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Free Courses for Free Minds. Neil Patel Presents "Advanced Customer Aquisition" Webinar. Zamurai Approved. Her life was on the line, and she did the one thing that could save her: She ordered pizza. A woman in Florida got help out of a dangerous situation from an unlikely source: Pizza Hut.

Her life was on the line, and she did the one thing that could save her: She ordered pizza.

WFLA reported the story of Cheryl Treadway, a woman who escaped a hostage situation with the help of her cell phone and a local Pizza Hut. This magical button delivers Upworthy stories to you on Facebook: On May 4, 2015, Cheryl Treadway of Highlands County, Florida, placed an order on her phone's Pizza Hut app — a small hand-tossed pizza with pepperoni. Oh yeah, it also came with a note telling store owners that she was being held hostage and asking them to please send help. Treadway and her children were being held at knifepoint by her boyfriend Ethan Nickerson. TOP CLICKED: Pizza ordering app saves woman in hostage situation. Domestic violence affects an estimated 4 million women each year.

While Treadway's story has a happy ending, many others aren't so lucky. vs. GoDaddy. / By Top10 Staff Stunning Professional Designs: Who Does it Best? vs. GoDaddy

The DIY Revolution: Which Builder Reigns Supreme? Getting Noticed: Who’s Savvier at Marketing? See how all of and GoDaddy’s features line up in our dynamic website builders comparison chart . vs. GoDaddy. Fool. We think self-driving cars will become a reality much sooner than even the most optimistic futurist imagined.


As prototypes begin to test drive throughout the country, most automotive companies expect that these cars will be sold to the public within the next 2-3 years. Now… regardless of which automaker sells that first car…. or which creates the most appealing driverless car, it's really the companies that provide the computing technology -- the brains! Website and Customer Analytics Software. During the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time working with marketing departments who spend much of their time analyzing data, conducting research and tracking performance metrics.

Website and Customer Analytics Software

They are always on the lookout for exciting new insights which can translate into action items and provide strategic advantage. Unfortunately, marketers and analysts often miss key opportunities to spot these insights – and even make the wrong decisions – because they fail to account for the “giraffe effect” in their data. Giraffes are what I call portions of data which dominate the rest of the data – and hide important insights. Sometimes they even lead to wrong conclusions. Michael Taggart Replay — Zamurai Approved. Press Advantage: Training Resources. Uk.businessinsider. 200-Year-Old Homeopathy “Cures” May Face Modern Medical Testing. New Research Study: 7 Stats from 100,000 Crowdfunding Campaigns. My Awesome Landing Page - Powered by We created an account for you with the email you used to complete your purchase.

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You should have received an email from "Lead Pro Systems" ( So please make sure to check your spam folder in case you have problems finding it. In case you're wondering: you will be logging into our CNM Platform (CNM for Creative Niche Manager), which powers Lead Profit Systems. So don't worry, it's us, it's our service, and you're in good hands! LEad Profit Systems. My Awesome Landing Page - Powered by You will find new campaigns in your account every month.

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We will also run monthly webinars (more if needed) to discuss those campaigns and share some best practices. Your first set of exclusive campaigns is waiting for you in your account. So when you login, you will find them in the Campaign Mirroring panel. Creative Niche Manager / Using Self Help PLR For An Advice Service. Work With Me For 30 Days. Congratulations for choosing to work with me for 30 days to build your full funnel with 3 products, 3 sales letters, 20 emails, 10 articles, 10 videos, and a full membership with 10 lessons loaded.

Work With Me For 30 Days

We’ll work quickly, concisely, and much of what we do will dovetail together after about 10 days. To start, open a new Word or Pages doc. Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour Workweek and Lifestyle Design Blog. Handmade: The Making of a Balanced Body® Reformer. Diapers, Bath & Body Products, Non-Toxic Cleaners. Celebrity inspirational motivational keynote speaker. Think with Google. Reid Hoffman to Teach “Blitzscaling” at Stanford This Fall. You might wonder how, exactly, 13-year-old LinkedIn became a $25 billion company.

Reid Hoffman to Teach “Blitzscaling” at Stanford This Fall

It wasn’t the first social network. The company admits that, even today, people find it very confusing. Plenty of ambitious competitors have sprung up to take on the company. Yet they’ve all been smoked, eventually, by LinkedIn. It’s a familiar story in the Bay Area, where many industry-dominating companies – from Uber to Airbnb to Facebook – are based. 5 Skills of Really Amazing Listeners. Uri Alon: Why truly innovative science demands a leap into the unknown.

Creating Wealth User Guide - Palm Beach Research Group. 8 questions to guarantee a bulletproof PR plan. How Added 20k Twitter Followers in Six Months. Three Secrets That Helped Grow Its Twitter Audience by 20,000 Followers in Six Months The work that goes into building a brand new business can feel like a full-time job all by itself – and that’s before you even think about marketing it.

