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Bitcoin: The Foundation Of The Payments System And The Banking System. The payment system has changed entirely over the years, and now bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming a major part of the picture.

Bitcoin: The Foundation Of The Payments System And The Banking System

To cope with the changes taking place in the payment system, several Bigger investment banks and financial services holding companies like JPMorgan, Chase is moving towards creating this new payment system. Before moving any further, let us know what bitcoin is and how it works. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency invented in 2008 and brought to action in 2009. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank, and it can easily be sent from user to user in exchange for other currencies, products, and services. 5 Crypto Investment Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2021. Coronavirus pandemic causes a lot of financial turmoil, and now as the vaccines are invented, people are being optimistic for this year and hoping to cover up what they lost last year.

5 Crypto Investment Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2021

Things will slowly back to normal, but amidst all the damages caused, one sector has bucked the trend, and it is projected to reach higher with a faster pace. Yes, you guessed it right! It is the cryptocurrency sector, led by bitcoins. Last year billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, the founder, and chief executive officer of Tudor Investment Corp., said that bitcoin, the controversial digital currency, reminds him of gold in the 1970s, and maybe the best hedge against inflation in the age of coronavirus.

Could This Be the Biggest IPO in 2021? Well, I don’t know if this news is going to shock you or excite you but, there might be a cryptocurrency IPO coming this year!

Could This Be the Biggest IPO in 2021?

Coinbase Global, Inc., a San Francisco based cryptocurrency company has confidentially submitted their draft registration statement on Form S1 for IPO with the US’s Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) in December 2020. The statement is yet to be approved by the SEC but if approved, Coinbase will become the first cryptocurrency exchange company to be listed on the US stock exchange. And not to mention, also one of the biggest IPO in 2021! Let me give you some basic information about Coinbase: Dreaming Of Becoming A Bitcoin Billionaire? We admit it or not, but we all want to become a billionaire.

Dreaming Of Becoming A Bitcoin Billionaire?

I mean come-on! 7 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Hit $50,000 In 2021. "This is inevitable" – Elon Musk As absurd as it may sound, bitcoin (BTC) has become one of the most trending subjects at the beginning of 2021 itself.

7 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Hit $50,000 In 2021

The cryptocurrency which was invented by an unknown person or a group of people who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 has now become the talk of the town. And for its rise in enormous recent popularities, we can thank the GameStop and the Wall Street saga. Because of that event, the cryptocurrency which was more a topic of discussion amongst the minuscule has now grabbed the attention of more casual seekers. What’s more fascinating is that several reports have estimated that Bitcoin Will Hit $50,000 in 2021 itself. Crypto-To-Cash Conversions  Converting Bitcoins to Cash.

Crypto-To-Cash Conversions 

Why 2021 Is Set To Be Even Bigger For Bitcoin? 2020 was one of the biggest years for Bitcoin so far.

Why 2021 Is Set To Be Even Bigger For Bitcoin?

It even surpassed its 2017 market capitalization, which was the greatest year for bitcoin (until 2020) after which the graph went downwards. Before we go into the “Why”, let us understand some basic things about Bitcoin. Bitcoin Currency Bitcoin is one of the digital currencies available out there and is not created or operated by a government and a central bank. It was mined by an unknown person or group of people known as Santoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

Bitcoin Price. Investing in Bitcoin: A Complete Guide. "The future of money is the digital currency" - Bill Gates Do you even Bitcoin?

Investing in Bitcoin: A Complete Guide

This is something that you can soon expect to see printed on a T-Shirt or your comfy hoodie. The Bill for Banning Cryptocurrencies. Investing in cryptocurrencies has been in trend lately, and a number of big companies have bought cryptocurrency worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Bill for Banning Cryptocurrencies

5 Reasons to be Optimistic about Clean Energy in 2021. Clean energy is the form of energy that doesn’t create pollution when used.

5 Reasons to be Optimistic about Clean Energy in 2021

It is utilized from renewable, zero-emission, and energy sources that focus on clean air. With the on-going pandemic leading to lockdown worldwide, there is an immense decrease in global emissions. And people are educating themselves and shifting to clean energy which gives hope for optimism in 2021. 1. Use of Renewable Energy Sources to Boom Up Solar energy has played a major role in spreading awareness about clean energy worldwide. Sustainable Development Goals: A Revolution Begins. Everyone should have the right to health and education. These rights are given to all across the world, and the world will be a better place! Runaway climate change would condemn millions to a life of poverty and cause us to fail to meet the Sustainable Development Goal of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030. The world governors gather at the United Nations to adopt a new set of global development goals.

