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We provide end-to-end solutions with full-time, offshore employees. Our software developers, web & app developers, website designers, digital marketing experts and big data experts will serve any needs you have and all starting for only USD 990!

Hire Ruby Developers to Build a Secure Application. There comes a time for every company when it needs to make the selection of its technology just before starting the product.

Hire Ruby Developers to Build a Secure Application

For its many start-up potentials, hire ruby developers is preferred by start-ups globally. This is the reason why the Ruby on Rails designers have been in high demand since the time the technology has grown famous. As of 2019, the question we are met with is, whether this drift will prevail or disappear away. We write this article to analyze how appropriate it would be to hire ruby on rails developer in 2019 and beyond. According to technology experts, this technology is here to stay. 1. Ruby on Rails is grounded on Ruby which is a continually developing language. 2. Highlighted to be one of the topmost programming languages of GitHub even in 2018, it is extremely doubtful that Ruby is going to develop archaic anytime soon. 3.

The Ruby on Rails Framework has a great deal of active followers and contributors on GitHub. 4. 5. Why Hiring Software Developers from India is a Good Idea. Save 70% of cost by offshore software development in India India is a great market for anyone looking for software development outsourcing.

Why Hiring Software Developers from India is a Good Idea

The country is known for the technical capabilities of its software developers. In Western countries, the cost of software development is growing. Hire a Python Developer for your Machine Learning Project. Hire Python developers in India and save 70% cost Looking to hire Python developers, but unable to find required talent nearby?

Hire a Python Developer for your Machine Learning Project

Like any other developer who is experienced in a relatively rare technology, finding an exceptional Python developer can be elusive, and costly as well. Python is an open-source scripting language that uses whitespace to delimit code blocks. Python is a multi-paradigm language with extensive support for object-oriented and structured programming, and fractional support for efficient and aspect-oriented development. It helps in building scalable and strong applications with pace and convenience. Optimal Virtual Employee has the skilled team of overseas Python developers with an extensive experience, who are able to put together all your requirements and ideas and develop high-performance, scalable and versatile apps for diverse sectors, taking into account your business needs.

Hire Front End Developer ® Hire Front-end Developers in India to Save 70% Cost Due to the social, cultural and economic conditions, the quality and performance differences of Indian programmers are best in the outsourcing pyramid and much higher as compared to Western countries.

Hire Front End Developer ®

The base of this pyramid is much wider than its top. In India, 3 million people work in the software industry. Therefore, the number of absolute performers in absolute numbers is impressive. Even if only 10-20% of all Indian programmers are outstanding, that still exceeds the total of all American engineers. Globalization has enriched a wide range of opportunities for outsourcing India. Hire Indian programmers for front-end development, to work during the holidays. Why Hiring a Full-stack Developer Makes Sense. Hire Full Stack Developer in India and Save 70% Cost Understanding the job exactly is a necessity for any company’s most responsible players, and rarely a position is as beneficial and lucrative for a company than a full stack developer.

Why Hiring a Full-stack Developer Makes Sense

Full-stack generally refers to a job position with the ability to design both client software servers respectively, for which he/she has to know how to program a browser, program a server, and create a database from the ground up. There can be certainly many choices regarding the combination of tools and programs required, but for the three main tasks, as mentioned above, knowing at least one of these programming languages is essential. Any such developer would be quite hard to find, and they often tend to ask a higher paycheck for their invaluable assets as a software enforcer unlike any other. Hire Ruby Developers to Build a Secure Application. Hire a Joomla developer from India. Joomla is the second most popular CMS after WordPress and more than 4 million websites are currently powered by it, which is quite huge.

Hire a Joomla developer from India

It gives users the freedom to create a high-quality website for any need. It has many features ranging from page caching, composer integration, RSS feeds, social media tabs, enhanced security features, collapsible sidebars, blogs and more. It’s more sophisticated than WordPress and much simpler than Drupal. So, hiring an experienced Joomla developer in the US or in any other developed country is expensive. Hire OpenCart developer in India ™ Hire OpenCart developer in India and save 70% cost Hire OpenCart Developer & get Interactive, User-friendly Shopping Carts and save 70% cost.

Hire OpenCart developer in India ™

We Optimal Virtual Employee has a team of OpenCart experts who dedicatedly deals in OpenCart development. The process of setting up a web store can be intimidating as it has many pieces and all of these pieces should fit perfectly into a puzzle. There are many shopping cart platforms in the market and all of them claim to be endowed with various functional capabilities. Among all of these platforms, OpenCart is extremely popular because of its remarkable features. The Best Reason to Hire an OpenCart Developer. Hire a PHP developer to develop a complex website. Hire full-time PHP developer in India and save 70% cost Are you thinking to hire PHP developers?

