Game of SMOSH We've turned all of SMOSH into a game. The Game of SMOSH. The more you play, the more you level up. The more you level up, the more cool rewards you win. …All For Free! 20 People Who Got OWNED On Facebook 20 People Who Got OWNED On Facebook
The Bureau of Communication - Fill-in-the-blank Correspondence
Terrible college friends
25 Epic Fail GIFs 25 Epic Fail GIFs Thanks to CompuServe and their animated Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), watching fails has never been more satisfying, or educational. So, as you skim through these fail GIFS you may want to take some mental notes, like always check the wall for a door before kicking it down, don’t punch grinning street signs, and whatever you do, stay in school! About David Pegg After helping found the United Nations, the United States, and United Airlines, David consigned himself to a transient life of writing lists and sleeping on park benches.
15 Years Of Technology Progress
Japanese in Istanbul / Maras Dondurmasi / Turkish Ice Cream []
Automatic Flatterer
Funniest Japanese Girls Prank
I Don't Feel Stupid Anymore
like a boss : Crazy Liver
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"Drunk-O-Vision LEGACY" by Streeter Seidell - CollegeHumor Article
April Fools Day Pranks (Top 5 How To Pranks)
"Don't Stop Me Now" Interpretative Dance
Chromeo-Grow Up
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Kid drinking water: Cuteness overload
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How A U.S. Marine Deals With A Cheating Girlfriend
Best of FAILS 2011 Compilation
Webcam Girl's Dancing Surprise Video
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Have to admit, this is a pretty awesome idea…
The Best Bloopers Ever [VIDEO]
Nick is doing The Ugly Dance
Darth Vader Dances To You Can't Touch This Video - Jokes
Top 60 Ghetto Black Names
I like to cut myself… « Smashing Photo
You just got REICHROLL'D!!
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Sexy Meets Funny - Part 20 Excited FBI Investigates Nude Scarlett Johansson Hollywood celeb Scarlett Johansson, has tapped the FBI for help investigating who could have hacked and stolen nude photos of the famed actress. The FBI seems to have taken on the case without hesitation. “Those novelty shirts that say ‘Federal Boob Investigator’ could really come in handy right about now”, says stoked FBI agent. Solar Powered Bikini Sexy Meets Funny - Part 20
this is america this is america 1 Vampire said at 8:10 pm on January 14th, 2011: This. Is. Wonderful!
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funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
Soccer goalie robot is impressive
Everyone should be clapping for this man
Meanwhile in Japan..
Monster truck tug of war
Man pretends to be 911 to telemarketer
Firefighter exam
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35 Funny Illustrations by Tiago Hoisel – with Exclusive Interview Today we have the special honor to discuss about digital art and painting with Tiago Hoisel. Besides the great collection of humorous illustrations that he has provided for us, Tiago also gives precious advice and shares interesting information in the below exclusive interview. Amazing creativity, detail and fun are the perfect words to describe his artwork. The humor and realism are perfectly combined to depict real life situations or imaginary scenarios meant to make the viewer laugh and want more! Q: Howdy Tiago! 35 Funny Illustrations by Tiago Hoisel – with Exclusive Interview
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
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I’m gonna get stuff done today!
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Polaroid Inception |
Expectations vs. Reality (16 Pics) |
Bill Hicks | Artists | RYKODISC
Dynamic images
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The Most Badass Tombstones Ever from Ace of Base
The 55 Funniest Signs From the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear from Funny Or Die The 55 Funniest Signs From the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear from Funny Or Die We know that we're a little late to the game and that plenty of other websites have already posted best signs of the rally. But this is the internet, and since we are a website on that internet, we are required to post this. So without further ado… Here are the 55 funniest signs from the Stewart/Colbert rally.
Bert Kreischer and His Pranks on Hotel Maids
Why Teachers Drink | Dizzy Dee Disclaimer: I have no regard whatsoever for my grammar in this post. Do not attack my grammar as opposed to my comment because as a former debater that will just piss me off and make you look stupid. Firstly, I’d like to say that some of the people are right, youth now seem not to give two shits about education and yes the education system in the US have drastically dropped in efficiency. But let’s be real, this isn’t anything new, there is a general culture of anti-intellectualism in our country among ALL US citizens, not just the youth. Of course, it would be a sweeping generalization to say that most of the people in our country are unintelligent fucks, but let’s not criticize to the youth while half the politicians are hanging on to their common sense by a string. Why Teachers Drink | Dizzy Dee