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Consensual Sadomasochism: Charting the Issues. By Claudia Card From Lesbian Choices(1995, Columbia University Press) I have saved this subject for last because the topic has been so contested among lesbians (and among feminists, generally; it has not been much contested--at least in print--among gay men), and I wanted to be able to draw freely, in discussing it, on material from earlier chapters.

Consensual Sadomasochism: Charting the Issues

In a decade of teaching lesbian culture, I have found no topic more divisive in the classroom than consensual sexual sadomasochism. Yet on no topic has it been more difficult to generate discussion. Sadomasochism. 5 Ways to Spot a Good Dominant. Takeaway: It's important to make sure that you are able to find a good Dominant.

5 Ways to Spot a Good Dominant

A Dominant should take care of you, just like you, as the submissive, take care of them. There are a number of questions that people new to the BDSM lifestyle, both Dominant and submissive, would like to know about the scene. One of the most prevalent questions that submissives have is what we should do when we’re considering a Dominant to engage in a D/s relationship. Below, I’ve listed five ways to spot a good Dominant. Se connaitre et s'accepter avant de s'engager ds une relation D/s. The Science Behind BDSM. The Science Behind BDSM Understanding Is the Key To a Good Scene by Sir Real Synopsis The purpose of this article is to describe in detail how neurochemicals effect BDSM scenes, subspace, aftercare, and subdrop, and then to relate that information to practical ways to enhance our BDSM experiences.

The Science Behind BDSM

To that end, this article describes how to use this science to create better BDSM scenes leading to subspace as well as techniques to handle aftercare. Psychologie du BDSM. Anarchie relationelle, codépendance et BDSM. Sensation, Story, and Felt Sense: Rolequeer and BDSM do not mix « Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed. I was very pleased to see that the 8 colorful Venn diagrams I made explaining how BDSM is, by definition, rooted in abuse quickly spread across Tumblr.

Sensation, Story, and Felt Sense: Rolequeer and BDSM do not mix « Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed

Predictably, however, a lot of people who objected did so on the basis that their special-snowflake BDSM relationships were not abuse and how dare I suggest such a kink shaming thing? Never mind the fact that I did not suggest such a thing, and that this isn’t about you in the first place. Still, many folks have bought into the lie perpetuated by the powerful sociopathic abusers who control much of the discourse around BDSM and sex-positivity that the only way to kink is through BDSM. They tell you that what is not BDSM must be “vanilla,” and sadly many people (including many otherwise nonbinary queers) believe in this made up D/s binary. This leaves those people unclear about what other rolequeers and I mean when we say “your kinks are not BDSM.”

That Time I Tried BDSM Therapy. Whips, chains, collars, gags, blindfolds, handcuffs, knives… My eyes roam the soundproof room in which we are enclosed.

That Time I Tried BDSM Therapy

The subject of our conversation is BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism), a discipline that includes a wide variety of consensual power-exchange activities suggested by the various implements on display. “Whether they are soldiers or victims,” Leslie Rogers explains, “there is nothing that binds people together better than war. What I'm re-creating in BDSM is like war—but in re-creating war, I'm ending it.

I'm going to a place with you where I shouldn't go, and we’ll meet there, and in the end we’ll realize that we are still capable of being loved.” Psychology of BDSM. When we're looking at the psychology of BDSM, we're looking at the mental functions and at the behaviours of those who practise BDSM.

Psychology of BDSM

We're trying to see a bigger picture and understand the principles, motivations, wants, and needs which are involved. And to get a complete picture, we're trying to do this from three different perspectives: From the perspective of an individual involved in BDSM, From the perspective of a couple who make BDSM part of their shared relationship, and From the perspective of a group whose members all come together to share an interest in BDSM. By understanding all of these things we place ourselves in a position where we can analyse when BDSM is providing what its participants need; and we can then see when it isn't, work out why, and possibly devise ways to fix it. Le fétichisme. Le masochisme sexuel. Cordes, corsets, menottes... Pourquoi le bondage est-il si excitant? - L'Express Styles.

Fifty Shades of Grey Gets BDSM Dangerously Wrong. What is a fantasy?

Fifty Shades of Grey Gets BDSM Dangerously Wrong

From Freud to Ludacris, it's been an elusive idea, suggesting both an escape from reality and an expression of hidden desire. In culture, fantasy works like a mirror: It reflects who we are, but it also shapes what we become. Born Slaves Frequently Asked Questions. Switch. So much of the BDSM world is defined by and individual’s label — Dominant, Submissive, Fetishist, Slave, Bottom or Top.


These tags, titles, or definitions help members of the BDSM community to relate appropriately to their counterparts. Although some individuals present as either naturally dominant or naturally submissive, others lean more towards both or neither, switching roles according to whim. To give an idea of the comparative popularity of switching, boasts a switches’ group of more than 6,000 members worldwide, compared with more than 13,000 in the biggest dominant group and more than 8,000 in the biggest submissive group. The Surprising Psychology of BDSM Players. The spork of the BDSM world. Janus/A View on SadoMasochism. By Don Miesen This essay is copyrighted by Don Miesen and is reproduced here with permission by the Society of Janus.

