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Bobsled Run. From 61 sales per month to 221 in 4 months: As of March, Google AdWords clicks are 3.8X the November numbers, cost per sale is 2.5X the November number (November was my lowest number ever @ $8.29) and cost per sale is starting to trend lower. November had 61 sales, March (so far) has 221 sales. Had to talk with my drop shipper to move them from a credit card to a check card (credit card hit the limit). She said something like “You must have a really nice website, I’ve never seen one sell this well.” - Richard Mouser Houston TX From 3 Million to 10 Million Dollars In One Year We have built one business from being worth a couple of million dollars, maybe 3 million tops, to being a 10 million dollar enterprise. In just over 12 months. 1st Month Coaching Signups Improved By 5.7%. 2nd Month Coaching Signups Improved By 9.9% Over Previous Month Site Usage Improved By 23.7% Over Previous Month - Jim McKinnon Victoria Australia Most of these testimonials are from our Bobsled Run contest winners. 1. 2.

Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) Definition. This is a non-GAAP measure that allows a greater amount of discretion as to what is (and is not) included in the calculation. This also means that companies often change the items included in their EBITDA calculation from one reporting period to the next.

EBITDA first came into common use with leveraged buyouts in the 1980s, when it was used to indicate the ability of a company to service debt. As time passed, it became popular in industries with expensive assets that had to be written down over long periods of time. EBITDA is now commonly quoted by many companies, especially in the tech sector - even when it isn't warranted. A common misconception is that EBITDA represents cash earnings. EBITDA is a good metric to evaluate profitability, but not cash flow. Understand th EBITDA with practical examples by reading A Clear Look at EBITDA and EBITDA: Challenging the Calculation. Blueprint Growth - The Marquees Customers.

Affordable Business Model Pack Template for PowerPoint Presentations. Podcast. 40 Ways to Supercharge Creativity | Kishna Infographics. Creativity may be a fantastic facet of attribute because it permits USA to specific ourselves through the humanities. There square measure many thousands of individuals UN agency use art as their skilled outlet, whereas others might notice it a lot of advantageous to use it as a leisure activity. Regardless, it’s necessary to grasp a way to keep artistic (even once you’re uninspired) because it helps to stay your stress levels down and causes you to a healthier and happier person.

Below square measure a number of the foremost in style ways that to make sure that you simply keep artistic. 40 Ways to Supercharge Creativity 1. making Inspiration Boards Getting impressed and staying impressed are often improbably tough that is why you create need to think about creating a thought board. opt for a project that you simply need to finish and notice photos which will facilitate to stay you impelled and dedicated to finishing the project. 2. 3. socialization 4. 5. 6. 7. take away litter 8. Christian replay — Online Courses from the World's Experts. What is game theory? Why should we study it? Game Theory 101 is a free introductory course where I’ll try to give an introduction to game theory basics. Over the course of the next few dozen videos, we will learn about strict dominance, iterated elimination of strictly dominated strategies, pure strategy Nash equilibrium, mixed strategy Nash equilibrium, the mixed strategy algorithm, weak dominance, backward induction, subgame perfect equilibrium, comparative statics, and more.

Don't worry about math prerequisites--as long as you have minimal experience with high school algebra, you will be able to grasp the first 95% of the course. Game theory is logically demanding, but its mathematics are mostly straightforward. And after all it’s an introduction to game theory. The lectures will follow Game Theory 101: The Complete Textbook. Let's have some fun! צפו בסרטון הפרסומת של מצלמת GoPro שיגרום לכם לרוץ לצלם. הסרטון המדהים הזה, שצבר כבר מעל ל-4 מיליון צפיות ביוטיוב בתוך שלושה ימים, הוא חלק ממסע הקידום של מצלמת GoPro, שהודיעה השבוע על שלושה דגמי מצלמות חדשים בקו ה- Hero שלה. בכיתוב שצורף לסרטון טוענים בחברה כי "משתמשי המצלמה שלנו בכל רחבי העולם לוכדים רגעים מדהימים וחוויות עוצרות נשימה ומרגשות.

