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Financial ERP. Public Accounting. Facility Management. Solution conviviale et abordable pour gérer tous les aspects liés à votre patrimoine mobilier et immobilier. EFM -Facility Management est une solution de gestion facilitaire complète et intuitive, pouvant être couplée à des outils de gestion de plans numériques (tel Autocad). Gérez en toute simplicité vos bâtiments, localisations et locations, interventions, techniciens, vos documents techniques et contractuels ainsi que les communications liés, vos biens, plans, contacts, agendas des ressources partagées, inventaires, déménagements, relevés de compteurs et calcul des charges… EFM – Facility Management - Solution abordable, rapide à implémenter et conviviale pour : Gérer vos plans et équipements au sein d'une solution de Facility Management : Créer des plans de bâtimentsSuivre les installations techniquesRéaliser vos plans d'implantation des mobiliers, informatiques, personnel…Gérer les déménagementsRéaliser les inventaires… Gérer les interventions techniques : Gérer vos documents tels que :

ERP for Social Housing. LORD is a specific global ERP solution for the sector of social housing situated in all the regions in Belgium. Identification and patrimony LORD allows managing identifications such as that of the contacts (for example a lodging candidate, active lodger, co-owner, supplier, lawyer, etc.) and allows the verification of the certificates of incomes, the follow-up of the administrative records, the multiple addresses and the history of the households. LORD also deals with the housing patrimony which can be rented, sold or managed by the company. Rent management and follow-up LORD takes care of the rent management which allows following the movements of the lodgers within houses.

Statements The statements will be managed in LORD. Lodging candidates and housing The relations between lodging candidates and houses are governed by the same rules as the rent management and thus offer the same advantages like the simulation of the rents and the establishment of the Packages of consumption. Enterprise Budget Management. EBM allows managing in total flexibility the variety of budgets : the forecasts of commitment, the multi-annual forecasts of liquidation, the annual adjustments, and budgetary index cards. Features : budget elaboration - approval of budgets - modification - transfer Performance Shortening of the cycle of elaborationSuccessive iterations with formal validationBetter organization thanks to the follow-up of a workflowAllows to resume the budget of one or several previous years back and to apply an index or a formula of calculationImprove the performance and the administrative organizationEliminate the redundancy of documents and of amounts entry thanks to the centralizationAvoid the loss of information thanks to links with documentary evidencesBetter control of transfers and budgetary modifications in the current year thanks to ceilingsPlan the actions of every playerDematerializes and enables a fast access to documents Back Decision-making support Optimal visibility Costs reduction.

Enterprise Contract Management. ECM facilitates and controls the management of the whole life cycle of your contracts. The new contracts (all types included) are encoded, their amendments added... At any time, alert indicators warm which actions to take to manage contracts in an ever-increasing way. Your contracts are quickly identified and controlled.

Red wire : ECM modules What are the various steps which will lead to a better management of contracts in order to benefit from them in the best way possible and to avoid needless expenses and to guarantee their traceability? Some elements : Essential components Alert indicators : proactive management of contractsFinancial follow-up : multi-axis information in real time Following all the contracts is a difficult task. Very fast ROI thanks to the global visibility of all the contracts The experience shows that the simple inventory associated with the implementation of ECM quickly makes your investment profitable. Back Reduction of time and of management fees. Spend Management. EPM meets a general need for automation, structure, control and flexibility in the approach of expenditure management.

Compliance, respect for budgets, performance, cost reduction; dematerialization and respect for the environment are some of the topical problems to which EPM provides a solution. The establishment of best practices is your asset for a strategic control of your costs and expenses : Budgetary control From its initial request, the budgetary impact of an expenditure is taken into account. At each stage, a simple, clear and detailed situation is available Back Better management of Purchases / Expenditure Purchases are done according to budgets, whose status is always visible to everyone. The authorities are respected and expenditure or excessive orders are identified. Costs reduction EPM helps you improve the performance of your expenses significantly. The reduction of the cost of expenditure processing. Empowerment of employees Reporting Audit - Compliance Quick and easy start.

Stock Management. Easy-to-use, flexible and professional barcode asset tracking software Scan2Inventory is a simple, user-friendly application that you can start to use immediately. This easy-to-configure application is upgradeable in line with your requirements in terms of tracking and inventory of assets - furniture, equipment, fittings. Fully integrated in Ordiges applications. Identify any object, with or without barcode To take an initial inventory and periodic inventoriesTo track assets Flexible and upgradeable: it can easily be configured in accordance with current and future requirements. Easily create your own specific asset data structure The application is supplied complete with a standard data structure with assets and their characteristics, enabling you to get started right away. Additionally, data structures and questionnaires that are specific to certain professions are included free, making it even easier and faster.

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