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Psychologist Mental Philosophy BDSM - Soumission - Humiliation

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Être Maitre ou Maitresse c’est, à minima, expérimenter la discipline et l’exigence pour soi même. 2 mensonges vanille. Punishment - Submission, BDSM, Dominance, D/s, Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism. For me, believe it or not - punishment is not a major factor of the BDSM lifestyle. Lets take a look at "why" it is not. For starters, punishment comes about from what - disobeying or nor following rules; by not following the expectations of the Dominant; willful disrespect. As some of you know I live by the philosophy of building a submissive up - not tearing them down.

I totally disagree with 101 rules for your submissive, until such a time she can feasibly FOLLOW 101 rules. So what happens when a submissive meets one of the criteria of punishment? Breaking rules to me happens very rarely and when you have few rules they happen due to bad hair days (not that I consider this an excuse - only an explanation) or just general inattentiveness. Fortunately for melly and I, this has only happened once and the result was the temporary loss of her online use of my collar.

Punishment is a serious step, because by its nature it is NOT friendly. Meditation: A Possible Path To Present Submission – Fearless Press. I decided to meditate before a play session earlier this month. I had a busy morning. I had some spiritual meetings to attend before I came back to being present for a play session, and since I was hyper-focused on everything going on, short of what I really should have been focusing on, I decided to become present with myself. It’s really not the first time that I have used meditation in my submission. I have used it before, in the past, as a form of pain processing and how I get ready for a session.

For about ten minutes my body went into this calming space. Meditation introduces the concept as “being human”. Communication comes from both parties and from within. Meditation is another form of communication. Grasping at a concept and trying to force the concept through, really is not being present. Dominant Life • The Primal Need Of Devotion. What is Devotional Service? By lunaKM on June 9, 2010 photo by Iqbal Saggu To complete the series on types of service, today I’m going to cover devotional service. If you’d like a refresher on the other types of service please see the other posts: In my search for understanding about devotion I looked to religious ideas. In many religions you devote your life and love to a higher power or deity. This devotion is selfless and all encompassing. So why can’t devotion to your Dominant work the same way? Another definition that I found was perfect for our understanding. Bhakti means “devotional service.” In short it is the selfless service that many of us strive for that is devotional.

It is still very difficult for me to feel devotional in my service no matter how much love I feel for my Dominant. Worship is a form of devotional service. Do you have moments of devotional service? ROSENBERG Masochisme mortifère et masochisme gardien de la vie. Sports et BDSM - Liens-Secrets Vivre une relation BDSM. Plus je pratique le SM, plus me semble évidente la similitude entre ses pratiques et celles du sport. Surprenant me direz-vous ? Pas tant que ça, je m’explique : Chacun sait qu’un sportif a besoin de s’échauffer avant un entraînement ou une performance. Essayez donc de vous faire fouetter à froid, vous allez vite vous rendre compte qu’il faut d’abord commencer doucement, laissez au corps le temps de s’habituer, à l’esprit, celui d’entrer dans le jeu, faute de quoi, les coups seront douloureux et n’apporteront aucun plaisir, ce qui amènera rapidement à abandonner la partie.

D’autre part, le sport demande de l’entraînement, sans celui-ci, pas d’amélioration dans les résultats. Comme dans le sport, le physique est également important. Tous les sportifs vous le diront : La réussite d’une épreuve ou d’un entraînement dépend aussi des dispositions mentales du moment. Car le SM est aussi un jeu d’équipe. Soumission et liberté - Liens-Secrets Vivre une relation BDSM. Liberté, Liberté chérie ! Voilà bien une notion qui accompagne ma vie depuis toujours. Elle a cependant évolué et revêt aujourd'hui un sens bien différent que celui que je lui donnais naguère. Peut être pensez vous que la liberté est un paradoxe pour une soumise. Je vous affirme que non, qu'au contraire, elle est indispensable à sa construction.

Je m'en explique : Il faut d'abord pour cela déterminer ce que l'on entend par liberté. J'ai été élevée dans une famille où ma mère a assuré ma subsistance et mon éducation. J'ai vécu quarante cinq ans nourrie par ce concept, militant pour l'égalité sociale, féministe luttant contre l'hégémonie des « mâles », travaillant à assurer mon indépendance financière mais consciente d'avoir aussi besoin de l'épaule rassurante d'un homme.

Un événement est venu bouleverser ma vie, me prouvant la justesse de ma philosophie : J'étais capable de m'assumer de façon indépendante : j'avais gagné ma liberté ! Qu'est ce qu'était vraiment la liberté ? Femsoum - Le site dédié à la soumission féminine érotique. Unhealthy motivations - PeterMastersWiki.

