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music, art, words music, art, words an interactive project to display the work of mallory and many of the artists, musicians, farmers, and radical thinkers who we call friends. the term 'band' can mean many things. to us it means banding together with those we love to support the things we love to do. to orgnize, play music, live sustainably, and cry and laugh together. the world is scary, but together we can maybe make some change. perhaps most importantly to the people around us. we're interested in the sense of purpose, comraderie, and something productiveto do in this capitalist wasteland: farm, love, teach, learn, make. what's a revolution without the arts? here you will find our songs, poems, thoughts, essays, and art. please support our endeavors with letters, emails, by telling a friend about us, or by giving us money. everything we do is out of our own pockets and time. we refuse to do business with corporations. we are trying to grow some roots in these ruins, or to remember the ones we've lost.

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