Hire a PHP developer to develop a complex website

You are more probably stuck in a time warp. Opencart development company. Why You Should Hire A Mobile App Developer for Your Business. Hire Mobile App Developers Without Breaking The Bank Optimal Virtual Employee’s mobile app development team has more than 8 years of combined experience in both Android and iOS mobile application development.

Why You Should Hire A Mobile App Developer for Your Business

You can hire a mobile app developer as a plug-and-play resource to fit in with your existing team or hire an entire development team with a dedicated project manager. OVE’s app development experts offer end-to-end solutions, from conceptualization and wireframing to development & testing. Once we help you launch your app, we’re there to provide ongoing support and maintenance. We’ve followed this formula to deliver exceptional results for over 100 satisfied clients and we’re ready to do the same for you. Opencart development company. Why You Should Hire A Mobile App Developer for Your Business. How Does Digital Marketing Expert Help Your Business Grow? Hire Digital Marketing Experts in India and save 70% cost Have you built an excellent website with all the fancy features?

How Does Digital Marketing Expert Help Your Business Grow?

Without digital marketing, how would you create awareness about your existence to the online audiences? You have to shout about it using SEO and other digital marketing tools. For this purpose it makes sense to outsource to the best digital marketing company in India. Without hiring a digital marketing agency your website will not preform the best for your business. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and plan in reverse from that point, working out what you require in terms of traffic, conversions, and revenues, keeping in mind the end goals to meet your digital revenue goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Regardless of whether you’re searching for Search Engine Optimization as a feature of your new website, or in case you’re hoping to improve your website performance on search engines, we can help. Hire an App Developer from India And Save Money. Dot net development company. Hire a full time .NET developer in India and save 70% cost Hire .NET Developers from India and save 70% cost. We are known as a full-stack ASP.NET company and provide a flexible option where you can hire dot NET developers of your choice on an hourly or full-time basis.

Since Optimal Virtual Employee has the true potential of Microsoft’s .Net platform for web and software development. Our clients are pleased with our offshore .NET developers who’ve used .NET platform for software development as well as product development. Our developers have developed aesthetically stunning interfaces, smooth and secure communication programs, and modeled business operations in.NET.

At Optimal Virtual Employee, we split our.Net services into two main parts – .Net development and .Net integration and consulting. So once you hire .Net developers they make sure that applications support server compatibility and are scalable across platforms. Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Agency from India? Work with best SEO company in India and save 70% cost Search engines are the vehicles for advertising and resources for research, which makes them very crucial for digital marketing agencies.

All companies with a website or online business hire SEO consultants to make sure that they can use the potential of the search engines to reach their target audience. Getting the help of expert SEO services in India to boost your online visibility has many benefits. Why SEO is Important? Many people will probably pick the recommendations from the first one or two pages of search results. How Does Search Engine Marketing Help Your Business Grow? What do companies that offer Internet Marketing Services Do? What Is the Difference Between a Traditional Advertising Agency and A Digital Agency? Why You Should Hire A Perfect dot Net Developer.

What Should You Focus on While Hiring A Python Developer? Hire a Certified mobile app developer in India. What are the Roles of Full Stack Developers. Hire Joomla Developer in India. Hire PHP Programmer in India. Full Stack ASP.NET Development Company. Offshore software development company. Hire software developers in India and save 70% cost Optimal Virtual Employee is a leading offshore IT outsourcing and consulting software development company in India where you can hire software developers or you can hire Indian programmers on an hourly basis, full time or fixed cost at 70% less price with on-time project delivery commitment.

We incorporate a highly effective working module within our top edge custom software development service offerings which enable us to deliver an excellent solution to our global clients. Our offshore software developers understand the prerequisites of the corporate sector and work as indicated by standard business development parameters. Our experts provide an extensive scope of technology services and solutions that address the IT needs of different industries like retail, e-commerce, banking, education, e-learning, media, healthcare services, and real estate. We fulfill our clients’ requirements by offering the following services:

Hire Java Developer in India™ Hire Java Developer in India and Save 70% Cost If you are looking to hire Java developers then you have reached the right place. India is a good place to outsource Java programming, and Optimal Virtual Employee can offer you great Java developers with excellent command in the programming language. What more, you will be able to save 70% of your cost by hiring in with our company. What is Java, and why it is so popular? Java is a class-based, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that by design has very few implementation dependencies. Java programming is one of the most popular programming languages and platforms in the world and is used to develop mobile applications, web applications, web servers, application servers, and gaming consoles. –Java is mature, flexible and platform-independent –Its open standard-based development nature means it’s flexible for business components reuse. Hire Mobile App Developers. Hire WordPress Developers in India.

