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עמוד תאורה WT-804. עמוד תאורה / חצובת תאורה FANCIER WT-804 לשימוש פנימי וחיצוני מיועד להחזיק פנסי תאורה , פלאשים, רקעים יצרן: Fancier מקט: wt804 זמן אספקה: עד7ימי עסקים מדוע לקנות אצלנו?

עמוד תאורה WT-804

שירות לקוחות מקצועי, מחירים אטרקטיביים וזמני אספקה מהירים! אחריות: 12 חודשים מספר תשלומים ללא ריבית: 3 זמן אספקה: עד7ימי עסקים עמוד תאורה FANCIER WT-804 עמוד תאורה / חצובת תאורה FANCIER WT-804לשימוש פנימי וחיצוני מיועד להחזיק פנסי תאורה , פלאשים, רקעים גובה מקופל : 810 מ"מ גובה מקסימלי : 2000 מ"מ גובה מינימאלי : 820 מ"מ משקל העמסה : 1050 גר' משקל עצמי : 2500 גר' תאורת קוורץ רציפה Godox Quartz Light QL-1000 Continuous Lighting - תאורת סטודיו - ציוד סטודיו ווידאו SLR - ציוד סטודיו ווידאו SLR רשת MDK. תאורה קבועה 4 נורות Godox TL-K4 + 60X60 - תאורת סטודיו - ציוד סטודיו ווידאו SLR - ציוד סטודיו ווידאו SLR רשת MDK. StereoData Maker. I don't have time to read all of this .. what does it do?

StereoData Maker

As well as numerous features for 2D photography, SDM allows you take highly synchronised stereo photos using certain Canon compact cameras. The cost of additional items that you will require for synchronised-shooting is negligible or you can buy a Ricoh CA-1 switch. You can use the cameras internal flash, both preflashes determine white-balance but only one main flash fires on full-power to avoid double shadows.

You may use external flash and it is likely a commercial device will be available that triggers your existing flash-units. Is it really suitable for general photography, KAP and digiscoping? Absolutely, it has all the features that most people require for practical 2D photography. The basic zebra, histogram and video features are supported together with battery voltage, languages, code page and grids. It looks complicated .... how do I install it ? From the links below, you download the ZIP file for your camera model. Menus. To display the SDM menus, press your <ALT> button and then the MENU bottom.


Most settings required for everyday use are in the Basic menu. Less-used features are in the Advanced menu together with a limited number of features from the original CHDK. Less-used CHDK features have been removed in order to provide a simplified and more compact menu system. Some of the submenus use an RBF font named SDM.RBF. In order that these may also be viewed when the menu orientation is vertical, they are limited to 15-character line-length. At top left of the screen (on all cameras that have a zoom lever), you will see the increment value that will be used when increasing or decreasing values in menus or script parameters.

Use the Up and Down buttons to navigate the menus and SET to enter a submenu or return to previous menu. Zebra overlay and various histograms may be displayed on shutter half-press. Video submenu allows setting of video quality/bitrate, the ability to zoom and muting sound on zoom. StereoData Maker. Damir Vrancic, designer of the '3D Lanc Master' has devised a circuit that allows single-shot, delayed single-shot or continuous-mode shooting via the USB remote.

StereoData Maker

It will also trigger an external electronic flash at shutter speeds up to 1/1000sec. Damir was also jointly-involved in the development and testing of the USB-remote method of precision synchronisation. Click on the schematic for a larger version.Power and Ground connections. How it works When the MODE switch is closed, capacitor C2 is charged to the battery voltage mainly via resistor R3 (R2 having little effect as it is far greater resistance). If the MODE switch is open and you press the SINGLE shot button, on releasing it the picture will be taken after a delay of about five seconds (determined by R2/C2 time-constant). When the MODE switch is open,capacitor C2 is initially charged by the high-value resistor R2 and IC1D output is low. The first image will not have as good a synch as the images that follow.

Component List. StereoData Maker. This information is provided for historical reasons only, SDM 1.60 and later do not require scripts for ordinary or flash shooting.

StereoData Maker

For testing, if you run the following script, every time you plug the USB cable into the PC (or press the button on a custom-built control) a photo will be taken :- @title Twinned Remote button :loop wait_click 1 is_key k "remote" if k=1 then shoot goto "loop" end If it does not work, check you have the red wires connected to the +ve of the battery and also check the battery voltage. Try inserting the USB plug into the PC. This is fine for many applications but does not synchronise the cameras to the greatest possible extent ! Power-up both cameras individually (the timing is not important) and ensure all the settings are identical on both cameras. Strobes vs.LED - what's best for hybrid photo & video shooters? Event Photos: Use LED or Flash? by Marlene Hielema.

DIY LED Lighting for Studio Photography: What you can do with $30 LED bulbs.