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Diablo2oo2's Page - dUP2 - a freeware patch generator. [2.26] -added large file support for search & replace module -patchercode now is stored in a DLL -updated BeaEngine.dll (4.1 rev 172) -fixed: backup files for [attached file] module -added new filetime plugin -added new log message plugin -added new backup switch plugin -added new find next file plugin -fixed: patcher with plugins now can be packed -new option to run patcher after creation -new query option in [file check] module: check for write access -show jump destination of [event] module in patchdata list -fixed crash when open dUP2 project with large filename -auto backup unsaved projects -improved save system -added some copy/paste shortcuts -minor fixes [2.25] -bugfix: open files in sharemode -new disassembler engine: BeaEngine -improved search & replace comparison -plugin dlls are loaded now on patcher startup -updated plugin development kit -added option to turn off backup by default [2.19] -new "Text-Patch" module !

[2.01] -bug fixed in search and replace procedures.