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Becoming a Jedi Master. The secret art of cultivating online communit… Meet the ShareThis team! Proud Engineer, Marketing and Sales Teams. Myha Trieu, VP, People Myha Trieu is Vice President, People at ShareThis and is accountable for the growth and development of the company’s most important asset – its people.

Meet the ShareThis team! Proud Engineer, Marketing and Sales Teams

Social Media Calendar. Emotional and Effective, Upworthy's Native Ads Have Generated More than $10 Million. When Starbucks wanted to share the uplifting story of how its local events helped a deaf woman discover a large, supportive community, the coffee chain turned to a somewhat obvious choice: Upworthy.

Emotional and Effective, Upworthy's Native Ads Have Generated More than $10 Million

Specifically, it went to the viral publisher of positivity's native ad division, Upworthy Collaborations, which helped package and distribute the video to an audience that always loves a tear-jerking tale. The branded content program, which launched in April 2014 with Unilever's Project Sunlight, helps companies either by curating heartwarming and inspiring content created by the brand, working with the brand to create branded pieces or finding materials that align with the brand's mission and posting them on behalf of the brand.

The content is then promoted on Upworthy's site and on social, and boosting online chatter through #UpChats on Twitter. In the nine months the native ad program was available during 2014, Upworthy said it generated more than $10 million in revenue for the publisher. Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism. The Internet has become an indispensable tool for marketers, yet there are still gaps in understanding its role in shaping how consumers choose among brands.

Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism

With the help of a powerful data set, we have been studying the relationship between the level of digitization across the consumer’s decision journey and the likelihood that a consumer will select a brand after considering and evaluating its qualities. We compiled data on 1,000 brands across a wide range of product categories, covering 20,000 consumer journeys and 100,000 touchpoints along them.

The research paints a vivid picture of the factors involved in a consumer’s purchase choice (also known as brand conversion). Overall, the landscape exhibits what we and others call Digital Darwinism: Competition among brands is steadily increasing as branding channels and messages proliferate. The state of digital play. The Billion Dollar Startup Club.

Content is the fuel of email marketing: here's how to ignite it. This post contains excerpts of our recently published ebook: “ROI or RIP: the lean content marketing handbook for SMBs” that you can download for free here.

Content is the fuel of email marketing: here's how to ignite it

According to research performed earlier in 2014 by Gigaom and reported by eMarketer, email marketing is still the most commonly used method of digital marketing, with a whopping 86% of respondents claiming to use it. If that’s not enough, though, over half (59%) of B2B marketers surveyed by HubSpot say that email marketing is the most effective channel for generating revenue. Email marketing needs content and content marketing needs email Why are email marketing and content marketing such a great match?

Because email marketing ends up being spammy if it’s entirely self-promotional. Because content requires distribution before it can generate some. In short, email needs content and content needs email. Marketing Is Dead, and Loyalty Killed It. So, you’ve worked your way up the corporate ladder to become Chief Marketing Officer.

Marketing Is Dead, and Loyalty Killed It

Publicis veut Relaxnews pour 15 millions d’euros d’ici fin avril. L’agence de presse Relaxnews vient d’accepter les négociations exclusives avec le groupe Publicis pour un rachat évalué à environ 15 millions d’euros.

Publicis veut Relaxnews pour 15 millions d’euros d’ici fin avril

L’opération se concluerait par la création d’une société Financière Relaxnews, qui ferait l’acquisition d’un bloc d’actions représentant au moins 65% du capital. Cette opération serait suivie par une prise de participation de 26% de Financiere Relaxnews par les deux fondateurs, Jérôme et Pierre Doncieux, en contrepartie d’un apport de 30% du capital de Relaxnews.

Une offre publique d’achat simplifié au prix de 9,58 euros serait alors opérée pour le solde du capital. Les fondateurs resteraient à la tête de Relaxnews, au sein de ZenithOptimedia sous la direction de Sebastien Danet. «Un rapprochement avec Relaxnews permettrait de marier notre leadership dans le numérique avec leur expertise unique dans cette nouvelle révolution des contenus. Managing a Remote Team Through Online Collaborative Tools. The fact that several people will be working together leads to some problems, such as lack of cooperation, failure to understand instructions, and the possibility of duplicate work.

Managing a Remote Team Through Online Collaborative Tools

The situation may become increasingly problematic if the members of the team are working at remote locations. In fact many teams are dispersed in different locations, or even countries in real life. However, even though this may seem really complicated, in reality, nowadays there are online collaborative tools that can render the process simpler and smoother. Thanks to this, all communication as well as workflows for the team are centralized and managed more easily and systematically. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of using such a tool when managing a remote team. 1. The things that need to be seen to, addressed or completed within a set timeframe are often never ending. . 2. Communication between the team members essentially revolves around the various goals.

Managing a Remote Team Through Online Collaborative Tools.