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Vine. On Instagram: “Atari 2600 Joystick read into MaxMsp via Arduino. #atari #maxmsp #maxmspjitter #arduino #controllerism #max4live #maxforlive #ableton #abletonlive #retro #retrogaming” Max/MSP for average music junkies — Hopes&Fears — flow "Music" Its interface is minimal yet utilitarian, with a protocol for scheduling control and audio sample computations, an approach to modularization and component intercommunication, and a graphical representation and editor for patches.

Max/MSP for average music junkies — Hopes&Fears — flow "Music"

Max is an octopus. It can connect anything to anything else. It scrambles and deforms and filters a complex landscape of sound sources, and yet can be used in an intuitive way. Its simple form denies its most innovative qualities, as it’s creator Miller Puckette once noted, “Most of what is essentially Max lies beneath the surface.” Talking to Puckette in San Diego where he teaches at UCSD, he explained how Max was developed in 1988, at IRCAM, because he had a concert scheduled. “It was being paid by IRCAM, which was the 'Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique,' which is this research institution in Paris that was run by Pierre Boulez... Watch lysdexic_'s Vine "#ninbento ui dev #maxMSP #ableton #abletonlive #max4live #maxforlive #controllerism #producer #nintendo #nes #korg" C74: Data Collection: Building Databases Using...

c74maxmspsqlitejavascriptC74: Data Collection: Building Databases Using SQLite » Those of you who are paying close attention already know that Max 5 includes a database that manages all the files in the search path and makes handy things like the File Browser possible.

C74: Data Collection: Building Databases Using...

To enable this functionality, we wrote an SQLite object to do all the important work under the hood. However, the SQLite object in Max isn’t really something that you can type into an object box, and it doesn’t come with any help files or documentation. In this article, we’ll look at ways to interface with this mysterious “no box” object using JavaScript, so that you can build, query, and edit your own databases in Max. Arduivis by cskonopka. About Arduivis is a compilation of models that provide a simpler way of connecting a visual programming (MaxMSP/Pure Data) language with an Arduino microcontroller without third-party externals or libraries.

arduivis by cskonopka

Where to start? Check out the MaxMSP and Pure Data models in the menu to see which fits your project. Each language will provide an Arduino sketch and a patch. Further information about the implementation can be found in the menu under Arduino examples. Requirements Microcontroller Arduino Tested/Work: UNO, Leonardo, Mega 2560, Micro, Adafruit Trinket 5v, Adafruit Trinket Pro 5v Download the Arduino IDE Visual Programming Language MaxMSP and/or PD-Extended Download the arduivis repository arduivis Contribution Christopher Konopka (@cskonopka) Contact Website:

CsKonopka : Getting ready. New ... Using Max/MSP To Build a Fictional Language Dialogue System. Guest post by Naila Burney.

Using Max/MSP To Build a Fictional Language Dialogue System

A major challenge in video games is to record and manage thousands of dialogue lines. In Mass Effect 3, for example, forty thousand lines were recorded, and in Saints Row: The Third, eighty thousand lines were needed. Having to deal with so much dialogue can be extremely time consuming and expensive. For this reason, I decided to build a prototype of a fictional language dialogue system as a possible solution that would simplify processes and reduce costs. I chose Max/Msp because as a non-programmer, I needed a tool that would allow me to experiment and develop my own rules and behaviors.

Invented languages have been widely used for fictional characters of stories, movies, and video games[1]. Design Concept The FLDS creates phrases based on how languages work, by concatenating and recombining sampled sounds (phonemes and morphemes) to build words. Creating an impression of a real language The next key component of the system is a morpheme (or main sound). 5. Steppers controlled by #BioBeat & servos controlled by #BioWave & #BioFlex. #iCubeX #MaxMSP #MachineDrawings #Shadows. Watch Music Therapy Symposium. Color Scheme Designer 3.

Tele-Present Water by David Bowen visualizes intensity and movement of the water in a remote location #maxmsp #arduino. Created by David Bowen, Tele-Present Water installation draws information from the intensity and movement of the water in a remote location.

Tele-Present Water by David Bowen visualizes intensity and movement of the water in a remote location #maxmsp #arduino

Wave data is collected in real-time from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data buoy station 46075 Shumagin Islands Alaska. The wave intensity and frequency is scaled and transferred to the mechanical grid structure resulting in a simulation of the physical effects caused by the movement of water from this distant location. The installation uses MAX/MSP to drive an Arduino mega running servo firmata. It uses 11 x 24volt dc motors with drivers for the movement. In May this year Tele-Present Water received one of three ex aequo awards in Alternative Now: The 14th Media Art Biennale WRO 2011, Wroclaw, Poland.

//thanks for the tip Joost. Downloads for Max/MSP/Jitter including the MMJ Depot. Max/MSP diary part 4: music and maths. Last week, it was tutorial time for me as I finally started using Max/MSP in practice.

Max/MSP diary part 4: music and maths

Wading through the tutorials was heavy (but essential) work, but on reaching tutorial 11 I realised I needed to consolidate what I'd already learnt before heading into increasingly murky Max territory. I realised this because tutorial 11 is ridiculous – I can't even begin to understand it. So: I thought I'd better go back over the first few Max tutorials, make sure I understand everything, perhaps make a few basic patches of my own, then attack number 11 again. Makes sense, doesn't it? Yes, of course it does. It may have been wiser to stick to my original plan and ensure that what I'd picked up already had really sunk in, but perhaps trial and error in an unexplored area of the program would be a good, 'organic' way of learning. Any excuse. Sound at last "Sound in Max/MSP is based around the manipulation of numbers.

But really, creating basic patches with MSP isn't too troublesome. Learning Max/MSP. Cycling.