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Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK) Examples - ClanLib Game SDK. GLConsole : Main - Screenshots. GLV GUI Toolkit. GLV (Graphics Library of Views) is a GUI building toolkit written in C++ for Linux, OSX, and Win32.

GLV GUI Toolkit

GLV is specifically designed for creating interfaces to real-time, multimedia applications using hardware accelerated graphics. GLV is designed to be lightweight and modular so as to make it easy to integrate with existing projects. Its only dependency is OpenGL. Although windowing is technically not a part of GLV, it does provide an abstraction layer for creating bindings to a particular windowing system for creating an OpenGL context and getting mouse and keyboard input. A binding to GLUT is currently provided. GLV observes a very minimal rectilinear design. The main View class provides a common interface that all other widgets inherit from. Rect A Rect can be constructed in the following ways: Rect r1(10, 5, 100, 50); // rectangle with l=10, t=5, w=100, h= 50 Rect r2(100, 50); // rectangle with l= 0, t=0, w=100, h= 50 Rect r3(100); // square with l= 0, t=0, w=100, h=100 View Place Direction.

Gtkd - GtkD is a D binding and OO wrapper of GTK+ and is released on the LGPL license. GTK+ is a highly usable, feature rich toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces which boasts cross platform compatibility and an easy to use API. what is new on GtkD: * works with Phobos and Tango * works with D 1.0 and D 2.0 * 64 bits support * wraps GTK+ 3.x API * Supports GtkBuildable. Clutter. Programming with Clutter. Clutter: a beginner's tutorial. There are lots of cool things in Moblin, but Clutter is our #1 most favourite thing of all.

Clutter: a beginner's tutorial

Why? If its OpenGL-accelerated, object-oriented, GTK-integrated API isn't enough to convince you, then perhaps its powerful animation framework, easy texture manipulation, and lightning-fast object picking system might. But one problem with Clutter is a distinct lack of documentation - a lot of folks want to learn how to use it, but the web is somewhat lacking in tutorials right now. We hate to see awesome free software projects without the userbase they deserve, so we spent a few hours putting together a kickstart guide for people who want to get into Clutter in the minimum time. Intel has been kind enough to donate some cash towards TuxRadar to help keep us off the streets, hence the temporary Moblin adverts you can see next to some of our articles.

First steps We're not going to hang around - let's dive right into Clutter without hanging around chattering about theory. Clutter_main(); GLUI User Interface Library. Tools:anttweakbar:examples [GUI library to tweak OpenGL and DirectX applications] Here are some simple program examples with sources that show how to use the AntTweakBar library. Commented sources of the examples below can be found in the examples directory of the AntTweakBar library . Executables (compiled examples) can be found in the examples/bin32 and examples/bin64 directories.

Simple examples using OpenGL: Simple examples using DirectX: Advanced examples: To build the examples, please follow the installation instructions . TwSimpleGLFW A simple example using AntTweakBar with OpenGL and GLFW windowing system. Source file Screenshot TwSimpleGLUT TwSimpleSDL. SimpleGUI. SimpleGUI is a new code block developed by me for Cinder library.


It's simple set of GUI widgets to speed up testing of your applications. It was inspired by ControlP5 library for Processing and I already used it for projects like Cindermedusae, Dualism or Pattern. Features v0.1 float, int, and color sliders with configurable min and max valuesboolean radio buttons with support for groupsbuttons with click listenersminiature texture previewsmulticolumn layoutconfig file loading and savingeasy to change color scheme Download All the source code together with examples is available as part of my MowaLibs in GitHub repo: How to use it? Go to GitHub and download the source codeUnpack it and copy SimpleGUI to your CINDER_PATH/blocks/ folderCreate new projectAdd references to SimpleGUI folder. Include header file and add sgui namespace. include SimpleGUI.h using namespace mowa::sgui;