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Optiweb Marketing is a leading website development and search engine marketing company in Montreal.

The Ultimate Local-SEO Hacks for Businesses. In the world of online marketing, local SEO is often hailed as the silver bullet for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Ultimate Local-SEO Hacks for Businesses

Unfortunately, one cannot say whether this is always true. Although local SEO requires considerably less capital investment compared to (probably) any other form of marketing, if it’s not done right, there’s a risk of failure. What can you do to ensure a flawless local SEO campaign? In this guide, we would like to give you some actionable tips for beginners, as well as advanced website owners and marketing experts, can use to optimize their local SEO.

But before we begin, let’s see if it’s actually worth spending time and money on it in the first place. Difference between Native & Hybrid Mobile App Development. Top 12 Must-Know WordPress Website Tips & Tricks 2021. More than 500 websites are built on WordPress every day.

Top 12 Must-Know WordPress Website Tips & Tricks 2021

On average, 17 new posts get published on WordPress every second. In a month, WordPress is searched on Google more than 37 million times. WordPress is a powerful CMS and many sites all over the world use this platform. So for those who are new to the growing WordPress network, welcome to the club! Launching a new website can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time, but if you are a quick learner, we will provide some tips and tricks on WordPress that will make your life easier.

Some of you have probably also been using WordPress for a while. Identifying and Improving Poorly Performing Content: A Guide to Optimization - Ethicalocean. Content, content, and more content!

Identifying and Improving Poorly Performing Content: A Guide to Optimization - Ethicalocean

That is what SEO is all about these days, right? In the last five years, content has consistently been one of the most popular topics in the domain of digital marketing. There are various tools out there that focus on content analysis and optimization, and overall, for the most part, it seems to dominate the SEO tips and tricks lists. WordPress Website Tips and Tricks. SEO Trends 2021: How To Improve Your Website This New Year. Google Page Experience Metrics will go live with the Core Web Vitals in May 2021.

SEO Trends 2021: How To Improve Your Website This New Year

What does this mean for business owners, webmasters in Canada and the United States? That a site’s user friendliness and satisfaction are crucial and will be introduced as major ranking factors. Squarespace vs. Shopify - Which you should use Shopify to create an e-commerce website. Content Marketing Montreal. 7 Effective Ways To Optimize Your e-Commerce Store For This Holiday Season - The Holiday season is almost here!

7 Effective Ways To Optimize Your e-Commerce Store For This Holiday Season -

And if you’re an online retailer, you already know that internet users across the globe will be shopping feverishly, especially during this pandemic ridden festive season. This year, it is expected that online sales will be through the roof, as people are much more likely to shop online as lock downs and social distancing measures continue to be in place. Needless to say, your online store has to be fully optimized for a seamless shopping experience for your customers. We have asked a few Shopify experts in Montreal about some of changes an online retailer can make to better their online store this December, and we have compiled a list of a few actionable tips for you to implement as soon as possible. So, without further ado, here are 8 ways you can increase the likelihood of more conversions on your website with easy-to-follow optimization techniques!

Keep the ordering process smooth and simple Collect customer reviews Guarantee delivery. Holiday Shopping Season SEO Tips. 5 Reasons Why Shopify is the Best e-Commerce CMS in the World. Shopify Web Development. Being a Canadian company, located approximately 2 hours from Ottawa, we’ll happily admit that Shopify is among our most preferred platforms for ecommerce websites.

Shopify Web Development

Before we give you our reasons, it’s important to discuss that Shopify ecommerce development isn’t as easy as some believe it to be. Without the right planning and execution by an experienced Shopify web developer, managing your ecommerce website will be difficult. Let us take the wheel and complete care of your ecommerce website and we will almost undoubtedly be able to show you quick and sky-high return on your investment! As one of the top Shopify web development companies in Montreal, and Canada, we have some of the industry’s leading Shopify developers and bring you the finest Shopify ecommerce services, in one place.

But before all of this, we’re often asked by our clients, “Why should I use Shopify for my ecommerce website?”. 10 Essential SEO Techniques to Boost Your Site Traffic & Ranking. Why a Responsive Website Design is Crucial for Your Website’s SEO. WordPress eCommerce Development Services. Result-Driven Digital Marketing Services in Canada - Optiweb Marketing. The age of digital transformation is here, and web marketing is leading the way!

Result-Driven Digital Marketing Services in Canada - Optiweb Marketing

Today, merely owning a website is not enough to attract new customers to your business. Digital marketing has the power to help your organization achieve new heights at a fraction of the cost of traditional means of advertising. However, with the ever-growing competition in the market, you will need help from digital marketing experts who have the right knowledge, skills and resources to assist you in achieving your goals. Since our inception, OptiWeb Marketing has worked with hundreds of clients and offered scalable, affordable and result-driven digital marketing solutions in a wide range of industries. Reinforce your digital presence with our online marketing services and fast track your journey to success with OptiWeb Marketing. OptiWeb Marketing offers a comprehensive range of internet marketing solutions. The following are the innovative, professional digital marketing services offered by us.

Right Keywords for your PPC Campaign. Paid Search Advertising Montreal. Local SEO Guide - What, Why & How. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Local SEO Guide - What, Why & How' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_1887392'></script><p> From <a href='

Local SEO Guide - What, Why & How

What are some advanced local SEO tips and strategies to follow in 2020? Wordpress Web Development Step By Step Guide. Is WordPress a good platform for developing a website? How to Boost Your E-Commerce Business During the Coronavirus. 4 Highly Effective & Powerful Ways To Generate Organic Traffic. In the world of online marketing, generating free, organic traffic is undoubtedly one of the most challenging tasks to achieve.

4 Highly Effective & Powerful Ways To Generate Organic Traffic

However, once the results start coming in, the effort can be extremely rewarding and a consistent flow of traffic. This reward comes in the form of not only free web visitors but also a steady flow of new web visitors to your website, and can happen for a long time, lasting years in many cases, if the optimization is done right.

But what are the most effective ways of generating non-paid website traffic? As one of the most affordable SEO agencies in Montreal, ensuring high organic traffic is one of our key areas of focus and expertise. Best Search Engine Optimization Agency in Montreal. Best Web Marketing Company in Montreal. Renowned Ecommerce Web Development Company in Montreal. Montreal Best Open Source Development Company. Best Website Design Company in Montreal. Web Design, Development & SEO Company.