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O-range designs, develops and produces innovative textile products without seams! Discover the patented photovoltaic charging system!

High Quality Ultralight backpack for Travelers. Portable Solar Power is in the Bag! A solar powered backpack is an innovative and earth friendly way for you to cut down on bills and more importantly, your carbon footprint by simply charging your gadgets with the sun’s power and while on the go.

Portable Solar Power is in the Bag!

Outdoorsy people like those who love hiking or camping can obviously benefit from solar powered backpacks since they can use these portable and lightweight solar chargers everywhere they go—from mountaintops to rainforests, it doesn’t matter. The importance of a portable solar charger incorporated into a solar powered backpack is highlighted more during emergency situations. Since you have a readily available source of power, charging your mobile phone is a breeze. However, not only the outdoorsy people can get benefited from a solar powered backpack since common urbanites are known to own gadgets of different kinds that need recharging almost daily since these gadgets rely on chargers, adapters, and plugs of all sorts. How does it work?? Modern Smart and Innovative Travel Backpack Bag Italy. Avail 25% Off On Your Purchase Of ELETTRA–Technical Waterproof Shoulder Bag! Bags are the best friend of human being especially when on a vacation or holiday.

Avail 25% Off On Your Purchase Of ELETTRA–Technical Waterproof Shoulder Bag!

However, the use of bags are not merely confined till travelling, it further stretches to shopping and commuting to office and schools too. Bags play really a very incredible and indispensable role in our life. They serve our purpose in the best possible manner provided that we choose the right type of bag. One of such bags that prove true to the expectation of all; even goes a step ahead of the expectation is ELETTRA–Technical Waterproof Shoulder Bag. The fact needs no furtherintroduction that in the current hi-tech scenario, the advent and advancementof technology is at its highest peak and its best example can be seen in ELETTRA– Technical Waterproof Shoulder Bag.

Let’s showcase some of the finefeatures of this tremendous bag– Premium and Personal Solar Backpack bag. Sun Gave Life to This Planet; Now Use its Energy to Charge Electric Devices! Lithium Polymer Battery. SUN GAVE LIFE TO THIS PLANET; NOW USE ITS ENERGY TO CHARGE ELECTRIC DEVICES. Sun is an unmatched source of energy and reason of the life on earth.


Scientists claim that if we somehow cage the all solar energy coming on earth from sun, it would only be more than enough for all our energy needs. Keeping this in mind, there are countless numbers of devices which are getting charged from the sunlight and backpack bag lithium polymer battery is one of them which is very good source of renewable energy. This battery takes the energy from sun and charges itself. The stored solar energy is used- The power can be used for many purposes once stored from the sunlight. High Quality Lithium Polymer Battery for Travelers. Fine Technical Features Of Modern Bags To Leave You Stunned. Bags are the great supporters and serve as your best friend when on a vacation or holiday.

Fine Technical Features Of Modern Bags To Leave You Stunned

Not just this but also when you are travelling or shopping hand bags or shoulder bags play and important as well as an indispensable role. They serve your purpose in the best way possible. But with the right and intelligent use of technology, there are many enhancements made in the simple bags; these features have made the bags way more useful. Waterproof Bonded Backpack. Cod: PS6 Waterproof bag with 6 watt solar charger Dimensions: 30×38 cm.Capacity: 1,1 Litri.Composition: 50%Poliammide – 40% Poliestere, Laminato PU – 10%Elastomero.Solar charge power: 6.0 watt max., achieved with single crystal cells.Output power: USB 5 volts, stabilised (max. current 1000 mAh) Available colours Description: Bag in welded fabric with Velcro Roll Top closing that guarantees a watertight seal.

Waterproof Bonded Backpack

WHY ONE SHOULD BE LIGHTLY BACKPACKED FOR ADVENTUROUS TRIPS? – O-range Solar Bags. Exploring requires that you bring every single basic thing before going on a trek.


You would prefer not to be jeopardized amid your trek, isn’t that right? In the event that you need to dodge mishaps and issues however much as could be expected amid your excursion, you need to pack a wide range of things like maps and compass, tents, dozing sacks, water, matches and possibly some canned products for your experience. You need to bring an emergency treatment unit as well. These apparatuses are various, I know. Conveying a heap that is too overwhelming may represent an issue for you while going on an outing. The secret to recall when pressing for an exploring trek is to bring things that are ultralight to furnish you with a similar insurance amid your outdoors campaign! Ultra light Backpack Bag. ANOTHER FACET OF THE NEVER-ENDING ENERGY OF THE SUN: BACKPACKS. A Solar backpack is a rucksack furnished with a thin film sunlight based cells and batteries.


It is a material sack carried on one's back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders. The sun oriented boards change over daylight into power, which is put away in the batteries and can be utilized to power compact electronic apparatuses like cell phones and mp3 players. Many a companies have stated commercial production and sale of premiumsolar backpacks for adventures, tourists, and other vagabonds! Highlights: The sun oriented knapsack for the most part contains an adaptable monocrystalline sunlight based board, battery, charge controller, fittings, lines and lights.

It furnishes clients with catalyst to 120 watt-hours/day, fit for fueling electronic gear appraised up to 300 W. Applications: They have been employed in various fields such as: Premium and Personal Solar Backpack bag.