How Added 20k Twitter Followers in Six Months

That’s what Tony Jacobson found earlier this year as he prepared to launch, an app that allows users to easily track, rate, and review wine wherever they go. With three children and a day job to keep him busy, building and perfecting Winetracker on his own was a project relegated to evenings and weekends, leaving precious little time for actually promoting it. In just six months, though, Tony has singlehandedly grown his Twitter following by about 125 users every single day, going from just 700 to more than 21,000 real, engaged fans. Twitter now accounts for about 80% of his website’s traffic. Tweet with style and substance. Palm Beach Research Group. Get Access to Mark's Latest Project for the Next 45 Days for just $4.95 Nice decision!

Palm Beach Research Group

Mark Ford’s new, 172-page book, Living Rich, should arrive in your inbox momentarily. Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Family News. 36 Questions - How to fall in love with anyone. Coaching program lessons you can use in your coaching program. Info Business University. Access to Coaching Program Launch Course Trainings - Succeed With Sean Mize. As bonus listening, listen to this recording of a coaching call I did with a client where I gave him the entire process for launching a coaching program in less than a week (listen to this first): Recording of coaching program launch call Also, I highly recommend you purchase my paperback book, as it contains exact instructions for every element of launching your coaching program, I will refer to it on the calls, and it will serve as a handy guide for writing your emails, sales letters, and running your program in the future: Anyone Can Coach – the book Then listen to the daily recordings, walking you step by step through creating and launching your own coaching program by Wednesday or next week:

Influencermavenbusinessdownloadpage. Your "Influencer Maven Business" Download Page Congratulations on choosing to purchase my Influencer Maven Business Training. Note: I have done everything possible to make this as concise as possible, yet pack in depth to the Expert/Maven style infobusiness as never before. So be sure to listen/watch everything, and listen/watch in the order it's posted - you'll get the best experience and benefit that way!

Day 1 (audio training, critical to understanding setup and structure of your business): Untitled. Mastery Lessons - Simply Study One Lesson Each Day for 60 Days. Resources - Website Magazine. The coming evolution of Artificial Intelligence. A.I represents greater fulfillment of individual and human potential as well as new materials, new fuels, new health techniques, and generally a greater understanding of the material world. LOS ANGELES, Aug. 11, 2015 — Progress in artificial intelligence (AI) is sparking fears of robots run amok and taking over the world. The latest headlines include warnings such as, “Killer Robots spark fear over the future of artificial intelligence” and “Tech Experts Warn of an Artificial Intelligence Arms Race in Open Letter.” Artificial Intelligence, according to Stanford University, is “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.”

What are key strategies to acquire first 100K users with zero marketing budget? 10 Week Course : Kyle Wilson. Follow Kyle for daily tips, strategies and insights… LessonsFromExperts. Richard Millington. LessonsFromExperts. Kyle Wilson. 10 Week Course : Music Marketing Blueprint. What are key strategies to acquire first 100K users with zero marketing budget?

The Blogging Wizard Resource Library. Latest New Trending Business ideas for Beginners in 2015. Bridgewater-Associates-Ray-Dalio-Principles.pdf. What Billionaire Ray Dalio Gets Wrong About Money - Businessweek. (Updates with quotes from Paul Sheard in new 9th paragraph.) Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio’s half-hour video animation How the Economic Machine Works has gotten more than half a million hits on YouTube since it went live in September, which is pretty good for a piece with no kittens. It’s a clear description of how over-borrowing leads to booms and busts. According to the New York Times, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has been sending the link to friends, and former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker is a fan. Email & Social: Better Together? Info Business University.

Mastery Lessons - Simply Study One Lesson Each Day for 60 Days. How to Plan Your Day. Using Search Engine Traffic to Promote Your Music With Sean Mize. Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast – Episode # 3 In this weeks Music Marketing Manifesto Podcastwe’ve got a really special guest. Mastery Lessons - Simply Study One Lesson Each Day for 60 Days. How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio. Thanks for Downloading! eBook - How to Build a World-Class SDR Team. 20 Motivational Infographic Tools - Download For Free.. Protected Training for Members of SocialMediaOnlineClasses. August in Blogging U: Blogging 101. Member Login - Learn How to Doodle Courses. Member Login - Learn How to Doodle Courses. Doodling Course Registration — Learn How to Doodle Courses. KAIS International School in Tokyo. Facebook World Records. When Millennials Take Over Sample Chapter. Facebook World Records. The Ultimate Collection Of 665 Best Facebook Status Updates For You. Facebook is the voice of people.So most of the times facebook status updates reflects the actual mood of the person.Are you in a lighter mood and ready to have some laughs?

Sometimes Status update includes referencing friends, groups or even events they are attending — for instance, posting “I’m heading to Starbucks Coffee Company — anyone want some coffee?”. When you are writing a status update and want to add a friend’s name to something you are posting, just include the “@” symbol before the name. As you type the name of what you would like to reference, a drop-down menu will appear that allows you to choose from your list of friends and other connections, including groups, events, applications and Pages.

The primary key to the best status updates are creating ones that make people smile. Here are some examples of funny status updates for you. AppSumo: The Store for Entrepreneurs.