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Transform Your Space. Welcome to our latest series with , celebrating the new . I was excited to get to meet Vanessa at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City, and talk with her about our plans for this series. Even though she was getting over a bad head cold, she was just delightful. I would caption her photo, " Bundle o' Creative Energy . " As the doting mama to four little darlings, Vanessa somehow also finds time to be a designer, author, quilter, sewer... oh for goodness sakes, let's just say: doer of many things. {capture the moment}: Introducing Tiny Treats: Birthday. I am so glad to hear how excited many of you are for the products we are releasing this month!

{capture the moment}: Introducing Tiny Treats: Birthday

Believe it or not, we still have even more in store for you! Today I get to introduce you to Tiny Treat: Birthday. This set has been one of the most highly requested collections to date and we know all of you are going to love all of the fun options this set has to offer!

Felt projects

Crafty Connections- January 18 - April Bern Photography Blog - April Bern Photography. Another thing I loved about this camera?

Crafty Connections- January 18 - April Bern Photography Blog - April Bern Photography

It has really convenient and easy to adjust dials to change settings on the fly (and because you're looking at the LCD screen, you can see, almost in real time, what's happening.) And lastly, this is pretty important to me, there are so many more points of focus you can select rather than just the 9 that the Mark II has! Did I mention that it was so much lighter? ★ Le tuto de mon organisateur de sac. Kid’s draughtsman’s pouch tutorial « TeresaDownUnder. This idea was born of a need to keep drawing notebooks and colouring materials together when travelling.

Kid’s draughtsman’s pouch tutorial « TeresaDownUnder

It holds up to 4 A4 notebooks (though really designed for only 3) and 24 pencils/texters. Easy to carry and just folds open. Inside. Sewing Tutorials on #Artisan-Tutorials - deviantART. Back with buckets ! Hiya, Here is my very belated bucket tutorial.

Back with buckets !

I was hoping to do this for Whiplash but never mind. I fluffed the first lot of photos but had to use one of them here as I missed a step - just ignore the fact that the fabrics change won't you? 190 Free Tote Bag Sewing Patterns! Sew tote bags with this collection of over 200 free tote bag patterns collected from all over the web.

190 Free Tote Bag Sewing Patterns!

And because tote bags usually consist of simple shapes and are quick to sew (especially if left unlined), they can be an excellent first project for a beginner who’s just learning how to sew (see Pillow Patterns and Apron Patterns for more great beginner sewing projects). And because tote bags are often made from heavy fabrics like cotton canvas (and attaching the handles can require stitching through several layers of heavy material), remember to use a thicker sewing machine needle in your machine, such as a denim or jeans needle, which will be able to pierce through those thick, heavy layers easily and without breaking. Consider adding a lining to your tote bag. Not only will it give your bag a nice finish on the inside, but the second layer of fabric will also help strengthen the bag (not all the bags shown on these pages are lined, but some are).

Diaper cakes

Sewing. Sewing School. Welcome to the Sewing School!

Sewing School

I get a lot of emails and comments asking about how to do certain sewing related things and where to find old posts on my blog and so in an effort to consolidate the tutorials and sewing advice you find here on A Fashionable Stitch, I’ve made up this handy dandy Table of Contents page to navigate you through what’s available here. It’s due to be added to every now and then, so check back when you are searching for something and can’t find it. Ginger sewalong.