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DEPTH MAPS -3D CONVERSIONS. This is great news Depthcam!


I use TriDef with my LG monitor and it's great. The 2d - 3d conversion is surprisingly effective too. I have long since argued that a proper TriDef app should be developed for glasses free android tablets, one with all the features I have with my monitor including the all important zoom function! Look forward to hearing more about this. This is the only TriDef app I have tested so far so I can't compare it to the app that came with the LG. For another, it will display any 3D format whether it is MPO, SBS, squished SBS, O/U, squished O/U and whether the stereo pair is inverted or not. Slow Motion Stills.

Twix final

Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion plugin for Adobe After Effects. Technical requirements Adobe After Effects version: CS5.5 or aboveMemory requirements: 2 GB minimum, 8 GB recommendedWorks with: no significant related toolsMain use cases: automatic generation of stereo from multiview for a given number of views and parallax; usable for parallax change in stereo Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion Nowadays, autostereoscopic monitors constitute a significant part of the 3D market.

Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion plugin for Adobe After Effects

These monitors allow viewers to see the real depth of objects without using special glasses, and they are an excellent platform for advertising, which has not yet managed to bore consumers. But the content situation for such displays is complicated by the fact that they do not use stereo video sequences and typically require a special multi-angle format: multiview video. The plug-in can both increase and decrease the source parallax (i.e., the technology can create interpolated and extrapolated views). Stills twixtor - Creative COW Search. Reels / Videos: Showreel for hand model Richard Beaumont showreel of hand model Richard Beaumont working for many clients to produce this video. Video Carlos de Miguel Showreel 2013Contains works in advertising, film, music video and art video.

stills twixtor - Creative COW Search

Footage shot in S16mm, S8mm, Arri Alexa, Arri D-21, RedOne MX, Red Epic, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Sony FS-700, Sony EX-3, Canon 5D, Canon 7D, Canon 550D, Panasonic HVX-200 and JVC GY-HM750. Working between Madrid, Los Angeles and Mexico DF. Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion plugin for Adobe After Effects. Re: Morphing between multiple cameras : RE:Vision Effects. The simple thing first: 1) RE:Flex Morph allows you to KeyFrame where your still frames are.

Re: Morphing between multiple cameras : RE:Vision Effects

So in this case it would be a single set of splines you animate in time. 2) You would save yourself a lot of trouble if the dancer was jumping say with his arm by his body as not to create "holes"/layers -- otherwise I am afraid you will have to break the limbs in separate layers and "fabricate" something to temporarily fill holes (parts of a picture not visible from next camera). To visualize maybe raise your hands facing front facing level of your head in front of the mirror and turn 30 degrees increment, next frame your hand is now in front of the head, this is the really hard part with rotations (the part of your head that is now behind the hand on one view). 3) RE:Flex has a magic button called Auto Align which computes optical flow between your stills.

However the magic has limits. Twixtoring real bullet-time footage ? : RE:Vision Effects. Hi Pierre, First, thank you very much for your time and help, much appreciated.

Twixtoring real bullet-time footage ? : RE:Vision Effects

I will study those docs you're referring to. We can't shoot on a green screen since we want to use a real environment. If the big strip of paper is the main issue, we could simply consider not putting anything in front of the people for the next tests, though thank you for the "spline" techniques explained. What I really need to be sure of, is mainly about the camera move, and if the amount of frames would be enough to get something close to the footage I gave earlier: (making of, if it can helps...) Since we don't have as many cameras as they do, do you think twixtoring the footage of 50 cameras would do the work ? I know it is hard for you to answer without the material so we're going to do another test today with the fifty cameras, see what kind of issues I get this time...

Our goal is to manage to slow down our footage, on different projects, different sets, and get it as clean as possible in any cases. Twixtor and depth of field : RE:Vision Effects. Hi, this is the first time I post on this forum so I introduce myself.

Twixtor and depth of field : RE:Vision Effects

My name is Giovanni and I'm and Software Engineer with passion for Photography. I use Twixtor Pro together with an array of cameras to produce 3D pictures to print on lenticular medium. This is my website where you can have a look at the result: Now I have a question. All my pictures are sharp, with infinite depth of field. Of course this is a trick, not a real depth of field. To summarise I would like to blur a video uniformily along both x and y axis using the information of movement along the x axis. Any idea? 2D to 3D Suite Overview. 2D to 3D Suite product includes a broad range of professional tools, enhancing and simplifying stereoscopic 3D conversion and postproduction for motion-picture and TV content.

2D to 3D Suite Overview

The product is designed for medium-size VFX and production studios, as well as large conversion studios. It contains both versions for After Effects and NUKE. Glasses free Stereo images with Lenticular Sheets. 1234567: SBS to Multiview conversion using Triaxes StereoTracer (stereo pair and depth maps for both images project type) Twixtor vs StereoTracer.