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As a web application development company we have built quality web applications and consistently gain new insights into what makes a perfect web application. Web:

Tips To Stronghold The Security Of Your Magento E-Commerce Store. The success of an e-commerce enterprise does not solely depend upon having a high-performance online store.

Tips To Stronghold The Security Of Your Magento E-Commerce Store

It extends to providing a secure shopping experience too as online shopping requires the buyers to divulge their confidential financial details. Merchants usually have to deal with online threats like spamming, phishing, and theft of user data. The solution lies in finding a secure and reliable platform and taking steps to reinforce the security. A Keynote on Magento Payment Process Involving Secure Transaction.

Magento, being the best and highly customizable e-commerce platform is used to create storefronts online.

A Keynote on Magento Payment Process Involving Secure Transaction

It attracts both the independent and enterprise customers alike as it supports for most of the Payment Gateway Integration. The payment gateway is nothing but a software program which could be integrated into the merchants’ website so as to transmit the transaction data to the credit card, net banking, cash card, mobile payment, and so forth for authorization followed by settlement. Whenever an online payment is made either through the debit or credit card, the data passes through the payment gateway.

And, we find three types of transactions that process the payment data. They are as follows: If we look into the payment process, it requires a merchant account, an account of the service provider, a buy/join button in order to initiate the transaction. Magento Features That Make It Ideal For B2B E-Commerce. Over the years, Magento has emerged as a reliable platform for the B2C business model.

Magento Features That Make It Ideal For B2B E-Commerce

Now that B2B e-commerce market is seeing a phenomenal growth, it is important to know whether the platform works for this business model too. Initially designed for B2C, Magento has proliferated into the B2B space too. The reason is that it offers solutions for the specific requirements and challenges of this business model. Today, sellers in this domain are focused on delivering an impeccable shopping experience as they have to stand out in the competition. Magento, with its powerful features and functionalities, empowers them to offer a perfect checkout process to their B2B customers. Group Pricing The pricing model in this segment is quite different from its B2C counterpart. Order Management Another benefit of the platform for this particular business model is its robust order management process. Magento Developers Australia.

Magento Development Services Magento is the largest e-commerce retailing platform on the web.

Magento Developers Australia

Orange Mantra is a Magento development company employing experienced designers in the process. We at Orange Mantra specialize in advanced Magento customization, Magento SEO, Magento designing, Magento web maintenance plug-ins & Extension development, Form integration, Store customization and other important Magento requirements. Our experienced, skilled and highly certified team of Magento developers in Australia renders truly attention grabbing and innovative Magento Ecommerce portals. Magento ecommerce has plenty of features that offer with flexibility, enhanced functionality and security to your niche site. Choosing The Best CMS Platforms For Business Websites.

Building a business website is the most important aspect of taking an enterprise on the online route.

Choosing The Best CMS Platforms For Business Websites

Since a business website is content based, a Content Management System (CMS) serves as the best platform to create it. A CMS serves diverse purposes, from enabling quick development of business sites to storing content, handling databases, and offering easy-to-use admin interfaces to the less-technical users. These platforms come with a range of features that facilitate positioning of dynamic content and regular updates of text and images in a hassle-free manner. Orange Mantra: Web Design and Development Company Australia: How and Where to Hire Magento Developers for Your Project? It is a fact that most of the business persons today unanimously opt for Magento e-commerce platform to create their web store.

Orange Mantra: Web Design and Development Company Australia: How and Where to Hire Magento Developers for Your Project?

However, while considering for hiring of an expert Magento developer in Adelaide or Perth as per one’s business establishment, there are several things to be considered. Let us have a general outlook about hiring the developers. The following are the points to be considered while doing so. The developer may be available for a certain period of time to fix any important issue and may not be able to dedicate his whole time for the client.

Depending on the project needs like a new project or the ongoing one, it is necessary to look for a long term commitment or for a small ongoing project. Magento Developer Melbourne, E-commerce Web Design Agency Melbourne. Magento Developer Melbourneadmin2014-09-09T10:07:49+00:00 Magento is a highly innovative e-commerce store designing software solution.

Magento Developer Melbourne, E-commerce Web Design Agency Melbourne

We at Orange Mantra, offer our expertise in designing e-commerce stores using Magento development services for our clients across the globe. Our visibility of Magento development service on the map has extended to Melbourne, Australia and is continually helping Melbourne businesses sell their wares online in a way that is profitable and sustainable at the same time. Make your business truly global with our team of seasoned Magento developers in Melbourne who aid in development of e-commerce stores in multiple languages and are capable of integrating transactional gateways in multiple currencies. Website Design and Development Company London, UK. Online Marketing Consultant - SEM Australia - SEO Services Australia. Magento Developers Australia. Wordpress Web Developer Australia. As an online business owner you should have a functional, result-oriented and attractive web portal for your product, small company or for a small business.

Wordpress Web Developer Australia

If you run an online business, you need to have a site that can promote your products and services. This is the main reason behind the growing popularity of WordPress development. Orange Mantra, a leading WordPress development company in Australia offers wordpress development at very affordable rates. WordPress Features: Manage your site anytime from anywhere throughout the globeEasy to update and easy to use your portal regularlySearch engines prefer showing wordpress web portalsYou can customise it as per your preferencesHighly affordable CMSMultiple users, and each one with distinct level of accessNo need to consider editing any code and using FTPA massive library of mesmerizing plug-insYou can easily manage and control you personal portal even without taking help from a developer Have you selected wordpress for the CMS use?