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eClinicalWorks (eCW) Load Balancing. Array APV Series application delivery controllers ensure that eClinicalWorks electronic medical record (EMR) and patient management (PM) applications perform at the highest level possible to deliver a premium user experience and increased productivity for medical professionals and healthcare organizations.

eClinicalWorks (eCW) Load Balancing

APV Series application delivery controller technology plays an essential role in the eCW data center, providing scalability, availability, performance and security for software-as-a-serve (SaaS) offerings. For organizations running EMR and PM applications on-premises, eClinicalWorks has partnered with Array to ensure that client-server deployments deliver the same high level of application performance and security as their industry-leading cloud service.

Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions. October 25th, 2010Comments Off admin The Affordable Care Act was enacted on March 23, 2010.

Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions

It contains some tax provisions that take effect this year and more that will be implemented during the next several years. The following is a list of provisions now in effect; more provisions are expected. Health Coverage for Older Children. OS System Simulation. Develop and Test on a Virtualized Host without the Target Hardware MapuSoft’s OS Simulator™ allows engineers to develop and test embedded applications on Windows or Linux host environments.

OS System Simulation

OS Simulator eliminates the need for the original OS, as well as the requirement for expensive target hardware during development. Without the need for those components, development and testing can begin much earlier. The result is lower licensing costs, reduced hardware requirements and a shorter time to market. In Today’s Economy, Third-Party Datacenters Should not be Overlooked.

As data environments become more complex and trends like Big Data and rich media content increase datacenter loads to unprecedented levels, enterprises of all sizes are at a loss as to how to respond.

In Today’s Economy, Third-Party Datacenters Should not be Overlooked

On one hand, virtualization has made it possible to handle larger data volumes with existing infrastructure, but many organizations have already reached the practical limit for virtualization at which resource utilization reaches the point where it starts to impact performance and reliability. This is primarily why many enterprises are turning to third-party infrastructure solutions, either through standard co-location architectures or full-blown cloud operations. Initial fears over loss of control of the data environment and greater threats to data security and integrity are proving to be unfounded as providers increasingly adopt not only the latest protection technologies but incorporate advanced architectures that allow unprecedented levels of control over external architectures.

Demand Generation Necessary For Lead Generation! Demand Generation and Lead Generation, can be easily voted as the most used words in the B2B Marketing space.

Demand Generation Necessary For Lead Generation!

I think marketers have an affinity for these words because they tend to sound more complicated and sophisticated than your regular marketing buzz words. Many a times I have seen marketers use the above words interchangeably often leaving the listener/reader confused on the real purpose of each of these activities. I am often asked by clients on what is the difference between Demand Generation and Lead Generation when the end goal for both activities is to increase sales and revenue for a company. A valid observation. In this post, I make an attempt to explain the various factors that differentiate Demand Generation from Lead Generation, and why one is important for the other to succeed. OS consolidation: The next step in hypervisors - Military Embedded Systems.

There are many reasons why military embedded systems become obsolete.

OS consolidation: The next step in hypervisors - Military Embedded Systems

Sometimes it’s because vendors stop supplying required hardware or supporting certain operating systems or versions. Other times it’s because of changes in the development team, leading to a loss of engineers who know the software’s inner workings and how to maintain it. Many teams turn to hypervisor solutions to extend the life of legacy military embedded systems by hosting them on newer computing platforms. However, these solutions make it difficult for software engineers to continue developing the application moving forward. This is because the environment has now become more complex with a variety of integration and communication issues. Server Load Balancing Solutions. Load balancing is a staple solution in virtually every data center.

Server Load Balancing Solutions

However, today’s application delivery controllers (ADCs) represent a considerable evolution from simple server load balancing. Array’s 64-bit multi-core SpeedCore™ architecture supports massive throughput and millions of concurrent connections for scaling application availability without impacting application performance. In addition, integrated traffic management and application acceleration functions including SSL acceleration, adaptive compression, dynamic caching, connection multiplexing, content routing and quality-of-service provide unparalleled control over application traffic and the ability to significantly improve application performance. Why are Emails Getting Bulked? What’s bulking?

