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Orion Network Solutions

Orion Network Solutions is a company which offers network management services to small and medium sized companies, there management services help small sized companies to lower their management cost and can work in a well-organized way.

Benefits of Remote IT Support Services Maryland for Your Business. 3 Ways to Use Managed IT Services for Your Small Business in Northern Virginia. 4 Reasons to Trust an IT Consulting Company in 2019. 4 Advanced Technologies that Gave 2018 a Good Start. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence in 2018. Top 5 Technology Trends that Will Dominate 2018. Can IT Help in Sales. 2018 Top 3 Upcoming Trends in IT Support. Does Setting Up New Online or Offline Workplace Require IT Solution Services? Technology has effectively infiltrated all aspects of life and its effects have mostly been positive.

Does Setting Up New Online or Offline Workplace Require IT Solution Services?

The same can be said when it comes to tech integration in business operations. Regardless how big or small your enterprise may be, technology can have many tangible and even more intangible benefits that can enhance your productivity, produce the right results for the benefit of your customers, and ultimately help you make more money. Whether you are setting up an online or offline business, technological infrastructure is a critical part of any startup. A Chunk of Legal Data Can Cause Risk if Failsafe Measures are Kept Away. Knowledge, information, and data constitute an essential asset for any legal organization.

A Chunk of Legal Data Can Cause Risk if Failsafe Measures are Kept Away

In a law practice, all legal forms, discovery documents, pleadings, letters, and legal data must be protected to secure the identity, rights, and interests of all clients. Effective data management requires so much more than secure storage of these vital documents—it also requires convenient access for all authorized personnel. With today’s world becoming increasingly computerized, legal data are in greater risk of breach as operations migrate on-screen. Year End Review: 3 Breakthrough Technologies that Changed 2017. Technology is at a constant advance toward the future, but the only way to appreciate its development is by looking back at its progress.

Year End Review: 3 Breakthrough Technologies that Changed 2017

Breakthrough technologies change the way the world runs, the way governments and businesses work and operate, and the way people live their lives. There are a great many technological innovations introduced through the course of 2017, but below are three of the most notable developments that have impacted the world big time: • Paralysis reversal – Neuroscientists have long shown the possibility and ability to link microchips into lab animal brains as well as some humans for the purpose of reading their intentions. Wirelessly connecting brain-reading devices to the body’s electrical stimulators, it is highly probable that people with paralysis will be able to control and move their limbs once more. Ten to fifteen years from now, this technology will have gone far enough along to reverse paralysis for good. Like this: Like Loading... Virtual Reality in Health: New Technology Allows Interaction with Real Cell and Improve Drug Delivery.

Virtual reality is becoming more widely adopted in many industries.

Virtual Reality in Health: New Technology Allows Interaction with Real Cell and Improve Drug Delivery

Over the years, it has gone so far beyond its use in entertainment—providing healthcare practitioners new and better ways to deliver therapies (as in mental heath practices) as well as to examine other health conditions more deeply with the help of 3D technology and virtual reality devices. The VR technology from ARC Centre of Excellence in CBNS (Convergent Bio-Nano Science and Technology) is making waves in cancer study as it allows scientists to see into human cell (multiple scientists, simultaneously).

This gives researchers a highly efficient tool for improving doctor interaction as well as analyzing more effectively how cancer drugs actually work. Latest IT Innovations and Technologies that are Changing the World. IPv6 Implementation for Small Businesses. IPv4 exhaustion is real and it is happening.

IPv6 Implementation for Small Businesses

The final IP blocks have already been assigned to regional registries and it will not be long until stock rations are fully depleted. When there are no more IPv4 addresses to give, providers will either resort to Carrier Grade NAT (CGN)—which aren’t real IP addresses and may break certain applications like VoIP or online gaming—or start providing users with IPv6 addresses. The successor to IPv4, IPv6 ensures your readiness to access newer parts of the Internet. Orion Network Solutions: Intrusion Detection. Intrusion Detection System or IDS is a system that is capable of analyzing real time and delayed events in a computer system.

Orion Network Solutions: Intrusion Detection

It is the job of an intrusion detection system to detect overflows and other visible signs of attacks so as to generate alerts for possible actions and procedures to protect information systems. It is a vital part of any information system as it allows you to guard your network against potential threats and vulnerabilities. With threats of security breaches and similar vulnerabilities advancing at lightning speeds, IDS is an indispensable tool for any computer or information system user for managing potential intrusions. System intruders can be any individual or groups of individuals attempting to either access or prevent access to data.

They can pose internal or external threats that can be extremely disruptive to your network or system. Securing Your Home IoT Devices. The LG Watch Sport Put AI on Your Wrist. The larger screen, the bigger battery, and a number of special features has made the LG Watch Sport the leading Android Wear smartwatch.

The LG Watch Sport Put AI on Your Wrist

Featuring Android Wear 2.0, the LG Watch Sport is a huge improvement from other existing Android watches, and it lets the smartwatch to perform well under various circumstances—whether you are an athlete or a serious businessperson who wants an AI on your wrist. In fact, if you want to introduce smartwatches to your BYOD policy in the office, this smartwatch should be one of the devices you should consider. A seasoned IT consulting company should be able to help you determine if the LG Watch Sport could be a good fit for your business and to your daily needs. Here are some features of the watch you may want to know about: •Looks – LG Watch Sport has a huge face, which may feel a bit chunky, plain, and cumbersome for some users.

