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Oodles is a blockchain development company that provides blockchain solutions to resolve different industrial challenges using multiple blockchain platforms


mHealth Application Development with Blockchain Technology. The healthcare community has recently seen many advancements in healthcare delivery approaches and technology, including mHealth as an evolving field of healthcare apps to increase access to health services.

mHealth Application Development with Blockchain Technology

Nevertheless, there are problems involved in the optimal value of mHealth implementation. Thus, in this article, we describe the most critical issues associated with mHealth and how to overcome them with healthcare blockchain development solutions.What is mHealthmHealth is basically a part of eHealth. Indeed, to date, no standardized definition has been developed for mHealth. Secure Health Exchange ApplicationsmHealth application development with blockchain technology allows the sharing of data and medical images for safe health information to help clinical decisions. Smart Contract Development with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain. In this compact study, find out why Hyperledger Fabric App development stands out for smart contract solutions for business use cases across a range of industries.

Smart Contract Development with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

One of the influential things about blockchain technology is its distributed network, accessible to all approved parties. An intermediary group is not necessary for managing operation in a blockchain network, thus, saving you time and confrontation. Blockchain solutions although have challenges, but are quicker and cheaper than conventional systems. Subsequently, the technology has become a matter of discussion among governments, financial institutions, and businesses. Considering Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Business Solutions.

You may link distributed ledger technology like blockchain with the notorious Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Considering Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Business Solutions

Yet there is more than that about it. Particularly when it comes to making business use of it. But how does it function? Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Real Estate. The real estate industry has shown slowness in employing new technologies for transformations.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Real Estate

Heavy reliance on manual work and personal relationship building is its fundamental tool for driving operational value. However, when it comes to real estate blockchain solutions, the industry is surprisingly quick to adapt. It is because blockchain and its applications are capable of addressing challenges in the real estate industry operations that other digital technologies can’t.Blockchain based real-estate and smart contracts solutions are providing real value generation opportunities for the real estate industry. In an industry that involves large scale transactions involving complex business agreements and contracts, their use is proving perfect. Developing Advanced Payment Processing Systems with Blockchain. Blockchain is a friction-less platform that is currently gaining popularity across various industries, including financial services, BFSI, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

Developing Advanced Payment Processing Systems with Blockchain

For staying competitive and meeting the ever-growing consumer needs, market leaders across sectors are exploring technology solutions. The payment processing industry is no exception. Recently, due to the potential of blockchain solutions development to substitute intermediaries and enable faster digital payment processing, technology has witnessed a growing number of advocates in the industry.However, the question arises that how businesses can seamlessly implement blockchain fintech development to reap long-term benefits in payment processing.

This article discusses crucial principles about blockchain implementation in payment processing. Why Implement Blockchain for Ecommerce Platform Development. Since the pandemic has struck, ecommerce is one of those businesses that require rapid advancement to manage ever-growing market conditions and development in the industry.

Why Implement Blockchain for Ecommerce Platform Development

Also, to have a viable business strategy and remain important forever, it has become obligatory for corporations to be open to drastic changes. One such revolution that is bridging industries and the future is blockchain technology. Its integration with an ecommerce business provides notable features capable of facilitating advanced digital transformation. Developing a Ride-Sharing app like Uber with Blockchain. The use of on-demand ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft is gaining considerable popularity among daily commuters globally.

Developing a Ride-Sharing app like Uber with Blockchain

The industry is ripe for opportunities. Instead of flag-down taxis, customers are willing to pay on-demand ride-sharing providers for convenience and a lower fee. Nonetheless, the industry is full of challenges too. For ride-sharing service providers, identifying and addressing factors that attract passengers and make them lose interest are crucial. With blockchain-based automotive solutions, stakeholders can develop a customer-centered ride-sharing app that enables them to optimize customer-attracting features while addressing the ones that force them to change a service provider.Industry ChallengesCostly Payments due to IntermediariesIn the current scenario, when a passenger books a ride, an email first goes to the company, and then it assigns a driver for a journey. We can realize the potential of blockchain resources at the fundamental level of the system.

Developing a Blockchain-Powered Media Streaming Platform. Thanks to the cryptocurrency boom of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the 1,000 + other digital currencies, blockchain technology is now firmly out of the shadows.

Developing a Blockchain-Powered Media Streaming Platform

More and more businesses, governments, and non-governmental organizations are also exploring the development of blockchain applications and smart contract solutions to improve productivity and accountability.Blockchain TechnologyWith no one central node, blockchain technology-based solutions run on a decentralized network. This concept guarantees that every participant has equal power in the network. Also, by taking over the central server, hackers fail to change data records.Modern cryptography protects the data, e.g., modern data encryption techniques protect digital signatures.

It ensures that hackers can’t even get access to information either. Blockchain-Based Social Media Platform Development. Wondering how blockchain solutions development can affect social media platform operations?