One could argue that the common motivations for engaging in BDSM which we see are healthy motivations. Most of these reflect common and respected goals which are also found in the wider community. This isn't always the case. However, because research into BDSM motivations is not common, it can be worthwhile instead to look at what happens with sex to see if there are parallels in BDSM because just as there are good and reasons for having sex, there are good and bad reasons for engaging in BDSM relationships and activities. Meston and Buss[1] surveyed 1,549 people and from them identified 237 reasons why these people had sex.

"I wanted to be used or degraded" "I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease" "Because of a bet" "It would get me gifts or benefits" "I wanted to break up a rival’s relationship by having sex with his/her partner" It's notable that the reasons listed above are human reasons. Desperation This can be a form of self abuse. References. Journey Into Submission. The following essays, lists and writings are merely guidelines. They are posted here with the intent to aide you as you discover the varied lifestyle of BDSM. Each article is from the point of view and experiences of the author and is used here with permission from the author. For ease of locating specific submission related topics we have separated the articles into the following sub-categories: Advice For New Submissives Behavior Definitions/Terminology Male Submissives Viewpoints Masochism Personal Experiences Punishment and Discipline Release Rights/Expectations Service Slaves/Slavery (including Gorean Kajirae) Submission Sub-Space Submission Realities Swtich Tasks New categories will be added as this section continues to grow.

Articles marked with an asterick (*) are ones that appear under more than one category. As always, when it comes to BDSM, read everything you wish to and take from it what applies or appeals to you, then discard the rest. Warm Regards, Raven Shadowborne Release. Humiliation - PeterMastersWiki. Standing in the corner after a spanking Humiliation is a BDSM psychological activity which exploits the identity structures of the bottom or submissive. It typically involves exploring aspects of the bottom or submissive which have to do with: Areas in which they lack confidence, and Embarrassment. Humiliation can satisfy a number BDSM motivations, such as: Experiencing the power of one's partner, Uncovering the True Self, and Creating or inspiring emotional intimacy and bonding through experiencing one's identity weaknesses exposed.

Malicious humiliation versus constructive humiliation All BDSM should lead to positive outcomes for the participants and humiliation is no exception. Constructive humiliation, on the other hand, leads to a positive outcome, such as personal growth, catharsis, greater intimacy with your partner, of many of the other outcomes listed in this article on motivations. How it works In regards to humiliation, the value of self is involved in two ways: Value by reflection.

Erotic humiliation. Public humiliation of a woman Terminology and overview[edit] Means of humiliation[edit] Many scenarios may give rise to sexual humiliation. Some scenarios may be based on verbal abuse and others on physical aspects. Verbal humiliation[edit] Physical humiliation[edit] Some sexual humiliation involves physical inflicting pain, but much of it is far more concerned with ridicule, mocking, degradation, and embarrassment.

Sexual roleplaying can involve humiliation. Psychology of humiliation[edit] Humiliation play is also connected to sexual fetishism, in that non-sexual activities may become sexualised by association with arousal, and also may be associated with exhibitionism in the sense of wanting others to witness (or being aroused by others witnessing) one's sexual degradation. Online humiliation[edit] Online humiliation is the desire to be seen in a sexually embarrassing context on the Internet. Common methods of online humiliation: See also[edit] References[edit] DomSubFriends: Humiliation Chart. Note: We should not put our BDSM values on anyone in the vanilla world!

Please do not humiliate anyone in a Vanilla setting such as a restaurant or supermarket with a possibility of a vanilla person seeing this. HUMILIATION activities/ideas *Act as objects (furniture, etc.) *After orgasm, making sub drink his own cum *Always address you Sir, ma'am, etc. *Anal plugs *Age Play *Baby pacifier tied around neck *Bathroom use control *Bathroom use in front of others *Become a human ashtray *Beg for cigarettes, drinks, etc. *Blindfolds *Boot worship at odd moments *Cavity check in private *Cavity check in public *Cage display *Cage display and ignore them *Carrying a doll or toy around *Clip on earrings that don't match *Crawl on 4ís *Cum or urinate into their food.

