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Magento Developer Melbourne. Social Media Website Design and Development. Magento Development Services Atlanta. Magento Development Services Atlanta. Magento Ecommerce Development Company. Magento Developers in New York Implementing the best out of your skills turns out to be the best unconditionally.

Magento Ecommerce Development Company

At Magento US, we do believe what we possess in US and ideas we practically can turn into reality. Our highly-skilled team of web developers does the innovative job in websites creation. Based on the enormous traffic our clients experience on their websites, we reportedly can measure the capabilities of our team of web developers. The clients not only get their respective business augmented, they do like to establish a lifelong business relationship with us. Static to Dynamic Transition of Web Sites With the rapidly changing customer requirements, business enterprises have to have their dynamic presence in the web-space. Magento Developer Adelaide, Magento Website Development Services. Magento Developer Adelaideadmin2014-09-09T10:12:14+00:00 Magento offer a dexterous platform for online businesses across the globe.

Magento Developer Adelaide, Magento Website Development Services

At Orange Mantra, our Magento developers are a group of highly specialized professionals who have developed multiple web stores across various domains and geographies. Another addition made to our geographical portfolio is Adelaide, Australia. Our Magento developers in Adelaide understand the nerve of the market and are proficient in developing websites that can help you garner a higher market share. Magento Developer Perth, E-commerce Website Development Service Perth. Magento Developer Perthadmin2014-09-09T10:25:24+00:00 Magento software solution is a highly innovative and creative web development tool that has been performing outstandingly in the e-commerce development industry.

Magento Developer Perth, E-commerce Website Development Service Perth

At OrangeMantra, our widespread industry experience enables us to offer Magento development services that are highly innovative and result oriented. Our expertise in Magento and wide experience in development of the e-commerce stores on various platforms including PHP, HTML, Java helps us serve clients across various domains in major cities of the world, including Perth. We advise Magento Development Services to our clients for web solutions including: Customized theme designsSearch engine friendly storeButtons, Widgets and special effectsPayment gateway integrationCMS pagesMagento skinning.

Discover The Enhanced SEO Features Of Magento 2 – magentous. A good-looking, high-performance and secure e-commerce website is the basic pre-requisite of an online business.

Discover The Enhanced SEO Features Of Magento 2 – magentous

At the same time, it should be SEO-friendly too because online visibility is of utmost importance for its success. Magento is regarded as one of the best platforms for developing websites which have comprehensive features to ensure business growth. The platform is not only appreciated for these capabilities but also the constant upgrades and improvements it keeps bringing at a regular basis. Magento 2, its advanced version, comes packed with a host of unique features, notably the ones which boost the site SEO manifold. Here are some outstanding SEO features that make Magento 2 the ideal choice for E-commerce web development in Atlanta or elsewhere: Product Field Auto-Generation Magento 1.x comes with optimization features such as meta tag settings for title, descriptions, and keywords, URL key settings, and categories path for product URLs.

Why Would Developers And Users Love Android O - Website Design and Development Company UK​ Magento Developer Melbourne. Ibeacon App Development Service- London, Manchester, Birmingham- UK. Ibeacon Application Developmentadmin2016-12-23T09:18:48+00:00 The iBeacons work indoors where we may not be able to find Google Map navigation.

Ibeacon App Development Service- London, Manchester, Birmingham- UK

The placement of these Bluetooth Low Energy iBeacons for your industry’s physical allocations ensures guidance and personalized content for your customers as they walk through the place. With iBeacon App development and solutions, we help you engage with the clients and the targeted customers. Orange Mantra’s competent team deliver the best solutions for your iBeacon App Development and add value for your business returns.

We help to shape your ideas into a complete robust solution; reach customers with alerts based on proximity; facilitate secure payment; track customer behavior; monitor customer conversions, and so forth. We develop iBeacon’s for a number of rich use cases in any industry which includes enterprise deployments, hospitals, transportation, logistics, airports, festivals, malls and shopping centers, venues, and more. Hospitality. Zend Framework and Module Development Services, London, UK. Zend Developmentadmin2013-02-27T13:05:33+00:00 At Orange Mantra, the best practices involved in web application development are followed and is true to type.

Zend Framework and Module Development Services, London, UK

We develop robust web applications with Zend Framework which carries the tag line “Use at will” with it and boasts of high security that is, free from hacking. We acknowledge client’s time frame and business demands and act brisk in delivering the projects with all efficacy. One of the main objective in utilising this Framework is its easy maintenance and predictable issues, making our clients’ work significantly easier. It is the best choice for you owing to its essential features. Flexible Architecture with extensibility as per the needsObject oriented PHP 5 libraryRapid development & low maintenance costHighly scalableExtensive support for AjaxVariety of reusable componentsHigh performanceApt for enterprises with proven history of successSecure with all essential crytographic and coding tools.

Website development company UK. Magento development UK. Magento Development Servicesadmin2011-08-24T10:40:02+00:00 An appealing and functional E-commerce website is utmost essential for launching an online business.

Magento development UK

And, Magento forms the successful open source e-commerce platform catering to all types of businesses alike with its modular architecture. We, Orange Mantra are into the Magento development world since quite a while, serving the worldwide customers. Magento Website Design London. Wordpress Developer London. Website Development Company UK. Wordpress web development London. Top 5 Usability Features That Will Help Your Site Gain Visibility.

The experience of the global market has gone highly mobile, huge and social.

Top 5 Usability Features That Will Help Your Site Gain Visibility

With this ever changing era of new technologies and visual surprises it is important to be in constant visibility of the consumers. As business grows with developments so does the expectations of the consumers. Social Engine support has further helped in increasing the scalability and usability of websites and blogs. Here are some of the best ways to update your ecommerce website for enhancing its visibility: Use WordPress to create an unique site - WordPress is a unique platform with which a website or a blog heightens its standards keeping in sync with the technological advancements in the web world.

Make Your Product Visually Strong and Serene - Even it sounds too straightforward, it is a well known fact that we see only what attracts. Website Optimization, a must for Search Engines - Using certain techniques web developers successfully bring traffic and visitors to websites.