These are known as sustainable development goals, which aim to end extreme poverty, promote equity and opportunities for all and protect the planet. It is believed that sustainability drives business and innovation and operational efficiencies, lower energy usage, and teaches waste reduction. Sustainable Development Sustainable Development is defined as the organizing principle for meeting human development missions while simultaneously sustaining natural systems' proficiency to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services on which the economy and society rely. Climate change and how you can help reduce it. In recent times, climate change and its effects are accelerating, with climate related calamities piling up, season after season. From devastating fires in California to persistent drought in the Southwest, from record flooding in Europe and Africa to a heat wave, of all things, in Greenland climate change has affected every part of the globe.

The reason behind climate change as seas are warming and rising faster, putting more cities at risk of tidal flooding or worse. Glaciers are melting at a velocity many researchers did not expect for decades. The amount of Arctic sea ice has declined so rapidly that the region may see ice-free summers by the 2030s. It is observed that even the ground itself is warming faster. Impact of Climate Change Climate change strongly impacts every part of the globe. 5 Pillars of The Green Future Index. "Empty Words, loopholes and greenwash” – Greta Thunberg The Green Future Index is a ranking chart of the leading countries and territories which are committed to building a low carbon future. In this index, a total of 76 leading countries are ranked concerning their progress towards contributing low carbon future.

In other words, the Green Future Index measures the degrees by which the economy of the ranked countries is pivoting towards clean energy, industry, agriculture, and society through their contributed invested in innovation, renewables, and a green future. Overall Ranking The overall ranking of the countries is based on the performance of the examined economies concerning each other after which the aggregate scores are generated across the following five distinct pillars namely (in order); Carbon Emissions, Energy Transition, Green Society, Clean Innovation, and Climate Policy. Car Batteries That Charge in 10 Minutes. Electric vehicle owners may soon be able to entirely charge their cars in as little as 10 minutes, thanks to future technology and a new design that warms up the battery to improve the reaction rate. One key barrier to the uptake of electric cars is the duration of time it takes to charge the battery compared with loading a car with petrol.

So the key to producing electric cars further commercially attractive lies in formulating batteries that can reach 80 per cent charge, or a range of roughly 300 kilometres, within 10 minutes. Read the article below to know more about it: This New Technology Can Fully Charge an Electric Car in Just 10 Minutes. Self-Healing ‘Living Concrete’ Self-Healing Concrete Scientists have used bacteria to develop a sustainable concrete that is live, and can even simulate, an advance that may assist reduce the environmental impact of the construction enterprise. Minerals in the new substance are deposited by cyanobacteria, a common class of microbes that catch energy from sunlight through photosynthesis, according to the research published in the journal Matter.

Read the below article to know more about it: Environmentally friendly ‘living concrete’ capable of self-healing Researchers said this building material has structural load-bearing function, is capable of self healing and is more environmentally friendly than concrete – which is the second most-consumed material on Earth after water. Which is a better buy: Plug Power or FuelCell Energy? The Future of the Mac is here with M1 Chip design. Nikon is bringing back its free online photography classes for the holidays.

How to check Gland Pharma Finalised IPO Share Allotment. About IPO. How Jeff Bezos makes Amazon’s Highest-Stakes Decisions. Amazon is a multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one among the large Five companies within the U.S. information technology industry, alongside Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. Google Maps to Display Number of COVID-19 Cases in a Location. Google's new document management tool can save your time and effort. Mrs. Bectors Food gets Sebi's go-ahead to float Rs 550-cr IPO. YouTube Tests a New Feature to Add Timestamp in Comments Automatically. YouTube is a platform that is constantly working on enhancing user experience to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction.

In order to improve the user experience, the YouTube team is continuously testing new features. All About Burger King India 2020 IPO. Looks like Santa came early this year for India! SpaceX Decade. This Bluetooth Attack Can Steal a Tesla Model X in Minutes. Tech IPO:Technology company Affirm, Airbnb,, Roblox, Wish file for IPO. Lenovo Unveils Smart Glasses that Project Your Windows Desktop Screen in Midair. Apollo Global backed Spartan Acquisition Corp. II launches $250M IPO. Why You Should Stop This ‘Dangerous’ Update To Your Amazon Account? The Biggest Innovation For 2020 In Photography Technology. Enjoy the Big-Screen Experience Anywhere with this Powerful. World’s First All-Civilian Mission to Space. A Nightmare on Wall Street: The GameStop Stocks Taken to The Moon. Hybrid Cloud Environment.