Blockchain-Based Social Media Platform Development

This article will clarify what is social media based on blockchain, the problems relevant to conventional social media networks, and what happens when the technology gets integrated into those platforms.Social Network Based on BlockchainBlockchain has emerged as a potential option for addressing many problems, including social media, as technocrats and Blockchain experts continue to think about technological growth, economic models, and freedom of speech.Social networking networks have long been an entrance point for billions of people to build social messages, and platforms built on Blockchain technologies are now gaining a lot of worldwide public interest.Blockchain Social Media are nothing more than decentralized networks that allow apps and smart contracts to be built. Blockchain-Based Tokenization. With the advent of blockchain-based tokenization, the way we invest in assets could shift.

Blockchain-Based Tokenization

If it’s real estate, painting, precious metal, and company stock, blockchain fintech app development can tokenize almost everything on the blockchain. In cryptocurrency development, the tokenization of assets refers to the transformation phase of physical assets into digital assets. Let us illustrate an example of the procedure that describes asset tokenizationTokenization is also defined as the technique of transforming an asset’s ownership rights into a digital token.

You can turn your apartment worth $200,000 into 200,000 tokens, where each token is equivalent to 0.0005 percent of the apartment’s share. Tokens are then released on any blockchain network that, for instance, Ethereum, can support smart contracts. Essential Steps to Develop a Blockchain Application for Your Business. For organizations operating with complex, archaic infrastructure and technology systems, Blockchain app and solutions development can prove beneficial. With distributed ledger applications, permissioned users can access the same data at the same time securely. It leads to increased performance and efficiency and minimized friction. If we develop a blockchain application for a business, it may assist it in expanding and growing exponentially. Additionally, various implementations can be adapted across sectors to execute several tasks. These advantages are delivered by Blockchain for Enterprise based on four technology-specific attributes:Blockchain Technology AttributesConsensus for Transparency Mutual ledgers are updated only after all relevant participants involved have checked the transaction.No Data ReplicationIf a block is accepted, the record of an incident is immediately generated for all participants in that channel through the ledgers.

Data Exchange Privacy and Security with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain. Enterprises often require a defined degree of data and transaction protection, privacy, enforcement, and efficiency to be guaranteed. There are very complicated and time-consuming methods. With data incompatibility or lack of confidence, problems often arise. In such cases, how can Hyperledger blockchain development help to ensure privacy and confidentiality of data and transaction exchange across a business network? A distributed, decentralized public ledger is now known by blockchain technology. It can be represented as a constantly increasing list of transactions stored on devices on the network called nodes to image it. Accelarating IoT (Internet of Things) Adoption with Blockchain. The Internet of Things (IoT) links users, locations, and goods, and hence, creates possibilities for generating and capturing value.

Embed into physical objects, chips, sensors, and actuators, each transmits data to the IoT network. The use of this information by IoT analytics tools turns ideas into motion. Why Blockchain for Restaurant Owners is a Must Explore Technology. If you have been tracking financial and IT reports for a while, then you might have heard the words like blockchain, smart contract, and cryptocurrencies very frequently stated. Although still an emerging industry, it is crucial to consider the importance of blockchain for the restaurant business and its applications like supply chain development for the advancements of business operations positively.Blockchain TechnologyIn the simplest of words, a blockchain is a time-stamped collection of permanent digital records maintained by a cluster of computers not operated by any particular individual, according to Block Geeks. Cryptographic principles keep any of these data bricks (i.e. blocks) guarded and connected (i.e. chain).Blockchain for Restaurant BusinessBlockchain, Smart Contracts, and RestaurantsRestaurants are in close communication with the end customer, and therefore have a better sense of their desires.

Blockchain-Powered Digital Ticketing Platform Development. The rise of digital ticketing has been a major transformation in the development space. Attendees can now buy tickets on their mobile, store a copy of their ticket on their digital wallet, and then use it directly at a venue to gain access. Today, ticket organizers connect on a customized basis with their client base and start developing flourishing partnerships. It has become an incredibly simple and helpful method of ticketing event. Let us review how Blockchain app development can shape ticketing technologies to help the industry grow.Blockchain-Based Digital TicketingBlockchain technology has the potential to overcome the ticketing industry’s ever-present threat of fraud and counterfeit.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform: Architecture, Security, and Features. Existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms often find it challenging to cope up with increasing market requirements such as efficient handling of large transaction volumes, advanced user-experience features, and smooth trading experience. The need of the hour is to develop simple and minimalistic crypto exchange platforms. They must support fast fiat withdrawals to include a large portion of the world population that deals in fiat money.

Maintaining Privacy of Blockchain Transactions with Zero Knowledge Proof. Consider a case of a credit card user who has to prove to a credit institution that he has held a sufficient average balance in his bank account for the past three months. The standard way of doing this is for the borrower during the time to exchange the bank statements. It, though, exposes much more sensitive knowledge than the organization wants. The Emergence of Blockchain App Development in the Telecom Industry. Developing a Food Delivery App like UberEats with Oodles Blockchain. Are Blockchain Solutions Really Capable of Evolving Ecommerce. Developing a Blockchain-Powered Media Streaming Platform.