Why are Emails Getting Bulked?

Emails are meant to land in the inbox. But if they are routing to the spam or junk folder instead, that’s called bulking. Why are my emails getting bulked? Take a look, it could be due to one of these reasons – Phishing Security Awareness Training Program. Img-6r-recovery.png (PNG Image, 300 × 246 pixels)

Preprovisioned-powernet-320.png (PNG Image, 320 × 160 pixels) Dedicated-custom-320.png (PNG Image, 320 × 160 pixels) Leading IT Managed Service Providers with Datacenters in India. SimpliApp is an Enterprise Grade Software as a Service (SaaS) in which the application and associated data are centrally hosted on Netmagic’s virtualized platforms.

Leading IT Managed Service Providers with Datacenters in India

The SimpliApp service can be easily accessed by users within your organization using either a local client or any of the familiar web browsers. Advantages of Using SimpliApp. Leading IT Managed Service Providers with Datacenters in India. Subscribe Get the latest blog post in your inbox Feed Center Grab our feeds with your favorite rss reader.

Leading IT Managed Service Providers with Datacenters in India

Complete IT Security and Compliance Solution. Arraynetworks - Load Balancer. AppVelocity™ Load Balancers. HIPAA Omnibus Demystified - Implications for healthcare providers and business associates. Abstract of Webinar: If you are part of a Small Medical Business, Covered Entity or a Business Associate, IT Services or a Healthcare provider, Security or Compliance Auditor, or a potential channel partner looking to offer Healthcare IT services, please join us for an education webinar on “HIPAA Omnibus Demystified – Implications for healthcare providers and business associates” This educational Webinar has been exclusively designed to address the above topics and help you understand:

Oracle PeopleSoft Implementation Services. Oracle PeopleSoft enterprise applications provide a wealth of diverse functions that improve productivity through an intuitive Web-based interface. PeopleSoft’s suite of applications ranges from customer relationships and enterprise performance to financial data and human capital. Combining all of these features into one product gives companies the opportunity to select individual features and allows for a completely personalized ERP solution for optimum performance.

Proper planning is crucial to any major ERP solution implementation. Array Enables Migration from Cisco ACE Load Balancers to APV Series ADCs. For the price of renewing support for Cisco ACE products, customers can instead receive APV Series hardware, software, 1-year gold support and a 30-day migration guarantee MILPITAS, CA – May 14, 2013 – Array Networks Inc. , a global leader in application delivery networking, today announced its ACE Replacement Program for Cisco load balancing customers. Because Cisco has declared an ‘End to Development’ for its ACE product line, customers are evaluating their options with respect to current and future load balancing and application delivery requirements.

For these customers, Array’s ACE Replacement Program provides a zero risk, no incremental cost option for migrating from a dead-end product to a next-generation solution from a company dedicated to the application delivery market. Announces Managed Hosting Services for IBM Optim. Sunnyvale, CA May 9, 2013 Estuate, a leading provider of IBM Optim Solutions for information lifecycle management (ILM), announced a Managed Hosting service today, giving customers a cloud-based option for their ILM initiatives. Enterprise applications and databases do not just help run the business - they are the business. However, these mission-critical programs are becoming more data-intensive and more difficult to manage as information volume expands.

Uncontrolled data growth threatens application performance and service level agreements, increases maintenance costs and exposes enterprises to legal liability due to data privacy and security issues. Estuate has expanded its service portfolio to help companies address the challenges associated with data growth and improve the performance of their software. Array Networks Expands Application Delivery Networking Portfolio to Include WAN Optimization Controllers.