*Curse words (Whore, Slut, Worthless, etc.) Top of Page. Les degrés de soumission. Submissive Guide: novice mentoring, self help and submissive exploration. Punishment - Submission, BDSM, Dominance, D/s, Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism. Submissive Circle | Grab a cup of tea and join us in the circle... Submissive Guide: novice mentoring, self help and submissive exploration. Classical Conditioning. Les motivations. Subspace, subdrop and aftercare. Le cadre de la soumission. D/s 01 : Qu'est la soumission D/s ? - Maître Dewoitine - Relations D/s. Préambule : Par facilité J'utiliserai les termes de "dominant" et de "Maître" au masculin et "soumise" au féminin.Il va sans dire que Je n'ai qu'une vision théorique de la relation entre un dominant et un soumis, encore plus évidemment d'une relation entre une dominante et une soumise ou entre une dominante et un soumis. ** Ces mots n'engagent que Moi et appellent à la réflexion et au partage, ils ne sauraient être élevés en dogme.

Aucune relation humaine ne peut être identique à une autre ** 01.01. Qu'est ce que se soumettre dans la relation D/S ? Après avoir réfléchi, clairement, aux formes d'équilibre dans vos relations passées, vous avez conçu que vous n'aviez pas assez de contrôle sur votre vie. ** Se soumettre, c'est accepter de prendre le contrôle de sa vie ** Pour toute femme, le besoin de se soumettre, d'offrir toute sa confiance et toute sa foi à autrui, est un instinct naturel et évident. ** Se soumettre c'est prendre un contrôle sur ses relations ** 01.02. 01.03. 01.04. Suis-je une bonne soumise ? | LA PART DE L'OMBRE. Ce texte a été lu 305 fois. Suis-je une bonne soumise. Voilà la question posée par une soumise débutante sur son blog. Cela peut sembler stupide comme question mais pourtant cette interrogation est fondamentale. Mais qui peut répondre à cette question ? Le Maître et la soumise ! C’est le Maître qui fait les règles et c’est lui qui peut dire ce que doit être une bonne soumise selon lui.

Pour la soumise, il faut faire preuve de vigilance à ce stade. C’est facile à dire mais beaucoup plus difficile à faire car la soumise, forcément, est toujours dans le doute. Alors me direz-vous c’est quoi une bonne soumise ? Une soumise est « bonne » si le Maître est bon. What Makes a Good Submissive? - New to BDSM (Uncensored) Here is something I was directed to about levels of submission. This clarifies things more for me about the limits and freedoms of each situation. I actually have interests in seeing if being a full-time live in consensual slave would be for me at all.

It would be bizarre if I actually enjoyed having my free time controlled that much though. 9 Levels of Submission By Diane Vera (these are not rigid definitions of submission) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Discovering Your Submissive Nature. Discovering your submissive nature isn’t always a sudden process. For many people it takes some soul searching to see that you may enjoy being a people-pleaser or that when someone asks you to do something you happily do it without a second thought.

For others it takes some social reprogramming to allow your full nature to come out. There are two identified forms of submission; natural and learned. Of these two it is more common to be a learned submissive. Natural submission is not just about always wanting to make someone happy, but the inner joy and peace that comes automatically without any training. For those submissives that have it naturally, serving a dominant becomes second nature quite easily. Learned submission takes a lot more effort but is just as rewarding. When Do You Learn Learning you are submissive for most people is an acceptance of themselves. You can’t have anyone else tell you who you are. . Submissive Blossoming Are you good at organization? Soumises vs gros connards, - Aude Dite Orium. Ou, D/S c’est la mode. Il y a maintenant deux ans, je faisais la découverte de la soumission.

Un bogoss sur le net qui m’a retourné la tête en deux deux, m’a initié à cette pratique qui, je l’avoue, m’a beaucoup déboussolée et excitée au début et est vite devenue impossible. Cette petite historiette qui a énormément évoluée, s’est transformée mille fois, m’a fait réfléchir, sur moi, nous, la vie quoi. Je me suis penchée sur la question, manquant de tomber régulièrement. Depuis quelques temps, (que je fixerai plus ou moins à la parution du livre et, Oh my God, carrément une déferlante depuis la sortie du film du même nom, je cite, vous l’avez deviné, Fifty Shades of Grey), je vois pulluler sur le net, des gros connards qui se prennent pour des Dominants, et des soumises qui chouinent à longueur de facebook.

Première chose, j’ai envie de dire What the fuck ? Dans mon parcours perso, quand Bogoss a commencé à en parler, j’étais à la fois excitée, séduite et méchamment méfiante. Psychological Surrender. L’humilité de l’esclave. How Can I Be More Convincing and Get Anything I Want? Humiliation and BDSM or "Why is it "Humiliation" if i *LIKE* it?" En quoi consiste la Soumission ; Branche Issue du BDSM ?