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Data Marketing. Because we work like a "lab", we know how to think outside of the box, regarding what is possible to do with the data you own.

Data Marketing

We are also a startup, developing our own products, so we know the challenges of making raw data actionable. One of the major benefits of massive datasets is that we have a full view of the distribution of phenomena, and our analysis is not skewed because we can capture long-tailed observations. We enable decision makers to assess the hidden value in their data by going "beyond averages".

Comment le web de données change t-il la nature du business. How the web of data changes the way we do business Last summer in San Francisco, Sam Ramji exposed the analogies between Darwin’s theory of evolution and the appearance of API (Application Programming Interface).

Comment le web de données change t-il la nature du business

In the context of the dynamic web this raises interesting questions: How should a company adapt to pressures from the triangle social-mobile-cloud? One company could be a perfect fit for the Web but not for mobile, for example. Comment le web de données change-t-il la nature de la toile ?