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Orthopedic McKinney. By Administrator23. April 2016 11:38 Knee Tendon Bursitis is a condition affecting the Pes anserinus (goose’s foot) bursa, a small fluid filled sac located between the tibia and tendons of the hamstring muscles, sartorius, gracilis and semitendinosus. The condition occurs as a result of inflammation of the bursa, causing it to produce too much fluid and swell which, in turn puts pressure on the adjacent structures within the knee joint. People who are obese, aged 50 to 80 years or involved in high impact sports activities are more likely to suffer from Knee Tendon Bursitis. Causes Repetitive knee movementsImproper sports training, such as lack of warm up exercises, excessive uphill running or sudden increase in running distancesDirect blow to the kneeTight hamstring musclesMedical conditions, such as Osteoarthritis, Knee Cartilage Tear or Flat Feet Sudden twisting of the leg with the foot planted on the groundA forceful out turn of the knee or lower leg Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment.

McKinney Orthopedic. By Administrator27. April 2016 11:57 Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome is a painful condition characterized by the buildup of intense pressure inside a muscle compartment, causing it to gradually wear out. It usually affects the muscles in the hips, highs and lower legs. Repetitively performing certain activities such as walking, running, swimming, jumping, intense workouts etc. increases the risk of developing Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome.

The condition is most commonly seen in athletes under the age of 30 years. Causes Poor body control during movementExcessive exercising or physical activityWearing ill-fitted footwearRunning on hard or uneven surfacesWorking out too frequently Symptoms Shooting pain in the legSwelling Visibly bulging musclesTightnessLimited range of motionNumbness or tingling sensationWeaknessFoot Drop, in severe casesPain may increase with physical activity and subside with restDifficulty stretching the leg Diagnosis Treatment.

Orthopedic Allen. By Administrator28. April 2016 12:57 Turf Toe is a condition in which the joint of the big toe gets sprained. The injury affects the “plantar complex’ a group of various ligaments, small bones and soft tissues that enclose as well as support the big toe. The condition is mainly seen in footballers, high jumpers, gymnasts, basketballers and ballet dancers. Depending on the severity of the injury, the condition can be categorized as following: Grade 1: mild swelling at the big toe joint with minimal tenderness occurring due to stretching of the plantar complex.Grade 2: Tender joint with limited movement, moderate swelling and bruising may be seen.

It occurs due to tear in the plantar complex.Grade 3: Complete tearing of the plantar complex, painful movement of the joint, severe swelling and tenderness. Causes: Stretching of the jointHyperextension of the jointRepetitive trauma or stress injury Wearing shoes that do not provide proper support to the feet Symptoms: Treatment: Allen Orthopedic. By Administrator4. May 2016 09:56 Snapping Hip Syndrome, also known as Coxa Saltans or Dancer's Hip, refers to a medical condition wherein an individual feels a popping sensation while moving the leg.

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint which allows the rounded end of the femur to fit into the cup shaped socket of the pelvis. The labrum is a fibrocartilage which lines the socket cavity and keeps the joint stable. The bones and muscles are further supported by various tendons and ligaments. Although this condition usually does not have any disabling effects, it may lead to the development of Hip Bursitis if not treated properly. In front of hip- The rectus femoris tendon that runs in the frontal part of the thigh right up to the pelvis may start snapping. Causes Tightening in the supporting muscles that surround the hip jointExcessive or repeated bending of the hipDancingSports activitiesMuscle stiffness during growth spurts in adolescenceInjury to the joint Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment. Orthopedic Carrollton. By Administrator6. May 2016 08:56 Shoulder pain and injuries are common ailments that affect people irrespective of their age or gender.

These problems are often caused by activities that involve repetitive use of the shoulder and arm. The shoulder joint is very important as it enables upper body movement and stabilizes the torso. Shoulder pain is often a result of damage to the tendons, muscles or ligaments in the joint. Causes Sports injury Repeated overhead activitiesSwimmingDay to day activities such as washing, cleaning windows, gardening etcWeight liftingDirect hit or trauma to the upper arm or shoulderExcessive exercising that involves repetitive arm movementA direct fall on an outstretched hand or shoulderAutomobile accidents Symptoms Prevention Tips The shoulder surgeons at OrthoTexas provide effective treatment for a wide range of illnesses and injuries.

