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Large Scale Open Source Projects I can Get Involved with

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Transport. ‪The Interstate Hydrogen Superhighway‬‏ -ISEE An Education Model for the 21 Century « Leifur Thor’s WorldPress Station. Imagine a School Where -Tests and tuition don’t exist- -Personal initiative is the curriculum- -Systems rather than Subjects are taught- This business and educational model was nearly funded, then halted.

-ISEE An Education Model for the 21 Century « Leifur Thor’s WorldPress Station

It awaits reactivation if and when needed. Students learn through project based learning where systems instead of specific subjects are the focus. Synergy (a combination of things that make up a whole far exceeding the total of the individual parts added alone) is nurtured more succinctly by learning from top down instead of bottom to top. Personal initiative is also nurtured through this structure. -Students primarily teach each other and then teach us adults- Teachers become more mentors helping guide students with other students broad based knowledge learning and the ephemeralization that comes from it. -Technological and financial wealth are generated instead of spent- Schools are run like businesses where turning intelligence in to a strong financial base is sought after. Why? -New HOme Project « Leifur Thor’s WorldPress Station. Imagine a home that provides a level of comfort and ease of living beyond what’s known.

-New HOme Project « Leifur Thor’s WorldPress Station

Now imagine this home uses less energy while providing that superior standard of living. In this century, wouldn’t we rather have a home that harvests energy quietly instead of using it? An enclosed space three average people with no special skills can assemble noise free, and with no special building tools in three weeks from start to finish. With over 10,000 variations for layout a home we can alter in a day without need of a contractor. A home that’s over 90% recyclable and stronger against the elements. When disaster strikes and emergency shelters are needed, weight, cost, and ability to stand up in the elements are the three considerations when relief organizations look to find shelter solutions for people in need. The New Home Project will address both these critical aspects and challenge the idea of shelter by offering a radical departure from traditional shelter construction.

Like this: -Alternative High Speed Rail System « Leifur Thor’s WorldPress Station. Please consider an alternative high-speed rail system that could be constructed, and run for a fraction of what current high-speed rail systems cost to build and maintain.

-Alternative High Speed Rail System « Leifur Thor’s WorldPress Station

This could be done by incorporating a separate technology, which comes from aviation, into our current rail corridors. HOW IT WORKS (SUMMARY)- This alternative high speed rail system utilizes our atmosphere (what current train designers try to build around to increase speed) to separate the vehicle from the ground producing a similar effect as the MAGLEV trains currently being built, but doing it in a more simple, cost effective way.

As you can see from the illustration above though, this is no ordinary looking train. In fact it looks more like a plane that’s tethered to the ground like a kite. Yet unlike a kite, these trains could never get over 5 feet off the ground, even if separated from the track due to their aerodynamics. HOW THE LIFT IS PRODUCED- The system uses what is called in aviation ground effect. PitchTV- "Be the Change" - Leif Thor.