מירידה לתוך לבה רותחת בהר געש, דרך רחובות הניאון ביפן, שמורת טבע של סוסי בר, טיפוס על קרחון, מסיבת הריקודים הגדולה בעולם או מסע להצלת לווייתנים - המצלמות שלנו תיעדו הכל". הדגמים החדשים הם ה- Hero Black, הדגם הכי יוקרתי המסוגל לצלם וידיאו באיכות של 4K ב-30 פריימים לשנייה וב-1080P ב-120 פריימים לשנייה (הילוך איטי) ימכר ב-499$. ה-Hero Silver שמגיע לראשונה עם מסך מגע, אך בלי האופציה של צילום וידיאו באיכות של 4K, מסוגל לצלם וידיאו באיכות של 2.7K ב-30 פריימים לשנייה ובאיכות של 080P1 ב-60 פריימים ו-720P ב-120 פריימים לשנייה, הדגם נמכר ב-399$.

לשני הדגמים עמידות במים עד עומק של 131 רגל וקישוריות WiFi. הדגם המעניין הוא דגם ה- Hero הזול. ADD Content Agency. I Love Marketing. Gps-delivery/ List Requested Topics. YouTube Growth: How to Grow Your YouTube Channel. Do you post videos on YouTube? Are you looking for ways to increase your traffic and subscribers? To explore how to grow your YouTube audience, I interview Steve Dotto for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is a show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. The show format is on-demand talk radio (also known as podcasting). In this episode, I interview Steve Dotto, who produces Dotto Tech, a YouTube show designed to help you “discover your inner geek,” by focusing on productivity, apps and more.

Steve shares how he transitioned from hosting a tech TV show to a popular YouTube channel. You’ll discover how to grow your YouTube channel. Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below! Listen Now Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed YouTube Growth Steve’s show format Discovery of the Week. Facebook Relaunches Atlas: This Week in Social Media. Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week? Facebook Relaunches Atlas: It has been built ”from the ground up to tackle today’s marketing challenges, like reaching people across devices and bridging the gap between online impressions and offline purchases.”

“Atlas delivers people-based marketing, helping marketers reach real people across devices, platforms and publishers.” LinkedIn Announces First SlideShare App for iOS: “It’s about delivering the personalized professional content you want when you need it through a beautiful viewing experience you’ll enjoy.” “You can view SlideShare’s full-screen, full-color presentations in either portrait or landscape mode on any iPhone running iOS 8.” Places “lets you interact with any local business. Interesting social media news worth following: Here are a few cool social media tools worth checking out: Why Content Strategists Shouldn't Lose Sight of Actual People. Hyperlapse Lets You Selfielapse: This Week in Social Media. Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week? Instagram’s Hyperlapse Introduces Selfielapse: The recent Hyperlapse update allows you to “use your front-facing camera to shoot a video of yourself.” Facebook Allows Users to Save Links in Photo Posts: “The save feature on Facebook now allows users to save links in photo posts. Plus, you can now save multiple links and tagged Pages in posts.” “You can also save links from posts directly on any Page’s wall and on any personal profile wall, too!!” Facebook Announces Updates for iOS8: “Facebook for iOS 8 will have an improved experience for people who want to share content from other apps to Facebook ” “By simply tapping the share icon and selecting Facebook, you can choose to share a link to a website from your browser, photos or videos from your camera roll, and content from other apps.” inShare88. 5 Facebook Ad Split Tests to Cut Lead Acquisition Costs.

Do you use Facebook ads to promote your business? Are you looking to increase your ROI? Online advertising can be the best way to scale the growth of your business. The most important step is to figure out your best targeting options, and the way to do that is through testing. In this article I’ll explain what I’ve learned through my own testing and share five split tests you can use to quickly discover your ideal target audience on Facebook. Find 5 different split tests for Facebook ads. Why Use Split Tests? If you’ve ever tried to advertise your business on Google AdWords or Facebook, you may not have been satisfied with the results. On AdWords, you need to figure out what keywords work best. That’s where split testing (also known as A/B tests) can make all the difference. Note: This article focuses on new client acquisition efforts aimed at non-fans, not retargeting.

