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OptraScan is an affordable digital pathology scanner & solution Provider. We are focused on providing affordable and unique digital pathology scanning systems such as brightfield, AI, frozen sections, fluorescence as well as confocal applications. Visit-

Histopathology Slide Scanner-OptraSCAN. Digital Pathology Scanner-OptraSCAN. Digital Scan Solutions- OptraSCAN Inc. Digital Scan Solutions- OptraSCAN Inc OptraSCAN® eliminates the barriers to adopting digital pathology no matter the size of the pathology lab, the lab's throughput or location.

Digital Scan Solutions- OptraSCAN Inc

Our affordable and easy to implement digital scan solutions will maximize your return on investment. We will be a partner to help improve the performance of your pathology services. It is a perfect tool for transitioning from conventional microscopy to digital pathology for effective acquisition of whole slide images, viewing, storing, archiving, real time-sharing, and reporting via various pricing models. Our low and high throughput scanners are lightweight.

They easily fit into small workspaces. Digital Pathology Scanner- Our Latest Digital Pathology Blogs – OptraSCAN. Beginning of dialog window.

Digital Pathology Scanner- Our Latest Digital Pathology Blogs – OptraSCAN

Escape will cancel and close the window. End of dialog window. Over the past few years, deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare AI has become a hot topic owing to development of advanced computer-assisted analytical tools. Pathologists too have embraced this revolution with the recent FDA approval of whole slide scanners.

The promise of digital pathology is not merely transfer of analog data from glass slide to a monitor but augment the human eye with information/data to perform intelligent interpretations. ​ AI/deep learning systems offer further advantages by integrating the workflow into the operational environment that is hardware agnostic, thereby making it a good fit. ​ Image analysis algorithms are already being used for automated or semi-automated immunohistochemistry (IHC) quantification, thereby facilitating standardization, speed of analysis and objective reporting to complement the role of the pathologist. Telepathology Network-OptraSCAN. Technological innovations continually nurture the process of globalization and the way we deliver healthcare.

Telepathology Network-OptraSCAN

Telepathology is one such change of delivering remote pathology services and a value-added clinical benefit for better patient care. With its direct effect on healthcare industry, this new paradigm of international telepathology will facilitate cross border collaborations and access to pathology services around the world. Apart from its benefit to the underserved and rural areas in recent years, international teleconsultation has grown and provided a novel source of revenue to pathologists and vendors. A plethora of such telepathology platforms have been undertaken to serve a multitude of users across the world.

One of the earliest was been developed by University of Basel with their global network enabling examination of over 15,000 telepathology cases where static images was the mainstay of image exchange. Pathology Management System-OptraSCAN. Our Latest Digital Pathology Blogs – OptraSCAN. Penetration of digital pathology in North America and Europe in research centers, laboratories, and universities is on rise in the recent years.

Our Latest Digital Pathology Blogs – OptraSCAN

Digital pathology is predicted to follow the successful path of radiology in near future in terms of acceptance. It has been possible due to obvious advantages over conventional microscopy. The possibility to scan and store the entire tissue slide in digital formats has opened many avenues. The sharing of digital image between pathologists for second opinion or consultation has become easier, faster, and safer. Improvement in communication bandwidth and storage facilities has made Telepathology possible for peer reviews. Challenges in digital pathology adoption: However, with so many advantages, there is still some reluctancy in adopting digital pathology in both developed as well as emergent nations and there are several factors accounting for the same.

Pathology Image Analysis Software- OptraSCAN Inc. OptraSCAN offers various digital pathology applications For: Emerging Markets & Remote Consults Surgical Telepathology - Frozen Sections BioPharma Research Molecular Diagnostics OptraScan offers Digital Pathology Solution Provider, focused on providing affordable and unique digital pathology scanning systems.

Pathology Image Analysis Software- OptraSCAN Inc

We provide solutions for brightfield, frozen sections, fluoresecence as well as confocal applications. Offering Automated algorithms, which are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning for cancer biomarkers. This Scanners gives automated image analysis solutions, along with scanning. Digital Pathology Scanner-OptraSCAN. Immune-oncology Biomarker Analysis solution for Programmed Death Ligand 1 expression on tumor and immune cells - Our Latest Digital Pathology Scanner – OptraSCAN. Beginning of dialog window.

Immune-oncology Biomarker Analysis solution for Programmed Death Ligand 1 expression on tumor and immune cells - Our Latest Digital Pathology Scanner – OptraSCAN

Escape will cancel and close the window. End of dialog window. The field of immune-oncology is exploding dramatically. Immunotherapy agents overcome tumor evasion through targeted immune checkpoint inhibitors and scientifically driven combination therapies including multiple immune-stimulating and chemotherapeutic agents. However, not all patients are benefited from immunotherapy and precision medicine requires tremendous understanding of the tumor microenvironment.

Digital Pathology Software- OptraSCAN Inc. Our Latest Digital Pathology Blogs – OptraSCAN. ​Many healthcare organizations across the globe today are shifting towards digitizing the age-old practice of scanning and viewing glass slides through microscopes.