Hire full time WordPress developers in India and save 70% cost WordPress is so popular that nearly 23.3% of websites of the world are using it. Used by more than 10 million websites, this CMS with plug-in structures and template system offers an edge to content management. Whether you want a large shopping portal or just a small blog, WordPress is the primary choice for you. Optimal Virtual Employee provides professional WordPress web developers, who are savvy with the most recent versions of WordPress, and equipped for building a dynamic website with custom features.

Our WordPress programmers are empowered to complete complex projects flawlessly. The majority of our WordPress developers and programmers are engaged in accomplishing excellence while handling each and every assignment within the stipulated timeframe. Hire Front End Developer ® Hire Dedicated Magento Developer. Hire OpenCart developer in India ™ Hire Ruby on Rails Developer. Hire Joomla Developer in India. Hire OpenCart developer in India ™ Hire PHP Programmer in India. Full Stack ASP.NET Development Company.

Java Developer

Software developer. Mobile app developer. Services I Software Developers I Web & App Developers I Website Designers. Optimal Virtual Employee. Hire full time Data Scientists in India and save 70% cost Today, companies are acquiring more data than earlier. For all kinds of organizations, raw data has become very important. However many disregards the open doors this mass storage of data provides by lacking the best data analytical skills required to interpret it into noteworthy bits of knowledge. That is where offshore data scientists come in. Optimal Virtual Employee’s highly experienced full-time data scientists help you evaluate, arrange, envision and interpret diverse and large collections of data.

Our skilled and experienced overseas data scientists and data analysts take care of the storage, transaction, research, and upkeep of unstructured heaps of data in a well-planned and controlled manner to help utilize most of it further for real-time research, visualization, and foresight. Our solutions focus on 4 primary dimensions of Big Data: Velocity This recognizes the convergence and investigation of streaming data. Hire Virtual Assistants from India. Hire Digital Marketing Expert in India. Hire Web Designers in India. Hire Mobile App Developers. Hire Python Developers in India. Optimal Virtual Employee. Hire Ruby on Rails Developer. Hire Android App Developers. Hire an Android developer in India and save 70% cost Android apps have changed the smartphone space forever and that’s why it’s the focus of every firm nowadays.

From games to enterprise apps, Android rules the roost. Hire iOS Developers in India. Hire Node Js Developer in India. Full Stack ASP.NET Development Company. Hire PHP Programmer in India. Hire WordPress Developers in India. Hire Web Developers in India. Offshore Software Development in India. Hire software developers from Optimal Virtual Employee without going broke Optimal Virtual Employee’s custom software developers have over 95 years of combined experience creating secure, high-performance applications for the business, graphics, multimedia, communications and education categories.

Hire Mobile App Developers. Offshore Software Development in India. Tips to Hire the Best Virtual Employees. The Complete Blueprint on How to Manage Virtual Agency.

What makes Ruby on Rails perfect for developing the MVP for your business?

Popular SaaS Solutions Built with Ruby on Rails Framework. How to manage the balance between your workload and virtual assistance exhaustion. How to Hire a Virtual Assistant: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Outsourcing & Hiring Virtual Staff. What is the cost To Develop and Maintain Flutter Mobile App Development. Flutter, Google's open source UI framework for building both Android and iOS apps. 5 Power Tools for your Virtual Assistant Management Toolbox. Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market 2019 Emerging Trends. ASP .NET More than Indispensable for Enterprise Web Applications. Azure and .NET Core Are Beautiful Together.

Mobile apps to have the most impact on business success by 2020

Global Mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Size is set to exceed USD 22.4 billion globally by 2024 – ZMR Market Journal. Virtual assistants can help small businesses big time. Find out the real cost of developing a mobile app for your business. Find out the real cost of developing a mobile app for your business. How WordPress is the best CMS for your business website? Apple has announced soon iOS App Developer Will Give Discount Subscriptions For Existing And Current Customers. Exciting things like 5G and foldable phones are coming this year! Role of blockchain in mobile app development. Learn how to create native mobile apps without writing any native code. February 2019 preview of .Net framework. Understanding The Architecture of Dot.Net Framework. Wonder to know about Microsoft's Azure Cost Management. Virtual Assistant challenge, growth, opportunities from 2019 to 2025. 10 things need to avoid by entrepreneurs to become successful.

How to choose rght mobile app developers. Blockchain Technology provides additional benefits to mobile app developer, Wonder how? Interested to know what exciting things are going to happen in mobile app development? Read now!