Essential Insights into Blockchain Proof Of Concept (PoC) Development. Proof of Concepts is one of the common themes that we have learned from clients. dApp Development (Decentralized Apps) Workings, Real Examples, and Platforms. When we purchase a vehicle or a house, we encounter a special kind of aggravation associated with the complex forms of transactions. Blockchain for Faster, Cheaper, and Efficient Procurement Management. Blockchain is a pioneering technology that is likely to become a key growth enabler as the global B2B transaction fabric. Blockchain's Role in Advancing Supply Chain.

The buzz of blockchain technology in the news these days makes it sound like an efficient alternative to address business problems. Establishing Digital Self-Sovereign Identity System with Hyperledger Indy. Blockchain Technology Development for Automobile Industry Solutions. Applications of Blockchain in Strengthening the Pharma Supply Chain. Developing an Online Food Delivery App with Blockchain. Increasing Business Profits with Blockchain Smart Contracts. Empowering Decentralized Identity Management with Hyperledger Indy. Emerging Alternative to Centralized Finance. Blockchain Smart Contracts for Smarter Supply Chain Management. Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Real Estate.

Blockchain For Supply Chain Management. Assessing Blockchain's Impact in the Media and Entertainment Industry. Is Blockchain the Right Solution to Ensure Food Safety. Using Blockchain for Clinical Trial Management. Improving Automotive Operations with Blockchain Smart Contracts. Hyperledger Fabric Development. Blockchain Solutions in the Food Industry. Developing a Fast, Secure, and Efficient Crypto Exchange Solution. Blockchain Application Development In the Manufacturing Industry. A Review of Blockchain's Potential in the Shipping Indsutry. Developing a Food Delivery App like UberEats with Oodles Blockchain.

A Compact Guide to Proof-of-Concept Development for Blockchain. Can Blockchain Automotive Traceability System Prevent Counterfeits. Product Authentication System with Blockchain and Smart Contracts. An In-Depth Guide to Understanding Hybrid Crypto Exchange Model. Why You Should Develop a Blockchain-based Food Supply Chain System. Implementing Blockchain in Telecom for Game-Changing Transformation. Blockchain Application Development in Healthcare: Innovative Solutions. Making Your Business Smart with Blockchain Smart Contracts. EDI Management with Blockchain for Efficiency, Automation, and Security. Analyzing Walmart Food Traceability System Built with Hyperledger Fabric. Crypto Exchange Platform Development. Developing a Food Delivery App like UberEats with Oodles Blockchain. Developing a Decentralized E-Voting System with Blockchain. Blockchain for Automotive Supply Chain.

Developing an Online Food Delivery App with Blockchain. Blockchain Solutions in the Food Industry. Developing A Blockchain-based Food Supply Chain Traceability System. The Rise of Decentralized Finance. Blockchain Smart Contracts Development for Business Efficiency. Developing a Transparent Supply Chain with Hyperledger Fabric. Develop Advanced Loyalty Programs with Blockchain like Hyperledger. Are Blockchain Solutions Really Capable of Evolving Ecommerce. A CIO's Guide to Technology's Adoption. Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for IoT (Internet of Things) Why You Should Develop a Blockchain-based Food Supply Chain System. Blockchain for Trusted, Transparent, and Efficient Digital Advertising. The Potential of Blockchain Solutions in the Gaming Industry. Using Blockchain Technology to Develop Your Startup Business.

Blockchain Solutions in the Autonomous Automobile Market. Product Authentication System with Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Blockchain Applications in the Automotive Industry. Is Blockchain the Right Solution to Ensure Food Safety. Establishing Supply Chain Visibility with Blockchain Amid COVID-19. Streamlining Supply Chain Management with Blockchain Technology. Increasing Business Profits with Blockchain Smart Contracts. Blockchain P2P Lending Platform Development Guide. Powering Digital Identity Management with Hyperledger Projects.

Healthcare Insurance on Blockchain with Smart Contracts. Can Blockchain Drive Efficiency in the Automotive Supply Chain. Establishing Traceabllity in the Mining Supply Chain with Blockchain. Blockchain for EHRs (Electronic Health Records) Management. Reconditioning Automotive Operations with Blockchain Smart Contracts. Efficient Healthcare Data Sharing (POC) using Corda Blockchain. P2P Crypto Exchange Development. Build and Deploy Enterprise Solutions using Hyperledger Technologies. Reviving the Potential of Loyalty Programs Management with Blockchain. Assessing A Blockchain-based Food Supply Chain Traceability System. A Comprehensive Guide to Business Blockchain App Development. Blockchain Healthcare Data Management. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development like Coinbase. Automation and Efficiency in Real-Estate Settlement with Smart Contracts. Modernizing Food Supply Chain with Blockchain.

P2P Crypto Exchange Development.