Janus/A View on SadoMasochism

It is divided into several sections, which can be read sequentially: Difference BDSM Abuse. D/s and philosophy. Article sur SM. BDSM Bondage Domination Sado-Masochisme et catholicisme foi croyance. A Loving Introduction to BDSM. Renforcement positif - Punition. Domination et soumission : qu'est ce que le BDSM ? Book -Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism. Long distance and D/s relationships « Power Exchange « Sex and Relationships. A long distance relationship can be tricky enough on its on.

Long distance and D/s relationships « Power Exchange « Sex and Relationships

But adding a D/s dynamic to the mix creates even more things to figure. It can be hard to create a relationship that meets the needs of both your kinky interests and emotional relationships needs. In this article I'm going to talk a bit about using different forms of communication to help keep this kind of relationship going well, and on the importance of rules and punishments.

BDSM: Long Distance Submission, mistress violette, fulfilling relationship. Expert: Mistress Violette - 1/30/2008 QuestionDear Mistress Violette, I met a beautiful man while he was in my country on business. He's back in his home country now, but we're in daily telephone/email contact and see each other as often as we can.

We started out quite vanilla, but we've been flowing into more of a dom-sub dynamic as we progress. A question about d/s in a long distance relationship. - bdsm ldr longsidtancerelationship. Long-time pervert, first-time top, in love with a wonderful submissive girl who lives halfway across the country. We're looking for ways to satisfy our particular combination of kinks when we can't be together in person. NSFW details inside. Yeah, I know, phone sex and video chat. We're up to speed there. Academy of D/s ARts (c) 2000-2015. BDSM Resources: * Algolagnie (paraphilie) Plaisir sexuel stimulé par une souffrance physique.

Dominance and submission. "Dominance sex" redirects here. For genetic inheritance and expression due to genes related to sex/gender (e.g. X or Y chromosomes), see Sex linkage. For the role of gender in society generally which may include one gender having a more dominant role, see Gender role. For the film, see The Dominant Sex. Après la séance : que faire et ne pas faire, pourquoi. Aftercare. Aftercare is the negotiated time after a scene or play time where you recover and take care of each other’s needs. This is also a time to reconnect to reality and re-establish roles outside the scene. Some scenes are very intense emotionally and psychologically and the Dominant may need to help the submissive unwind and recover. Dominants also need aftercare; some like a massage or sex, but at the least you should both get re-hydrated and rest. Aftercare is an often forgotten part of the negotiation process and there are many BDSM practitioners that do not perform aftercare after a scene, believing that it is the personal responsibility of the parties involved to take care of their needs after play.

The intersection of performative masculinity/femininity and dominance/submission. A few posts back I discussed performative masculinity, and how to move beyond it. Today I want to discuss the difficulties posed by the intersection of expectations for males and females combined with expectations for dominants and submissives. I’ve hinted at this in previous posts, but here I want to address it head on. Douleur - Le(s) masochisme(s)

Ambrosio's BDSM Site - Homepage, Site Map, and Search. Bdsm Relationships and Mental Health « Power Exchange « Relationships. Advice To Novice Dominants. Presentations - The Science of BDSM. Powerandsurrender. Paraphilia. Resistance and Reactance to slave training & loss of freedom. BDSM as therapy? Traits of a Successful Dom. Dominant vs Master – Dominatrix vs Mistress. If You Simply Must Use BDSM Scenes as Therapy. Society for Human Sexuality. \*/ L’interrogatoire d’un soumis par une maitresse sadique. Jouer sur les limites de ses partenaires : 1) au commencement était le Verbe. Echelle des interactions dominants domines niv1 niv2. Echelle des interactions dominants domines niv3 niv5. Le livre du controle.

Lelivreducontrole. Principles. Soum latin. Topics. View of SM. Philosophy and Ds Relationships Graph. BDSM Psychobiology. Documentation sur le sadomasochisme. Revelation. What is a slave. P. Khayyam Alamut BDSM - Textes, réflexions et conseils. La Cité BDSM , tout sur le BDSM, fétichisme. Photos, videos, gratuit et plus encore. Dom Sub - Dominant + Submissive Relationships / Domination + Submission Life Dom Sub. BDSM Wiki. Master/slave Development Center. Slave Training. Training a Slave. The BDSM Circle, D/S Lifestyle, Switching. Bonding and Spirituality in M/s Relationships – Eric Pride. Slave Training information,  BDSM lifestyle , submission. Schema desir dominer. Schema desir dominer2. Schema desir dominer3. Schema desir dominer4. Schema desir dominer4bis. Schema desir dominer5. 5 Reasons Women Love Rape Fantasies. IE: Slave Training vs Internal Enslavement. O&P (Ownership & Possession) Manifesto. Jouer sur les limites de ses partenaires : 1) au commencement était le Verbe.

Train her well: Reactance to Enslavement. The Power Exchange. Janus/A View on SadoMasochism. Stages of EPE Development. Sadomasochisme Modifications Corporelles. Site bible et bdsm. Le Plaisir De La Douleur.