Source URL : Like this: Like Loading... Orion Network Solutions: How Proper Cyber Security Can Lengthen a Company's Life. Information has become one of the most valuable resources today.

Orion Network Solutions: How Proper Cyber Security Can Lengthen a Company's Life

As our world becomes more and more digitized, protecting valuable data has become a major challenge for business—not just for the big corporations, but also smaller companies. Microsoft CRM Programming Secrets – Tips for Developers. Protect Your Small Business Servers with Best Antivirus and Backup Solutions. With over 100,000,000 users across the globe, ESET enables people to enjoy safer technology.

Protect Your Small Business Servers with Best Antivirus and Backup Solutions

With cybercriminals increasingly taking advantage of compromised PCs and least protected network entry points, valuable data within your business or personal network is exposed to great threats of damage or theft. In addition to vulnerability, networks and devices also become carriers of infections that can infiltrate other machines within and outside of your network. ESET is the world’s leading universal protection against different kinds of cross-platform threats, while shielding networks and devices from unknown or emerging risks like malware and other dangerous exploits initiated by cybercriminals and hackers. Orion Network Solutions: How to Build a Free Server in Cloud – AWS. Designed for first time users as well as those looking to try worthwhile hosting services with comprehensive cloud computing options without spending too much (or at all) for a trial, AWS Free Tier provides users with a free web services environment to cater to their server configuration and other hosting needs.

Orion Network Solutions: How to Build a Free Server in Cloud – AWS

Amazon’s AWS surpasses every other cloud platform in the market, beating out many VPN service providers especially in terms of availability and scalability. If you are looking for a reliable hosting services for a blog or a website, or something to beta test your product on without the high fees, the Amazon’s AWS Free Tier is definitely for you. Steps to Leverage AWS Free Tier in Configuring a Server Real Cost Savings with AWS Free Tier AWS Free Tier allows you access to various AWS services at no charge, but within fair usage limits.

Virtual Desktops Environment. A virtual desktop is a desktop that is remotely stored in a server instead of a local computer. This is made possible by software that can separate the desktop applications, operating system, and data from a hardware client so that those elements can be stored in a remote server. A remote server relies on hypervisor software to deliver a virtual machine that simulates local desktop capabilities and environment. With a virtual desktop, you can access your personal desktop over the internet from any device. VOIP Phone Systems. Office 365. Office 365 pertains to subscription plans that enable access to various productivity services and Office applications that are available over cloud services or the internet, such as Exchange Online for emails and Skype for web conferencing. Office 365 plans may provide the desktop version of Office applications, which users can install on any device and in multiple computers.

With an active subscription, you can be sure that all your applications are up to date. Most businesses will find online Office 365 plans to be ideal for their needs, as long as they are running the latest versions of Office (Office 2013) for Windows and Office 2011 for Mac. Plans are paid annually or monthly on a subscription basis. With Office 365, you can take advantage of familiar and high-end productivity tools in the office or on the go. Orion Network Solutions. Why Do Small Businesses Need To Adopt Robust Data Security? Small businesses need to install robust data security systems just as much as large enterprises, because when it comes to data breaches and hacking, everyone has an equal chance of facing very real and oftentimes, significant financial and legal risks.

Hacking activities and data breaches targeting small and large companies alike have become so commonplace that consumers are resigned to the great probability that all their accounts are hacked. Millions of credit and debit card information, personal information records, and the like get stolen online, and no business is immune to these kinds of data breaches. While the spotlight is almost always on large businesses (case in point the great Target Breach in 2014), SMBs shouldn’t get the impression that they are more secure from attacks just because hackers are less likely to pursue smaller enterprises.

The fact of the matter is that small businesses are also increasingly becoming under fire for more reasons than the potential pay-off. The Importance of Network Maintenance for Smooth Network Operation. Privacy, Security, and Electronic Health Records (EHR) All electronic systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks, which is why it is critical that you consider your systems and technologies as you conduct security efforts. Implementing the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules in your health care practice is a must, although integrating them might be a challenge. The HIPAA Rules essentially provide federal protections for individual patient health information that are held by Business Associates and Covered Entities (BAs and CEs).

The same provision gives patients different rights with respect to their personal health information. Email Lottery Scam: The Truth about It and What Everyone Needs to Be Aware Of. An email lottery scam is a form of advance-fee fraud that typically begins with an unexpected email notification explaining something along the lines of you, winning a large sum of money in some type of lottery. The recipient of this "You have won! " message (the target of the scam) is also typically told to keep the notice he/or she received a secret because of "a mix-up in some of the entries' names and numbers" and to contact a certain "claims agent," after which he or she will be asked to pay transfer charges or processing fees so the winnings can be claimed or distributed.

However, the victim of the scam will never receive any lottery payment. Email lottery scams will often even use the name of a legitimate lottery organization or some other real, trustworthy company or corporation but this doesn't necessarily mean that the mentioned organization is in any way, shape, or form involved with the scam. Benefits of IT consulting by Orion Network Solutions. Dedicated IT Support services by Orion Network Solutions. Orion Network Solutions. Small Business IT support Washington DC - Orion Network Solutions. At Orion, we pride ourselves with ensuring how quickly we respond to our client’s needs. With our offices located in heart of Washington DC, right next to Metro Center (Washington DC, at 1155 F Street NW Suite 1050, Washington DC 20004), we can quickly respond to any onsite IT service and IT support needs for small businesses located in Washington DC within 10-15 minutes.

Managed IT Services Maryland - Orion Network Solutions. IT Support Services Virginia - Orion Network Solutions. Virginia.