Carrollton Orthopedic. By Administrator10. May 2016 12:43 Scaphoid or Navicular fracture is a medical condition that occurs with the breakage of one or more of the small bones present in the wrist and the base of the thumb. The wrist joint is formed where the two bones of the forearm namely ulna and radius meet the eight small sized carpal bones.

The carpals are placed in two rows at the base of the hand. The scaphoid is one of these carpal bones which is located at the base of the thumb. Most scaphoid fractures occur in the middle portion of the bone. The Scaphoid Fracture can be classified into: Displaced- When the bone pieces dislocate from their normal positionNon-Displaced- The bone pieces are properly aligned in spite of breakage Causes Fall on an outstretched handVehicular accidentsSports injuriesTwisting and turning of the wristDirect blow to the wrist Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment The hand and wrist surgeons at OrthoTexas provide comprehensive treatment for Scaphoid Wrist Fracture. Orthopedics Plano. By Administrator14. May 2016 08:09 Sports injuries refer to the physical stress or damage caused to any part of the body during an athletic activity or exercise.

There are a number of injuries that may occur while playing sports or indulging in any form of related exercises. Some of these include hamstring pull, knee injuries, fractures, ligament tears, tendon damage, Tennis Elbow, ankle sprain, Shin Splints, dislocations, concussions etc. A few essential preventive measures can go a long way in preventing such injuries.

Causes Ineffective training methods or techniquesInadequacy of sports or exercise equipment such as shoes, protective gear etc.OveruseSudden change in intensity of workoutSports that involve sudden and quick change of directionContinuing to play or exercise during pain or discomfortDirect combat during an activity/sport Prevention Tips Warming up before a game or exercise promotes the flow of blood to the muscles and tissues. Orthopedic Surgeon Plano TX. By Administrator19. May 2016 10:06 The spinal column begins at the base of the head and extends to the lower back. It is made up of many small sized bones called vertebrae (stacked one above the other), nerves, intervertebral discs, ligaments and muscles. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis or LSS is a medical condition which arises as a consequence of the narrowing of the spinal column. Central Stenosis- Narrowing of the central part of the spinal columnForaminal Stenosis- Narrowing of the foramen or the part of the spinal column through which the nerve endings move out of the spinal column Causes Degeneration or general wear and tear of the spine Congenital defects in the spineSpinal Disc HerniationBone TumorOsteoporosisSkeletal DysplasiasArthritis Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment The spine doctors at OrthoTexas provide effective treatment for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and other orthopedic conditions.

Orthopedic Surgeon Carrollton. By Administrator23. May 2016 10:41 Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, also referred to as Runner’s Knee, is a medical condition seen in athletes who indulge in sports that involve excessive bending and flexing of the knee joint. It causes pain in the knee cap or patella due to several reasons. The condition is caused due to stress on the patella (kneecap) where it slides through a shallow groove in the femur (thighbone). Causes Direct fall or hit on the kneeInherent problems in alignment of the knee bones Muscular instability or weakness (legs and thighs)Overuse of the joint by athletes who practice excessive lunging, bending and flexing of the kneeDefects in the foot anatomy such as overpronation, fallen arches or hypermobile feet can result in injuries to the kneecap.

Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment For diagnosis and treatment of Runner’s Knee, consult the orthopedic surgeons at OrthoTexas. Orthopedic In Carrollton TX. By Administrator26. May 2016 13:31 Hammer Toe is a deformity which causes one or more toes to bend downwards. The condition may occur in any toe but mostly affects the second or the third toe. A balance is maintained between the tendons, bones, muscles and ligaments which enable the toes to remain straight. Any factor that disrupts this balance may lead to Hammer Toe. Some people are born with this deformity while others may acquire it over a period of time due to various reasons. Flexible Hammer Toe- It refers to the initial phase of the condition during which the toe can be straightened or moved with supportRigid Hammer Toe- This is the severe or final phase of deformity when the toe is permanently bent and cannot be moved Causes Symptoms Pain in the ball of the foot Visibly deformed shape of toeGrowth of corns or calluses on the upper part of toePain and irritation while wearing shoesDifficulty in Moving the toe Redness on the upper part of the toe Diagnosis Treatment.

