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The SCP Foundation. Find the Meanings and Definitions of Words at Dictionary. Abbreviations and acronyms dictionary: Find definitions for over 4,219,000 abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms. The meanings and origins of sayings and phrases.

Wallpapers And Backgrounds. Akinator, the Web Genius. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Core. Giant In the Playground Games. QC: New Comics Every Monday Through Friday. - America's Only Humor & Video Site Since 1958. Go away. WTF Japan Seriously.

Home. London Tubemap - A new angle on the London Underground. Home. BBC iPlayer - iPlayer TV Home. Channel 4 - 4oD. Down For Everyone Or Just Me -> Check if your website is down or up? What Language Is This? online language identifier - find out what language any web site, page, blog, or text is written in! University of Reading Top Ranking University for Research.

Medical Practice - University of Reading. Sign In - readingLive. Low Prices in Electronics, Books, Sports Equipment & more. Welcome to Steam. ShockedFish. The free encyclopedia. Main Page - EVElopedia - The EVE Online Wiki. The How-to Manual That You Can Edit. Inglipnomicon Wiki. Home Page. Internet Meme Database. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Welcome to the Echo Bazaar Wiki - Echo Bazaar. UESPWiki. Main Page - FreeThoughtPedia.

The Dark Bible: Contents. The Vault, the Fallout wiki - Fallout: New Vegas and more. Minecraft Wiki. Main Page. Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Valid Career Moves. Games and mods development for PC Linux and Mac. Google. DuckDuckGo. Add-ons for Firefox. Facebook. Reddit: the voice of the internet.

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