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The Music of Lithuania - a Historical Sketch - Vytas Nakas. The first mention of music in Lithuania comes from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in old court records.

The Music of Lithuania - a Historical Sketch - Vytas Nakas

Church and court organists as well as choristers are the first musicians to be mentioned. Ars at Praxis Musicae (1667) by Zigmantas Liauksminas was the first musical treatise printed in Lithuania. By the end of the seventeenth century music printing became widespread. Musical Instruments. Next: Dances Previous: Songs Horn players from Dirvonakiai, Birzai district, 1912 Lithuania's instruments are quite similar to those of its Baltic neighbors and also bear some resemblance to those of the Slavic and Germanic peoples.

Musical Instruments

They are quite uniform throughout Lithuania with the notable exception of northeastern Aukstaitija. Lithuanian folk instruments can be classified into four groups: string, wind, percussion and idiophonic. Kankles are the oldest and most archaic of Lithuanian string instruments. The body of the kankles has a trapezoidal form and is carved from a single piece of linden, maple, ash or alder wood. Kankles were played using the fingers or a wooden pick. Another ancient Lithuanian string instrument, the pusline, is made from a tree branch bowed by a catgut or waxed string. Traditional Lithuanian Music. Significant Albums, Artists and Songs.

Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra - Djelem Djelem. Klezmer Music 101 - Jewish Traditions. By Megan Romer Updated October 04, 2016.

Klezmer Music 101 - Jewish Traditions

Originally, the word "klezmer," from the Yiddish language, meant "vessel of song" and later, simply "musician. " However, it has come to characterize the style of secular music played by Ashkenazi Jews for joyful celebrations such as weddings. Partnershipsixteen - TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENT FROM INDONESIA. Traditional Musical Instrument from Regions of Indonesia 1.


KOLINTANG The picture is traditional musical instrument from MinahasaKolintang or kulintang is a typical musical instrument Minahasa, North Sulawesi. Kolintang is made of local leightweight wood but it is strong like an egg, bandaran, detention, wood kakinik chrysolite, and having a parallel fiber construction. Kolintang name comes from her voice: Tong (low tone), ting (high tone) and pliers (normal tone). In the local language, call "Let's do TONG TANG Ting" is: "Mangemo kumolintang". Wayan Loceng - Indonesian Traditional Music. Search Detail. The music of Indonesia is as profoundly diverse and magnificent as its geography, religion, and culture.

Search Detail

"Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" is a national motto in the old Javanese language that means, "Unity in Diversity. " Diversity of styles is a trademark of Indonesian music. The role of the gamelan orchestra throughout the Indonesian archipelago is quite extensive and important. Gamelan music is associated with social events that serve as an important transitional point in a person's life or community rather than simply serving as entertainment. For example, gamelan music is employed to commemorate a day of ritual importance. Throughout Indonesia, it is common to find the gamelan orchestra used for similar purposes from one island to the next. Top 10 women of old Shanghai. Japanese Traditional Music [ Musical Instruments ] Beautiful Japanese Music - Cherry Blossoms. Irish Roses: Women of Celtic Song-Kilkelly. Celtic Musical Instruments. Top ten greatest Irish singer-songwriters. Former front man of the Frames and star of "Once" singer songwriter Glen Hansard. 1.

Top ten greatest Irish singer-songwriters

Luka Bloom 'City of Chicago' Luka, born Kevin Barry Moore in Newbridge County Kildare Ireland, is the younger brother of Irish folk legend Christy Moore. Bloom, at the age of 14, supported his brother on a tour of English Folk Clubs in 1969. He then went on to record “Treaty Stone” in 1978, his first of 19 albums. In 1987, Moore moved to the United States and took up the performance name Luka Bloom. 2. This Northern Irish singer- songwriter straddles the line of folk and pop music. Brady is listed among the favorite musicians of Bob Dylan and Bonnie Raitt and has gone on to 15 studio albums including his latest "Hooba Dooba.

" 3. Dublin-born singer-songwriter Paddy Casey began playing music on the streets at 12 years old. He was discovered busking in Dublin by music producer Muff Winwood who signed him to Sony Records. 10 Most Popular African Musical Instruments. When it comes to musical instruments, the African continent is well-known for its vast instruments.

10 Most Popular African Musical Instruments

There are very many tribes or ethnic communities in Africa. 5 of The Greatest Socially Conscious African Musicians EVER! Before there were hip-hop movement’s sprouting in the suburbs of Dakar, Senegal or charities launched by Nigerian rap stars, there were African musicians whose songs told stories of a different Africa.

5 of The Greatest Socially Conscious African Musicians EVER!

From the 1960s into the early 1990s, it was Fela Kuti who called music ‘a weapon’ and Nigeria‘s military a troop of ‘zombies’ as he encouraged the country’s people to speak out against their corrupt government. Within the same time period, Miriam Makeba and Salif Keita used their platforms to bring awareness to cultural injustices in South Africa and Mali, respectively. They addressed issues plaguing the continent, and the impact of their lyrics can still be heard and felt today. As they continue to inspire younger musicians to use their platform for greater good, we look back at how some of Africa’s most socially conscious artists have positively impacted the continent and the world: 5. Salif Keita at a live performance.Photo credit: VIXID Team, Flickr. African Music. Traditional Rhythm Band from Botswana Part 1.