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Tesla Now the Most Valuable Car Company in the US - Why? 13. komnata. Marta Slánská se narodila v roce 1949 a vyrůstala ve vile v Korunovační ulici, kde dnes sídlí ambasáda Saudské Arábie.

13. komnata

Dcera Rudolfa Slánského má na svém rodném listu podpis Klementa Gottwalda a jeho manželky. Obě rodiny pojilo přátelství. Slánský s Gottwaldem byli nejmocnějšími muži ve státě po komunistickém převratu v roce 1948, přesto Gottwald Martině otci odmítl udělit milost a nechal ho ve vykonstruovaném procesu popravit. Během vyšetřování a procesu byla Marta ve Veselíkově jako v domácím vězení.

Mívala hlad, trpěla, když ji nazývali dcerou zrádce. Než se dozvěděla, že tatínek byl popraven, myslela si, že je v Číně na ambasádě, neboť tam pracoval strýček. Maminka Marty Slánské pocházela z velmi chudých poměrů, z kolonie v Krči, tatínek ze židovské rodiny obchodníka z Nezvěstic u Plzně. Po procesu s otcem byli Marta s tehdy sedmnáctiletým bratrem Rudolfem a maminkou vykázáni do Razové na Bruntálsku, kde jim přidělili vybydlenou chalupu po Němcích.

1Hr of Best UFO sightings from all around the World. JOHN COLTRANE WISE ONE. ROLAND BARTHES - How to Read the Signs in the News. What You Can Do with Edge Animate? Introduction. NEW JAZZ DIVAS SING GREAT LOVE SONGS. 70 MOST AMAZING IMAGES FROM HISTORY. ועדת צעירים 23.2.17. The Story Of Elon Musk. Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman. Jerry Banfield. See inside the online teaching business system featuring YouTube, Skillshare, and Patreon that I am hoping will make me $500,000+ in profit for 2017 based on over $248,000 in profit in 2016!

Jerry Banfield

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Leonard Nimoy's Mameloshn: A Yiddish Story. Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set 1 - by Master Wing Cheung. PEOPLE ARE AWESOME CHI POWER. Russian SPETSNAZ Martial Art - Colonel Mikhail Ryabko (Possession of a knife) The new project of Russian weapons - DRONES. NATO's "nightmare". The new project of Russian weapons - DRONES. NATO's "nightmare". 7 Cool New Inventions That Proves We're Living in the Future. Youtube. How do you define yourself? Lizzie Velasquez at TEDxAustinWomen. HOW TO BE MORE INFLUENTIAL - INVISIBLE INFLUENCE BY JONAH BERGER, PhD. Vimeo PRO. Short Film Showcase. First Business Chicago with Daven Michaels. Click here to Get Massive YouTube Traffic. The First Peoples of Europe History - Full Documentary Movies 2015 HD. The Dave Ramsey Show.

10 Best TED Talks on Mental Health. In today’s digital world, many of us find ourselves bombarded with a wealth of media content, particularly online.

10 Best TED Talks on Mental Health

Though endless pages of content may be available to us at the click of a button, it can be particularly difficult to find meaningful, quality content online, especially in regards to mental health issues. TED Talks, many of which are now available online, offer refreshingly smart, emotional content to those looking to explore such subjects as mental health from a more personal perspective.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the most thought-provoking TED Talks that consider the complex way in which we manage our mental health. These intelligent lecturers speak from the heart, often providing viewers with a personal look at the ways in which such illnesses as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia affect their everyday lives. Depression, the Secret We Share – Andrew Solomon Parkinson’s, Depression and the Switch That Might Turn Them Off – Andres Lozano.

Bixpy Jet - Water Jet Propulsion System - Crowdfunding Video. 8 MOST EXTREME VEHICLES EVER MADE. Maati-baani. Getting Started on Scripted. Elon Musk : How to Build the Future. Jazz Woman vocals Sleeping playlist. Elon Musk : How to Build the Future. George Michael - Brother Can You Spare A Dime (NetAid) The RSA.

RSA Shorts - The Power of Empathy. How To Build the Future: Elon Musk - Product Hunt. Introducing the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands. Introducing the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands. Joey Alexander #1 New Legacy Concerts @ The Standard. Veni Vidi VC Ep02: Austin Neudecker from by Veni Vidi VC. Alfonso Ribeiro & Witney - Salsa - DWTS 19 (Week 6) Yoga - Complete Home Practice. Makoto Ozone Trio - Asian Dream (Makoto Ozone) Treeverse. The Joker is Wild (1957) Maximum Mac & Cheese - Epic Meal Time. The Butterfly Effect, Literally. L Studio Presents. Bill Evans - You Must Believe In Spring(1977) A BALANCE OF REGRET AND PATIENCE. Challenges of Scaling Up a Business.

Challenges of Scaling Up a Business. Five Principles of Extraordinary Math Teaching. Webinar LOGIN. ReverbNation Local Charts. Accuradio. Eartha kitt, i want to be evil. Outwitting the Devil - Napoleon Hill. Outwitting the Devil - Napoleon Hill. Outwitting the Devil - Napoleon Hill. Why America Lost the Vietnam War (Full Documentary) This Parody Of Every TED Talk Ever Is Absolutely Perfect.

How your story can INSPIRE your customers - Evan and @SKellyCEO. DELAVERI - Adding your info. Zaniac Founder Paul Zane Pilzer Delivers Keynote Presentation at University of Utah (Full Speech) Zaniac Founder Paul Zane Pilzer Delivers Keynote Presentation at University of Utah (Full Speech) Capt Nixon and a German Lady. Band of Brothers. The Physics of Kung Fu Brought to Life Through Motion Capture Visualizations. We’ve all seen exaggerated depictions of kung fu in movies or maybe a demonstration by a practitioner in real life, but German digital artist Tobias Gremmler decided to portray the Chinese martial art in an entirely new light through the use of motion capture.

The Physics of Kung Fu Brought to Life Through Motion Capture Visualizations

By capturing the motion of different sequences Gremmler is able to distill the data into these animated sculptures, effectively turning movement into structure and volume. The motion of limbs is turned into a complex moving scaffold or interpreted as dramatic bursts of particles, the visuals used to seemingly isolate the physics of kung fu. If you enjoyed this also check out films like Asphyxia, Walking City, and these similar idents for CCTV. (via The Creator’s Project, Prosthetic Knowledge) Astro Teller: The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure. Ray DALIO. "Help My Business!" Show for entrepreneurs with Andrew Lock. R3hab & BURNS - Near Me. Why podcasting is more important now than ever before. Quantum Vision System. Believe - Evan Carmichael. Evan Carmichael. Believe - Evan Carmichael. Andrew Solomon's "Far From The Tree" - This amazing girl mastered dubstep dancing by just using YouTube.

Jazz instrumental Music!!Background Cafe Music!! 作業用BGM!作業効率アップ!! Old Jews Telling Jokes. Stanley Ridgley, Ph.D., Discusses Strategic Intelligence. German Animator Creates Moving Video About Addiction. ‫התמכרות‬‎ Ray Dalio Interview - Ray Dalio's Top 10 Rules For Success. Adult Gift.