Orthopedic Carrollton. By Administrator28. May 2016 06:08 The shoulder is a typical ball and socket joint where the humerus (rounded part of the upper arm bone) rests in the socket called glenoid. The humerus is much larger than the socket and a layer of soft tissue called labrum lines the inner part of the socket which creates additional space for the humerus to fit in, which helps in keeping the joint stable.

Many ligaments join the bone and muscles within this socket. Tearing of this soft tissue lining is termed as the Glenoid Labrum Tear. Causes Sudden fall on the shoulder, arm and handDirect trauma to the shoulder or upper armLifting heavy objectShoulder Dislocation Age related wear and tear of the cartilage Sports injuries Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment We, at OrthoTexas, provide effective treatment for Glenoid Labrum Tear and other shoulder conditions. Carrollton Orthopedics. By Administrator4. June 2016 14:19 The pelvis is a structure of bones - coccyx, hip bones and sacrum located between the base of the spine and legs.

The hip bones are further divided into the pubis, ilium and the ischium. The pelvis forms a bowl-like cavity which contains as well as protects the reproductive organs, bladder and bowels. Stable Fracture- Fractures or cracks in the pelvis ring caused by a low energy force which does not disrupt the positioning of the bonesUnstable Fracture- High impact fractures which may lead to displacement of the bone pieces and often involve multiple breakages Causes Vehicular collisionA sudden fall on the hip or back Direct trauma to the jointSports injuries which may lead to the separation of the ischium bone from the adjoining musclesMissing a step while climbing or descending the stairsLoss of bone calcium Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment OrthoTexas provides effective treatment for pelvic fracture and other hip conditions.

Allen Orthopedics. By Administrator9. June 2016 09:21 Aquatic therapy, also known as hydrotherapy, is a technique which involves a set of exercises and movements performed in a pool, preferably heated, to provide relief from certain physical disorders and ailments. An aquatic therapy session may last up to 30-40 minutes depending upon patient‘s medical needs and physical abilities.

Aquatic therapy is helpful in treating the following conditions: Neuromuscular and skeletal disordersPain and inflammationBalance and gait problemsPostural deficitsOrthopedic conditions such as Arthritis, back pain, spinal injury etc. Sore or sprained muscles Benefits of aquatic therapy The physical therapists at OrthoTexas specialize in providing aquatic therapy to boost recovery from various orthopedic illnesses and injuries. Orthopedic Surgeon Allen TX. By Administrator13. June 2016 11:41 Biceps, also termed as the biceps brachii, refers to the thick muscle that lies in front part of the upper arm. It is connected both to the shoulder and the elbow by two different tendons that help attach muscles to the bones. The tendons are made up of collagen which gives them flexibility and a high tensile strength. Causes Catching a heavy object falling from a heightTendonitis or weakening of tendons over a period of time may make them susceptible to rupturesLifting heavy weights with the elbow bent Symptoms Pain near the elbow A popping sound at the time of injuryIn case of a complete rupture, a hollow may be created near the elbow as the tendon retractsA lump may be formed in the upper armWeakness may be felt in the armLimited range of motionDifficulty in rotating the armSwellingBruising or discoloration Muscle spasms in the armA feeling of warmth may spread in the elbow joint Diagnosis Non-surgical or conservative methods may include:

Hip Pain Carrollton. By Administrator17. June 2016 07:37 Osgood-Schlatter Disease (OSD) is an inflammatory disorder of the knee joint that affects adolescents who actively participate in sports activities. The inflammation typically occurs at the point within the knee joint where the patellar tendon is attached to the shin bone. Adolescents experience growth spurts due to the development of tendons, bones, muscles and ligaments. Physical activity, such as running and jumping, further increases the pressure on the joints and leads to inflammation. Growing children have special growth plates that are covered by the tibial tubercle, a bony structure, at the end of the shin bone. Causes Overuse of the knee jointSports activitiesChanging direction rapidly while running or jumpingDirect injury to the kneeDetachment of a piece of bone from the tibia due to the pull exerted by the ligamentsTight quadriceps or hamstring muscles Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment.

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