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Growth Mindset resource and. Why do kids need to learn to struggle?

Growth Mindset resource and

As adults we all know the most rewarding experiences in life often involve significant struggle and sacrifice at some stage. Personally the greatest joys in my life have all come with some form of struggle… Being married. We are very happily married, but that doesn’t mean we are always very happy with one another. Being a parent. Design and print your own pokemon card - Pokémon card maker - Custom black an... Pokemon Printables. Think Outside the Box Thursday. Howdy!

Think Outside the Box Thursday

Thanks for stopping by! One of my favorite Morning Warm Up activities is my "Think Outside the Box Thursday! " activity. I developed this unit to help my kiddos stretch the creative side of their brains. The goal is for them to make the shape into something no one else will think of. BTS JOURNAL. Binder clip labels. Keeping Kids Accountable During Centers. Hands-on centers are part of every primary classroom, but how can you be sure your students are actually completing them in the way you intend?

Keeping Kids Accountable During Centers

A teacher's time is already stretched thin so hovering is not an option, and personally checking every independent hands-on center before students tidy up is just NOT realistic! This year I discovered a FREE app that is going to take your center time to the next level! First Week of 3rd Grade. Happy Saturday guys!

First Week of 3rd Grade

I just finished my first week in 3rd grade and can I just say I am in love with my kiddos!? Who knew “big” 3rd graders were really 2nd graders at heart? We had a really busy week learning how to be a part of our 3rd grade classroom community, but in between practicing those procedures and going through fire drills, we managed to squeeze in a little bit of learning AND even a brain break or two! Here’s a peak at what we did in our first week of 3rd grade!