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The Next Level of Personalized Shopping. The following is a post written by Erik Severinghaus, Founder & CEO over at KoalaDeal. KoalaDeal integrated with Rapleaf and has been using our data to build analysis and correlations associated with online shopping habits. Check out what they have been up to: A few weeks ago, Rapleaf was kind enough to invite KoalaDeal to blog about some of the trends we were beginning to see with personalizing online shopping. Since then, we decided to go deeper with Rapleaf’s data, analyzing the thousands of customers in the KoalaDeal platform to start to see what conclusions we could draw. The first thing we wanted to look at was categorization breakdown for different genders. Then we took breakdowns of three different income brackets to see what would come out of it. We kept going and found some very interesting incidental correlations as well.

Needless to say – a huge win for KoalaDeal and an awesome example of the power of personalization in action. Thanks to Erik for his insight! KoalaDeal. Slideshare. AdWords : Générateur de mots clés. Free demographics classifications, lifestyles and social grades listings, acorn 2003 profiles, uk population percentages. Home » glossaries/terminology » demographics classifications free social grade definitions and demographics classifications and geodemographic classes Here are some free listings of commonly used demographics, lifestyle and geodemographical classifications. The word 'geodemographics' combines the analysis of demographic lifestyle and geography. The term demographics is from the Greek words demos, the people, and graphos, meaning written, in the sense of representation, analysis and diagrams. Social class definitions and geodemographics are mainly used by marketing professionals, statistical researchers and social and lifestyle commentators, but the study and theory of demographics, and the systems within it, are very helpful for anyone who has an interest in people and behaviour (US, behavior), social science, lifestyle, relationships, management and business generally.

Terms like 'ABC1' - as a definition of consumer types - are often used to describe a profile of users or target customers. Real-time Social Targeting - sociomantic. In Search of Certainty. The title to this post is the same as one of my short columns in the September Premium Newsletter, which went out yesterday. It was the search issue.

Since there have been updates in the last several hours, I wanted to follow up with a couple of thoughts on new developments. A testament to how rapidly technology changes - or at least information about what we think we know. Google+ search Do you have it yet? You will know if you do by looking at what is written on the search bar up top. You will see them labeled "best of" instead of "most recent". This puts more information at your disposal. Also, if you have not heard. Social data targeting There is another company that is quietly doing some work with social data. Here's how OneRiot describes its social targeting engine for mobile ads, through a Twitter ID (slight editing): Pattern recognition Search and social data targeting both take advantage of automated pattern recognition.

My guess is very fast. In search of certainty Results follow. S Social Targeting Engine – for mobile ads and…? A few weeks ago, a small team from @WalmartLabs visited the offices of OneRiot in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. OneRiot has developed some pretty nifty technology that analyzes social media signals from popular networks like Twitter and Facebook to deliver ads that are relevant to consumers’ interests. As our teams debated the finer points of Big Data, Fast Data, and machine learning technologies, it became clear to us that we could find no better colleagues than the guys at OneRiot. As a part of Walmart, we're continuing to work with the intensity of a technology startup. Today I’m pumped to share the news that, within 30 days of that first meeting, we have closed a transaction to acquire the key assets of OneRiot. As I have written before, here at @WalmartLabs we’re doing some amazingly interesting and impactful work at the intersection of social, mobile, and retail.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Tobias Peggs and the OneRiot team to @WalmartLabs!

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Personalization Blog | What's New in Personalization. The Social Graph Project. Extend your connections with social targeting. The rise of the social web has been one of the biggest paradigm shifts in the digital marketing industry. It has affected everything from the way we see the world to how we market to consumers both online and off. Human beings are, by construct, social creatures, so it was inevitable that our highest achievement in communication technology, the internet, would eventually reflect this side of our behavior.

Targeting has also been part of our industry's DNA. Whether it's associate, behavioral, contextual, demographic, etc., the essence of marketing has always been to get the right message to the right person at the right time. So the inevitable marriage of the social web and targeting has resulted in what's become known as social targeting. The thought process here is not hard to follow -- if you buy U2 tickets, there's a high chance that your friends might want to buy them too -- at least a better chance than anyone else off the street. 360i POV on Social Graph Ad Targeting. Frequently Asked Questions « sociomantic labs | Real-time bidding solutions for eCommerce. Though real-time bidding is getting lots of press these days, it’s still far from being a household phrase, even for some experienced online marketers. That’s why we wanted to address some of the RTB queries (pun intended) that we get when speaking to advertisers who are just learning about real-time display.

We’d be honored if you’d have a look and let us know if there’s anything missing: What is real-time bidding (RTB)? Real-time bidding is a methodology for buying online media which allows advertisers to bid for individual ad impressions (one user, one ad space, one time) in “real-time” auctions. By partnering with a RTB platform like sociomantic (called a “demand-side platform“), advertisers can analyze real-time data in order to determine the value of each ad impression, and thereby the price they want to bid for each ad. You can read more about the ins and outs of real-time bidding here on our blog, or check out this great introduction in Forbes India. Why sociomantic? Are you hiring?