Before You Start Testing Here are four steps to ensure you use your time most efficiently when split testing. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. How To Tell An Interesting Story In 4 Simple Steps. Are you worried that your stories aren’t going over well in social settings? Do you see that hot girl you’re talking to check her phone every few seconds while you talk? Does the interesting guy you’d like to get to know better seem to detach mentally while you’re speaking? Do you have difficulty connecting with people you want to become friends with? Let this article help you learn an easy method for telling an interesting story. In four simple steps, you can connect emotionally with your listener, and draw them in to care about your story, but more importantly, to care about you. Use this as a guideline, but please keep in mind that we all think our stories are far more interesting than others do.

Unless people are always telling you how interesting and hilarious you are, try to stick roughly to the proposed sentence limits. 1. Example: “So, at work there’s this woman who was always talking about how awesome her fiancee was, and then he dumped her.” 2. Example: “She was devastated. 3. 5 Facebook Ad Split Tests to Cut Lead Acquisition Costs. Basics of Email Marketing. Why Email? When you try to acquire customers for your business, you have a lot of different marketing tactics at your disposal -- print advertisements, press releases, events, partnership, social media. The list is virtually endless. But among the tactics you can choose, email marketing might be the one most worth your investment of time and attention. Consider the following: Email sells -- in a recent DMA study (2012), 67% of respondents identified email as providing the best ROI of any tactic (more than twice the response of any other tactic).

Email is opt-in -- Building a strong list of subscribers who actually want to receive your offers is a hugely worthy investment in your business you can capitalize on over and over again. Email is targeted -- Craft and serve offers to specific groups and watch your response rate shoot up. "Having an effective and easy-to-use email marketing service is a critical element for nearly every small business website.

The ABC's of Email Marketing. Basics of Email Marketing. Starting a Coaching Service -Sample Business Plan Template. Do you have what it takes to inspire people to success? Are you interested in starting a coaching business? Or you need a sample life coaching business plan? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then I advice you read on. People hire coaches to help them achieve their personal goals and accomplish more in their lives. These coaches help them identify any issues that might be preventing them from achieving their goals and then counsel them on how to overcome these obstacles and work toward their goals.

If you love motivating others and helping them achieve their goals, then you can turn this talent into a profitable business venture. You don’t need any special licensing to start a coaching business. 1. You can’t be a coach in all areas. Similarly, you can become a career coach if you have a huge wealth of experience in a particular career, or you have worked as an HR professional for several years. 2. The idea of getting some training sounds odd, right? 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Wright's Media content licensing solutions provider. The Great Content Checklist: Tips, Tools, and Examples. Ready to make a Quantum Leap? If you’re accepted into our program, we'll work with you over the next year to get a lot more publicity, sell tons more books, brand yourself as THE expert in your field, become a highly-paid public speaker, sell your book or information over the Internet, create spin-off passive income streams, build your own mailing list and much, much more!

FROM: Steve Harrison Dear Friend, When you act on what I’m about to describe, it will change your life forever. You see, even if we’ve never met, I know you have a big dream for your future. I want to help you make that dream come true. In fact, I'm so serious and so excited about the possibility of helping you, that I'm going to give you ALL the details and ALL the information right here, right now, so you can decide whether or not my program is a good match for you. Over the next year, my team and I want to personally work with you to make measurable progress toward turning your dream into a reality. What type of goals can we help you move toward? Ready to make a Quantum Leap? Welcome to Forbes. 8020 Blog. 14 Tools to Streamline Your Social Media Marketing. Do you want to manage social media more efficiently? Do you have the right tools? To streamline your approach, you’ll need resources that work well with your business.

In this article I’ll share the best tools to manage and optimize your social media marketing. Find 14 tools to streamline your social media marketing. #1: Find Your Audience Once you define your target audience(s), find the social media platforms they frequent online. Here are tools you can use to find your audience across the web. Followerwonk My favorite (and free) hidden gem is Followerwonk. Traackr An influencer marketing platform, Traackr creates specific lists of influencers and their qualifications, based on the criterion put into the system—whether it’s a region (New York) or topic (chocolate-lover).

