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MechWarrior Online. Guild Wars 2. Servius Sancti - Guild hosting - Home. Cook - Recipes - Guild Wars 2 Database. Engineer Build Calculator. Guild Wars 2 Forum. List of mesmer traits. This is a list of mesmer traits.

List of mesmer traits

[edit] Domination Domination is a trait line for the mesmer that focuses on interrupting enemies and rendering them vulnerable. Per point: Community. LoTROInterface. Quick Guide to the Inn League Reputation. The Inn of Forsaken Riddles in the Dark. A Lord of the Rings Online Resource. Darzil's LoTRO Crafting Guide. Flying Furry Bags of Fury : Home : Lord of the Rings Online (LOTR) Guild Site at GuildPortal. About Us We are an all Warg tribe proud of our Savage Fangs lineage. Numbering some of the most experienced Stalkers to prowl the moors, we are happy to bring new pups into the pack and show them the ropes and readily accept wisened old paws. We have an emphasis on running warg packs, both large and small, and aspire to make our packs the best to run out of Gramsfoot.

We also have some top rate wargs with a preference for soloing, acting as our eyes, ears and noses throughout our hunting grounds. ~~~ Strength in numbers, surety in obscurity ~~~