New aCelera WAN optimization controllers deliver unmatched performance, flexibility and affordability for data center, cloud and virtual environments MILPITAS, CA – April 30, 2013 – Array Networks Inc. , a global leader in application delivery networking, today announced the immediate availability of its new aCelera WAN optimization controller product line. The new aCelera product line is comprised of both virtual appliances, which provide scalability, flexibility and affordability for cloud and virtualized environments, as well as hardware appliances that deliver an unbeatable combination of functionality, performance and return-on-investment. Introducing AccessDirect™ Supply Chain Services and Solutions: Improve Flexibility & Reduce Risk with Extron. SOA considerations for big data. The art of using Hadoop. Big data: New management challenges and solutions. vAPV Virtual Application Delivery Controllers.

Server Load Balancing Solutions. Application Performance Solutions. The Ninth India CFO Awards. Application Delivery Networking. Estuateinc [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Estuate. Netmagic Expands Managed Security Services Portfolio with Fortinet Solutions. Load Balancer. Arraynetworks - Remote Desktop. Webinar on Streamline Your Microsoft Dynamics Database through Archiving–March 07. Presents at RSA 2013, where the world talks security.

Netmagic - Leading Cloud Computing Service Provider in India. Top Infrastructure as a Service Provider. Infrastructure Management Services to Leverage Customer Satisfaction. IRE 2013: Building Sustainable Internet Retail Enterprise. Appoints Indrajit Mukherjee as Director of India Sales. Oracle Webinar in December-5. Flexible Test Management Software. Array Networks. Martin's Site - Improve Internal Processes with Efficient IT Service Management Software. Importance of Subversion Integration. Flexible Test Management Software. Announces Next Generation Security Posture Management with Aegify. Array Networks Provides Mimeo with Remote and Mobile Access to Business Applications without the Business Risk. EMC Forum 2012. Callidus Software Enterprise Site. IT Security and Compliance Management Blogs.

Unencrypted Stolen Devices- A Persistent Threat. Health Information Breach Tally Soon to Cross 20 Million. INTEROP 2012 - India's Leading IT Event & IT Conference at Mumbai. Arraynetworks - iPad Remote Desktop. HIPAA compliance - EGestalt Technologies Wiki. Data Center Solutions: Radical Shift Toward Design-Driven Innovation - News > Company Briefs > India's first multi-city start-up accelerator launches on October 15: receives backing from 30 leading founders and 5 venture funds.

HIPAA and Meaningful Use Now Tightly Intertwined. Health Records Held for Ransom-Medical-Data Blackmail on the Rise. IT Security and Compliance Management Blogs. Array Networks Inc WebEx Enterprise Site. Webinar - Process Excellence in IT Service Management. Process Excellence in IT Service Management. IBM Webinar in August. Know Your Cloud - Part II. Arraynetworks [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Bring Your Own Device. Know Your Cloud - Part I. Your Likes – Page 1. Software Development Life Cycle Wiki.

QA & Testing Conferences. Webinars Events. Webinar - How to effectively manage ITIL Compliant IT Services for Customers. A Peek in to the New ‘SimpliCloud’ from Netmagic India. Is My Public Cloud Too Public? Part 4. Netmagicsolution's profile. Webinar - Implement End-to-End ALM/SDLC from Customer Request to Delivery with the Omnibus Integration Platform. Netmagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Gartner IT Infrastructure Operations & Data Center Summit 2012. Managed Services. Smart Phone Market Review Unbranded.pdf (application/pdf Object) Marc Hebert at Information On Demand 2011. Omnibus integrations for Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) Zephyr for JIRA v1.2 Released: Enhanced Test Planning and Visibility.

Complete Internet Data Center Services by Netmagic Solutions. iPad Remote Access Android Remote Access Solutions. DesktopDirect™ RDP Features & Specifications. DesktopDirect™ Remote Desktop Access. Netmagic connectnetmagic connect- A blog on IT infrastructure’s business, technology and trends. Disaster Recovery Services. Netmagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Presentations.

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