Search for influencers on Traackr. This technology searches all public-facing channels and builds full online profiles for every influencer on the list ranked according to reach, resonance and relevance. SEMrush Hootsuite Kapost. 14 Tools to Streamline Your Social Media Marketing. How Content Marketing Can Build Your Personal Brand. It’s easy to think that content marketing is just for the big startups and web app companies, but the truth is, a huge part of the content marketing community is made up of solo bloggers. They are writing in the niche they are passionate about, but they have a peculiar challenge that an agency or web app startup doesn’t have: what are they selling? Solo bloggers are often selling their expertise, and building a platform to do it.

Their name is their brand. They might rely on freelancing gigs, affiliate and ad revenue, or sales of services they can provide. Their blog provides the proof of their skills. They have no one but themselves to do all of the heavy lifting, whether that means getting their content out onto social media, taking photos, brainstorming blog post ideas, editing their own work, managing their website, and publishing. Lindsay Livingston is a great example of a solo blogger who is hard at work establishing a trusted platform and loyal fan base. I’m self-hosted. Just me! Social Media Content Marketing Strategy.

Fast Customer Development: How We Use Twitter to Interview Customers. The 15 Best Browser Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Marketing. The Best Way To Blog With A Remote Team. Event Registration (EVENT: 850183 - SESSION: 1) 2014 Sample Social Media Tactical Plan. Is Facebook Messenger Insidious or Brilliant? Design for the 5 Types of Ecommerce Shoppers. Piano Lessons - Play Piano By Ear. The Power of Outsourcing Everything in Your Life. Home — PopUp Domination. Help - The Action Machine. Help - The Action Machine. 5 Stones. BUILD Coaching - Paul Evans | ACHIEVE . ENGAGE . BUILD. Engage | Paul Evans | ACHIEVE . ENGAGE . BUILD. Your Purchases - 5 Stones.

Mike Stewart's Instant Video Blogger. YouTube Keyword Tool Alternative: 750 Keyword Suggestions. BUILD Coaching | Paul Evans | ACHIEVE . ENGAGE . BUILD. Member’s Welcome Page. - ClickBank. 5 Ways to Use #Hashtags on Twitter. SFW Free Silver. Independent Contractor. Hiring Freelance Workers in Your Business. Entrepreneurship and Design. Crash Course in Entrepreneurship. Coaches With Clients. 40 Ways to Supercharge Creativity | Kishna Infographics. How To Generate MORE REVENUE By Sending LESS EMAILS — The Machine. LP 2: The Machine — The Machine. How To Generate MORE REVENUE By Sending LESS EMAILS — The Machine. Inbound Marketing, Revised and Updated: Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers Online: Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah: 9781118896655: Books. The Profit Optimization Weekly. Apply2dominate/ ‪Interview with Amy Porterfield‬‏ Marketing Mayhem West 2015 - San Diego. Build My Income Build My Income Facebook Will Surface Timely And Trending Stories Earlier | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

Fridayflash. 12 Digital Publishing Tools the Experts Recommend. S Vision - Coming Soon.

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Thanks For Subscribing. Real NZT Pill | Limitless Nutrition | WebNutrients Real NZT-48. Login - Sidekick by HubSpot. Create YOUR Blueprint of life and know where you're going. Create YOUR Blueprint of life and know where you're going. Corporate Sponsors for Speakers. How to get published: The refreshing honest truth about book publishing. The UBC Team | How to Get Published: The Refreshing Honest Truth about Book Publishing. Corporate Sponsors for Speakers. The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation – Social Marketing Success Kit – 5 Predictions For Generation Alpha. Business & Finance Online Experts. How to Get Great Content with Solid Editorial Guidelines. Blogs. Growing your business: strategy, social media, cash flow and the future.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Analytics. 14 Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by the Pros. About Us | Yazamo Insights. Yazamo. Blogs.