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Orderat is an online food delivery service provider operating across the UAE. It has the lists of supporting restaurants that provide the best services with loyalty programs to their customers.

How to start restaurant business in Dubai in 2021: The ultimate guide. As we all know that, Dubai is one of the most popular places for tourists in the world.

How to start restaurant business in Dubai in 2021: The ultimate guide

There are over 4.7 million tourist visits every year in Dubai. Last, in few years, Dubai becoming one of the top global food destinations in the world. Therefore, you have a better opportunity to start a restaurant business in Dubai. Food delivery wars in the middle-east: A change in the food delivery service - Blog Orderat. A lot of businesses have been affected due to covid-19 pandemic.

Food delivery wars in the middle-east: A change in the food delivery service - Blog Orderat

To suffer less from this pandemic, many countries enforced worldwide lockdowns. From March 2020 almost all the businesses were forced to shutdown due to lockdown. Because of this all kind of revenue generating in the business stopped. There were a lot of problems to be solved but with no revenue, nothing could be sorted. You might be thinking the food industry (includes food delivery service) has nothing to lose, but actually also suffered a lot in this situation. Let us discuss and understand what are the problems being faced by this industry Restaurants Restaurants are nowadayscomplaining about the high commission rates (up to 30–35%) paid to food aggregators, feeling stuck with no clear alternatives.

The monopoly of the other companies has broken and to save the day for the restaurants, many food deliveries companies like Orderat, noon etc have introduced themselves in the market with negligible charges. Customers Drivers. Top 10 Places to visit in UAE 2021 - A complete travel Guide. As we all know that UAE has been a tourist’s attraction since a decade.

Top 10 Places to visit in UAE 2021 - A complete travel Guide

UAE has been the epicentre for huge developments, high-rise, its luxury and world-famous beach- resorts. Especially Dubai and Abu-Dhabi have been a tourist’s attraction place since a decade. There are many top places to visit in UAE. Scrape below the surface though, and you’ll find there’s more here than skyscrapers, shopping, and sandy shores. UAE’s culture has a lot to offer more than the skyscrapers. Top 10 restaurants in Abu Dhabi: Exotic lifestyle of Abu Dhabi. Today we are going to talk about some of the top restaurants in Abu Dhabi which provide fine dine-in.

Top 10 restaurants in Abu Dhabi: Exotic lifestyle of Abu Dhabi

As we know UAE is Famous for its luxury and exotic life style. It is interesting to know that Abu Dhabi is not only popular because of Ferrari world or the Mosque but it is also well known for its lavish restaurants. The restaurants in Abu Dhabi are a reflection of its cosmopolitan vibes and luxurious splendor. Here are some of the best restaurants In Abu Dhabi.

SEE MORE: Are you looking for developer for your App? Byblos Sur Mer Your search for the finest Abu Dhabi restaurants with a view that also serves the most authentic Lebanese cuisine in town ends at this fantastic fine dining venue. Location: InterContinental Abu Dhabi، King Abdullah BinAbdul Aziz Al Saud, Al Khubeirah – Abu Dhabi – United Arab EmiratesOpening Hours: 12PM-2AM (Sun-Thurs); 12PM-3AM (Fri-Sat)Cuisine: Lebanese, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern Villa Toscana Location: St. Punjab Grill The Terrace on corniche Li Beirut. Top 10 restaurants in Dubai - Blog Orderat. In the lavish city-state of Dubai, where levels of extravagance reach unimaginable peaks, there’s definitely no shortage of fine dining restaurants.

Top 10 restaurants in Dubai - Blog Orderat

Attracting celebrity and Michelin-starred chefs from all over the world who launch restaurants specialising in their home cuisine, Dubai is the place where you can venture to try something new and tempting, or play it safe and delight in your foodie favourite, executed better than ever before. You don’t have to travel far for world-class exemplary cuisine and spectacularly appointed surroundings when in Dubai. Many of the incredible restaurants featured here can be found within the city’s luxurious hotels. How to Reopen your Restaurant? Digital to-do list for grand opening. It is very clear that due to the Covid-19 pandemic restaurant industries are facing a lot of problems.

How to Reopen your Restaurant? Digital to-do list for grand opening

The industries sales drop by 49% comparing to the previous year. Now, as a patchwork of laws and guidelines has allowed more and more restaurants to reopen their dining rooms, many questions remain. Some people are eager to reopen restaurant and their dine-in while some are scared and have no idea or planning to re-open. After all, there are many factors to account for when you’re deciding how and when to reopen your restaurant.

Finances are the most critical concern for most restaurateurs, but they should be weighed alongside both the public health guidelines and government rules. These guidelines and conversations with your staff may give you a good idea of what to prioritize when you reopen, and what your timeline will be. How will Restaurant industry emerge post Covid-19 - Blog Orderat. In todays world where Restaurant business in suffering loss due to covid-19.

How will Restaurant industry emerge post Covid-19 - Blog Orderat

The ray of hope is if we survive this onslaught then we will bounce back strong. The only way to emerge from this is together, as a community. And the ones that will survive will become stronger, leaner and effective. Having said that, not everyone will be able to brace the impact of this pandemic. There are two major aspects for restaurant industry, one is how we survive the lockdown and the other is how to bring back normalcy and be at par with what we were. What we need to emerge: First and foremost, we need the government to acknowledge that the Food and Beverage industry that is roughly 60 billion dollars and employees around 7 million people or I may say 7 million families are directly impacted, is in trouble.

Liquidity is our major problem and a rebate or a waiver in statutory dues, compliances could be one of the things government can look into. The real estate owners: The Employees: Food Delivery in Abu Dhabi & other cities in UAE. TOP-5 Tasty Emirati Dishes That You Should Try When You Visit UAE – Orderat. The UAE is like a heaven for Foodie people.

TOP-5 Tasty Emirati Dishes That You Should Try When You Visit UAE – Orderat

Whenever the talk is about the UAE food it always appears on the top before their rich heritage. In front of Emirati food, anyone can easily forget the rich heritage of the United Arab Emirates. UAE has many types of cuisine and especially their simple and figure licking local cuisine always feel good when anyone eats them. UAE food is such a mouth-watering and attractive looking. The attractive look of the UAE always reflects their culture, rich taste, and region geographically.

Shawarma: Let me simply put it around here, regardless of how well your local middle-eastern food outlet would make your shawarma; it just can’t be practically identical with the true shawarmas found in the roads of the UAE. It is a non-veggie lover delicacy that has cut chicken, sheep, or hamburger (contingent upon what you request) and is served by abounding in a delicate flatbread. 2. Mouth-watering Persian sweet rice, Shirin Polo is a claim to fame food of UAE. 3.