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Door Dec Ideas. Glass Jar Frames. We hate getting rid of jars.

Glass Jar Frames

We’re so sure they’ll come in handy someday, but in reality a person can only use so many jelly-jar glasses. We’re happy to say we’ve finally found a use for our motley collection of pickle jars, soda bottles and assorted glass receptacles: frames! It’s so simple we can’t believe we didn’t think of it before: just slide a photo into a jar, turn it upside down and display your upcyclin’ genius for all to see.

Glass Jar Frames p.s. P.p.s. DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece - Heart Love Weddings. Food Storage Recipes and Food Storage Videos: Homemade Slime...For Cleaning Time. This Blog Homemade Slime...For Cleaning Time Looking for a better way to get into all the nooks and crannies to clean?

Food Storage Recipes and Food Storage Videos: Homemade Slime...For Cleaning Time

Places like your computer key pad, your car vents, and other small spaces?

Bulletin Board Ideas/Info

18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug. Glue Yarn Ball Tutorial. Fun Things to do in COLD Weather! Menu.

Fun Things to do in COLD Weather!

Free “Game of Thrones”-inspired snowflake patterns. NEW!

Free “Game of Thrones”-inspired snowflake patterns

Check out Game of Thrones-inspired Valentine’s Day heart patterns here! It’s almost the holidays, and I’ve been itching to make some kind of Game of Thrones-themed Christmas craft. I came up with GoT-inspired snowflake patterns. Me! - Modular origami! The kusudama is a paper model that I usually created by connecting multiple units together.

Me! - Modular origami!

The individual pieces may be glued, sewed or connected with themselves. The complete kusudama may be decorated with tassels, beads, feathers and anything you can imagine. Kusudama originate from ancient Japanese culture, where they were used for incense like a talismans against evil. It's possible that they were originally the bunches of flowers and herbs. The word kusudama itself is a combination of two Japanese words kusuri, Medicine, and tama — Ball. Nowadays kusudama has become a beautiful gift and an interesting hobby. All models are rather simple if you follow the diagram. CONSTRUCTION PAPER WREATH TUTORIAL. I was shocked to see my blogger stats the last few days skyrocket with over 70,000 hits to THIS post alone (about paper wreaths of all things).


I figured that if that many people are interested in such a thing, I might as well provide guidance on how to make them. Maybe it will help to ease the stream of e-mailed inquiries I've been getting. You need: 1.) one 9''x18'' sheet of green construction paper 2.) scrap paper of any color you'd like for bows, berries, etc. What are some ideas of social activities that can be done to help grow community in a student residence b. Games Night Get some board games (Clue, Monopoly, cards, UNO, etc.) and pizza and soda (or not, your choice) and play games!

What are some ideas of social activities that can be done to help grow community in a student residence b

I've found that more people, especially in college, really like games than you would ever realize. Timeline Photos. An absolutely evil and horrifyingly hilarious prank to scare the bejeezus out of people. A few days ago, Redditor Subculturex posted a picture of the inside of his fridge.

An absolutely evil and horrifyingly hilarious prank to scare the bejeezus out of people

No big deal, right? No big deal except that he had printed out a picture of his face and stuck it in a glass of water for his fiancee to find… Here are the answers to a few things that I wondered and that you might be wondering, too… 1. Harry Potter Hogwart's Printed Wall Banner: Clothing. Day 5: Funfetti. Shamble.jpg Photo by teraspawn. PK+shambles+by+St+Barbe+kids.jpg (512×453) 30 Fun, Free Things to Do if You're a Teen - Free Things for Teen Friends. Teen Activities. Teen Activities?

Teen Activities

I have two teenage daughters and we live in a lower-middle income neighborhood. Search Project Ideas. Log In|Create an Account All Results All Results Ask an Expert Blog Careers Project Ideas Resources.

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Boys and Girls All Around the Town. Please ensure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. If you leave JavaScript disabled, you will only access a portion of the content we are providing. <a href="/science-fair-projects/javascript_help.php">Here's how. Cloud in a Bottle - Science Experiment! 14 Free or Dirt-Cheap Summer Activities for Kids. The battle cry of all kids from June to August: “Mom! I’m boooorred.” No matter how excited your kids are on the last day of school, that joy will soon turn into boredom and they’ll be looking to you for ideas. You could spend the summer at the movies, the amusement park or the water park, but it will get expensive. Instead, try these free or dirt-cheap activities to silence the boredom battle cry. 1.

A trip to the White Water Bay water park in San Antonio, Texas, costs $61.99 for adults and $46.99 for kids under 48 inches in height, but you can pick up this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sprinkler for $16.80 on Amazon. Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt. Ever since our adventure with “secret message watercolor painting” the munchkin has been enamored with his watercolors. So this week we decided to mix things up a bit by painting with watercolors, clear Elmer’s glue and salt. Isn’t the final result neat? The idea for using glue and salt with watercolors came from Pinterest.

I kept seeing pins with notes about sprinkling salt on wet watercolors or using glue to create designs on top of the paint. Chalk in My Pocket: Batik on Paper + Salt Watercolor Experimentation. One of my recent finds on the web were batik pillowcases created with blue school gel and fabric paint. I still can't wait to try those, but while waiting for fabric paint to appear in mailbox, I thought Claire and I could try the same technique on watercolor paper.

I thought the blue school gel would pull off just like rubber cement, a stinky chemical I don't like to use around kids. didn't work quite as expected.