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How To Antique Paper Using Coffee Staining. Coffee staining is an easy way to give an antique look to paper.

How To Antique Paper Using Coffee Staining

Here’s how to antique paper with a simple coffee staining technique. Using coffee staining, you can give pristine white paper a browned, unevenly-colored aged appearance and parchment-like texture–just the effect that I wanted to give on my daughter’s pirate birthday party invitations! Here’s how to antique paper with plain old coffee: You can use coffee staining to antique almost any paper, including these dictionary pages that I want to give a vintage appearance. To coffee stain paper, you will need: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. PLEASE NOTE: Coffee stained paper is SO not archival, so be mindful when using it in scrapbooking or card-making if keeping your work archival is important to you. Keep up with the latest in the world of green crafts by signing up for our free newsletter. Pinterest. Upcycled Paper Coffee Cup Candle. Next time you're enjoying a hot cuppa joe from your favorite coffee spot, instead of tossing the paper container, take it home to repurpose into a homemade candle.

Upcycled Paper Coffee Cup Candle

Use leftover wax candle ends, along with a sprinkling of used coffee grounds, and you've got a fun and eye-opening candle to scent your home or give as a gift. What You'll Need: Small paper coffee cup1 to 2 tablespoons used coffee groundsPaper towel1 cup wax candle remnantsCandle wickScissorsSmall saucepanSmall metal or glass mixing bowl Directions: To create the base of the candle, add 1 cup of wax candle remnants to a small metal or heat-safe glass bowl, and place over the top of a small saucepan filled halfway with water, creating a double boiler.

Give the paper coffee cup a good cleaning, and wipe to make sure it's dry. Carefully pour half of the melted wax over the coffee grounds, reserving the rest of the wax for the top of the candle. Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff. Glow In The Dark Playing Cards. Zoo Playing Cards. 46 Awesome String-Light DIYs For Any Occasion. Hula Hoop Chandelier. Today was such a Nice day!!!!

Hula Hoop Chandelier

It was the Perfect Sunday....Sunny and Warm. I did some yard work, Ralph did a few things around the house and washed his Truck & Harley. I spent most of my day tackling another room in our new house....The Sun Porch! I'm so excited to have finished this room...the weather is getting soooo Nice! The ceiling needs to be finished but for the most part it is done...I went to Pier One and bought the most adorable Summer dishes, The Cutest flower Napkin holders...Lowes had an Amazing Palm Tree that I had to have!!

The Hula Hoop Project: Lantern.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 747 pixels) Silhouette Wall Art. Create Your Own Wikipedia Tome. Step 1: The Discovery It was a complete accident that I found Wikipedia's book creator feature.

Create Your Own Wikipedia Tome

I was looking at a Wikipedia page I'm embarrassed to mention. Alright, I'll mention. It was Hilary Duff's Wikipedia page. I have this problem where I attribute a lot of Hilary Duff's great work to one Avril Lavigne, and vice-versa. After answering some of my burning questions (Is Hilary Duff Avril Lavigne? While I paged through other famous artists in order to make myself sad (Melville: 120, Denis Johnson: 22, Mary Oliver: 11), I saw this little chunk in the column off to the side. I had side-by-side Wikipedia windows of Hilary Duff and Joseph Conrad. The link took me to this page, where you can add pages to a book and order a printed copy! The collector side of me rejoiced. Who's writing history now, David Kennedy, author of that damnable The American Pageant textbook? Step 2: What? You might not be like me. So why would you want to make your own Wikipedia tome?

You can go deep on any subject. Kit to Thwart Writers Block : Elizabeth Dilk. Redesign of DKNYs website.

Kit to Thwart Writers Block : Elizabeth Dilk

Created at Create the Group. View "Driver Picks the Music, Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole" T-Shirts & Hoodies by fangeek. "Winchester Bros. World Tour" T-Shirts & Hoodies by mannypdesign. "Winchester University (dark)" T-Shirts & Hoodies by mostly10. 25 Great Graduation Gifts That Graduates Will Actually Use.