Our Latest Digital Pathology Blogs – OptraSCAN

They have realized the potential of digital pathology and digitization of slides that has a direct impact in productivity and efficiency gain. There's no doubt that digital pathology is bringing a paradigm shift in the way we look at pathology. It is widely regarded for providing accurate cancer diagnosis and bringing the pathology community closer. ​ However, many organizations are compelled to rely on the conventional microscopy. This could be due to various economic and social factors, ranging from financial constraints to limited internal resources to deploying and managing the system itself! ​ Although the above-mentioned reasons are inevitable, they should not deter an organization or the pathologists from adopting digital pathology. Artificial Intelligence Digital Pathology Scanner. ​It is universally known that Digital Pathology (DP) is the process by which glass slides are digitized to produce high-resolution images.

Artificial Intelligence Digital Pathology Scanner

However, the promise of digital pathology and the paradigm shift from microscopy to digitization is not merely transfer of an image from glass slide to a monitor; or to share, modify or analyze the image but rather the potential to transform the digital image by augmenting the human eye with information/data to perform intelligent interpretations (algorithmic approaches) that cannot be gleaned by the pathologist's eye. These digitized slides afford the possibility of applying image analysis techniques to DP for applications in detection, segmentation, and classification. OS-Ultra High-Speed Whole Slide Scanners. Copy embed code: Added: This Presentation is Public Favorites: Presentation Description.

OS-Ultra High-Speed Whole Slide Scanners

Affordable Imaging Solutions- OptraSCAN. OptraSCAN Digital Pathology Solutions. Histopathology Slide Scanner- OptraSCAN. Histopathology Slide Scanner- OptraSCAN This histopathology slide scanner are cloud-enabled &provides ultimate flexibility for storing, archiving and managing digital images and metadata.

Histopathology Slide Scanner- OptraSCAN

These small footprint are low throughput scanners. They are lightweight and easily fits into small workspaces. Whole slide scanning is convenient with high resolution imaging. The cloud-enabled solutions such as the Image Management System is apt for viewing, storing and archiving & telepathology software which is used for real-time, remote consultations are included with OS-15 scanners. Features: Telepathology in Developing Countries– OptraSCAN. ​Digital Pathology has offered tremendous opportunities to pathologists, be it in the laboratories, universities, or even research centers. It has unlocked new possibilities not only for day-to-day reporting but also for a remote or expert consultation indeveloping economiesor developed economies. Integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are assisting pathologists to make an informed decision. Telepathology: A Connection of Hope ​The current circumstances owing to coronavirus outbreak; has triggered a need for remote work on a grand scale.

Pathology Image Analysis Software - OptraSCAN. Whole Slide Scanners By OptraSCAN. Digital Pathology Software Image Management – OptraSCAN. Solutions Designed To Streamline Laboratory Workflows, Drive Accuracy And Collaboration Digital Pathology Software & Image Management Solution IMAGEPath® View And Archive With IMAGEPath® Image Management Manage images in a HIPAA compliant cloud or on your local serverArchive your digital images, metadata and access remotely anytime anywherePan, zoom and annotate images with report generation capabilityProvide user authentication and role-enabled access Download the IMAGEPath brochure OptraASSAYS® ANALYZE with OptraASSAYS® Image Analysis Access pay-as-you use image analysisBiomarker quantification using nuclear, membrane and cytoplasmic stainsTurnkey analysis of ER, PR, Her2neu, Ki67, PD-L1, FISHIHC Multiplexing assaysAdditional algorithms available with user configuration Download the OptraASSAYS® brochure TelePATH®

OptraSCAN ® Launches OS-Ultra World’s First High Speed Whole Slide Scanner-OptraSCAN Inc. SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OptraSCAN®, the leading end-to-end digital pathology solution provider, launched OS-Ultra High Speed Whole Slide Scanner world’s first-ever affordable high-speed whole slide scanner for digital pathology. OS-Ultra scans tissues/cells of size 15x15 mm area at 40x equivalent in less than 60 seconds.

Cytology Image Slide Scanner – OptraSCAN Inc. Multiplanar/Multilayer Scan: Conventional scan routines within a narrow focal range has limitations for Cytology smear slides, as cytology slides have three-dimensional cell groups. This complex multilayer distribution of cells requires multi-layer/multiplanar scanning - a critical component for morphologic analysis for cytopathologists. OptraSCAN’s volume scan routine provides a dual mode for scanning and viewing cytology smears; Z – stacking and extended depth focusing algorithm. Z-Stacking Technology:A stack of images is generated at different focal planes along the z- axis. The viewing software enables the user to navigate, zoom up and down the different planes to detect the three-dimensional regions in focus.Extended Depth Of Field:Volume scan using z-stacks is expensive in terms of scan time and size due to its multilayer nature.

Immuno - Oncology Biomarker Analysis– OptraSCAN. OptraSCAN ® Launches OS-Ultra Digital Pathology Scanner At Affordable Pricing. OS-Ultra High-Speed Whole Slide Scanner – OptraSCAN. Low Cost Digital Pathology Scanner - OptraSCAN. Fluorescence Digital Pathology Scanner- OptraSCAN. Artificial Intelligence Image Slide Scanner- OptraSCAN. Histology Slide Scanner– OptraSCAN. Digital Pathology Scanner- OptraSCAN.