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Webinars on Makerspaces

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ACRL/Choice Webinars: Energize STEM Learning with Makerspaces. Makerspaces Webinar September 23. MakerSpaces: Letting Genius Shine! (Webinar) - SimpleK12. I Made It: Creating Makerspaces on a Budget (Webinar) - SimpleK12. WEBINAR: Making the Most out of MakerSpaces. Transform Your Library with Making: An ISTElib Webinar. Designing and creating makerspaces [webinar]

How do you equip your students for success?

Designing and creating makerspaces [webinar]

The World Economic Forum recently projected that by 2020, complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity will be the top 3 skills required in the workforce. Increasingly, teachers are turning to makerspaces as one critical way to develop these abilities in students and prepare them for the future. Makerspaces are more than just a room in a school – they’re the reflection of a culture shift. By combining them with design thinking, they can transform the way we think about student-led learning. This edWeb webinar offers everything you need to start creating makerspaces and bring design thinking to your students. What stages make up the design thinking processHow each stage has applications in all grades and subject areasExamples of makerspaces that are transforming how students learn Check it out, and if you have questions, make sure to add them in the comments below.

Join our collaboration community. Digital Media Labs & Makerspaces in Small & Rural Libraries. Youth Makerspaces Today. Makerspaces for Learning in Your Library. Makerspaces for Learning in Your Library with Lisa Nash, Librarian, CEO Parramatta [Note: As we are now in Daylight Saving Time in Australia, please check the time of the webinar for your time zone.

Makerspaces for Learning in Your Library

Learning in a digital age requires a different set of skills for students today. Within this evolving digital ecosystem, many libraries are investigating the use of makerspaces to engage learners and effectively provide them with critical skills for the digital age. The essence of a makerspace is that it helps ignite curiosity and exploration in students about things that interest them. Webinar: Makerspaces: the library's legal answers. Library makerspaces are truly transformative environments that advance learning and innovation in communities.

webinar: Makerspaces: the library's legal answers

This space is a great new way where people can gather to create, invent, and learn, but you will need to be aware of and understand legal implications and concepts related to patent, trademark, and product liability. The Library’s Legal Answers team—Tomas Lipinski and Gretchen McCord—will guide you in a positive approach to library makerspaces, true to the library mission of intellectual freedom, access, and learning. Cutting through any alarmism about the possibility of such things as guns, sex toys, or illegal drugs being made using 3D printers, they will show you how to limit your liability with consistent practices and sensible policy statements, covering topics such as: - Key clauses for waivers and partnership agreements. - How to file a one-page form with the U.S. You will also learn and be able to: About the instructors: Tomas A. About the Moderator: Dr. Makerspaces – Free Webinar Series Starts 10/15.

ALA TechSource and Library BoingBoing are sponsoring a free series of four webinars, Makerspaces: A New Wave of Library Service.

Makerspaces – Free Webinar Series Starts 10/15

Each webinar will be an hour-long exploration of a makerspace (also known as a “fab lab,” for fabrication lab) implemented in a library, followed by a Q&A with a staff panel. Makerspaces are taking hold in the library world and they are spreading quickly, popping up in libraries of all types and sizes. Makerspaces give people a place to pursue their own interests in building things, using tools (physical or virtual) and connecting with one another. Libraries have expanded on traditional library services to provide DIY/craft/make services, setting up spaces within their buildings and within their communities that allow people to do anything from building model airplanes to 3-D printing to self-publishing novels. Each session is a visit to another Makerspace in another library, register now and see them all! •Monday, Oct. 15, 1 p.m Central: Westport (Conn.) Kick Off the School Year with Design Thinking and Makerspaces. Presented by Beth Holland, EdTech Teacher and contributor to Education Week, and Douglas Kiang, Curriculum Resource Teacher, Punahou School Sponsored by NurevaWATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING If you view the recording and would like a CE certificate, join the Fostering Student Collaboration community and go to the Webinar Archives folder to take the CE quiz.

Kick Off the School Year with Design Thinking and Makerspaces

Design Thinking encourages students to engage in empathy, define problems, prototype, iterate, and solve real-world problems. Makerspaces help students foster critical thinking, open-ended creativity and iterative design. In this webinar, Beth and Douglas presented the design thinking process. They showed examples of different kinds of makerspaces, from simple to complex, and discuss how teachers can incorporate design thinking into their learning environments. Making Your Space: Creators and Makers in the Library. Webinar: Makerspaces In Academic Libraries » MakerBridge. Sorry, everyone, for the missed post last week!

Webinar: Makerspaces In Academic Libraries » MakerBridge

Thankfully, I am finally over being sick, and this week I want to share with you a webinar I recently presented on the top of makerspaces in libraries, with a special focus on academic libraries. Makerspaces are finding their way into more and more libraries lately, but the majority of these tend to be located in public libraries, and these ones often get the most attention. YouthPower Learning Webinar: Makerspaces - A Tool for Youth Engagement YouthPower Learning Webinar: Makerspaces - A Tool for Youth Engagement.

Libraries As Makerspaces. Date/Time Date(s) - 02/11/20142:00 pm - 4:00 pm Category(ies) Format Online As libraries find ways to engage community and retool themselves as learning spaces for content creation, many are adopting the concept of makerspaces.

Libraries As Makerspaces

Makerspaces: The Now Revolution in School Libraries. Our student’s needs, interests, talents, and attentions continually evolve.

Makerspaces: The Now Revolution in School Libraries

School librarians are progressive and proactive, and adapt to create new ways to connect to patrons and re-envision the facility to better facilitate changes in those patrons. Considering the new wave of participatory learners and the change in schools to more student-led learning, the impact on engaging patrons in school libraries is tremendous, making the library a destination.

One hot topic hitting public and school libraries is makerspaces where students (and sometimes staff and parents) create, problem solve, and develop thinking. Florida Library Webinars.