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Onters, an explainer video production company specializes in animated video, explainer videos, 2D animation, 3D animation.

5 Reasons People Trust Your Website. Any new website is usually treated with suspicion for the first time, because there are millions of reputable businesses on the internet and unfortunately, a significant number of scam sites as well.

5 Reasons People Trust Your Website

Some of the most common mistakes that sabotage websites when it comes to garnering trust are substandard content, poor privacy policy, infrequently updated content, unprofessional website design, too many ads and long load times. Explainer Videos & Digital Marketing Services. Animated Explainer Video Production Company, Parlin, New Jersey, USA. Invention of smartphones and tablets: A boon or a bane for Digital Marketing?

Today’s world is heavily smartphone driven.

Invention of smartphones and tablets: A boon or a bane for Digital Marketing?

Our dependency on our smartphones and tablets is unbelievable. I come across one article every day that discusses the limitations of being so involved with our smartphones and tablets. But all of us have millions of reasons to be thankful for the comfort that these smartphones and tablets have brought to our lives. Our smartphones today have become very powerful general-purpose tools, much like our personal computers. Smartphones today offer users access to web and all the online services on the move and are usually much cheaper to buy than a traditional computer. There is no doubt about the fact that the evolution of smartphones and tablets has led the way in changing the fate of digital marketing as well. Let me start by describing the effect of Traditional Search these days.

Google is leading the way by optimizing results for mobile phones and tablets. How Explainer Video Helps You Build More Digital Audience? A brand name is all that a new business wants to earn.

How Explainer Video Helps You Build More Digital Audience?

In the face of an ever-fierce market competition, no new business can afford paying no attention to its digital marketing. Your target audience might remember you for the quality of your offerings but branding exercises become of utmost importance to give your business a competitive edge. Video marketing: A Challenge or Piece of Cake? A recent study done by surveying around 230 respondents (including marketing professionals and online consumers) suggests that although video usage numbers are increasing exponentially, 39% of the businesses are still not using video for their marketing strategy.

Video marketing: A Challenge or Piece of Cake?

Pie Chart of Business that don’t use video marketing Some of the primary reasons why video production is still intimidating for these businesses are: Lack of compelling strategy and expertiseLack of production budgetUnsure of manpower required We discuss these challenges and their possible solutions in brief. 1. Unlike other content forms, video may be a challenge to some as it involves script writing, producing a shoot etc. One could either completely outsource the skills to a video marketing team or use a combination of DIY in house and outsourced skills approach. One could also work with a basic “Hero Hub Hygiene” strategy (eg Volvo commercial). Latest Trends in Video Marketing. Video Marketing or Visual Marketing is the hottest marketing strategy at this moment and it is here to stay and flourish even more with time.

Latest Trends in Video Marketing

Digital marketers around the globe have realized its significance in creating brand awareness and high audience outreach owing to its immense success in the last few years. Video Marketing in the recent years 2015 proved to be a major kick-off for video creation and consumption when it comes to marketing. With Facebook claiming 8 billion videos being displayed per day to Snapchat with 6 billion video views on chat daily, the numbers keep multiplying. Not only is the volume of videos in the last year overwhelming, but 2015 has also witnessed the rise of novel ways of creating visual experience for the viewers, be it through Facebook’s Profile Videos or Youtube’s VR 360 player.

These trends suggest a more engaging and immersive world of online videos by the year 2019. Source: SocialMediatoday. Types of Animated Explainer Videos. Having an explainer video on your landing page is the latest trend.

Types of Animated Explainer Videos

You probably also have seen many websites having explainer videos on their landing pages. Whether you call them explainer videos, animated videos or corporate videos they all serve the same purpose of explaining your product/services and help you stand out from the competition. Digital Marketing Company- SEO, PPC, Social Media Optimization. A BUSINESS PROMOTION SOLUTION BEYOND STEREOTYPES. The current season of the business world is the uprising of startups that are coming up with ideas proven to be more of a solution to cater to problems worldwide.


Well, they might cater to the problems by chalking out innovative and user-friendly solutions but the only drawback is that they do not take a step ahead to take a risk and rather play the safe way by working on the solutions that already has a strong existence in the global market. Most of these initiatives fail to make the mark because of faulty research and poor usage of marketing strategies that has become too predictable for an audience. There is always a profitable result for unconventional ideas and strategies which help in attaining the desired results for success in the future. Using the existing ideas for marketing such as the likes of social media marketing, marketing via SMS and email, typical media marketing via mediums like print etc. have already become a predictable and old school. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Explainer Video. Explainer Videos are one of the most effective marketing tools of 21st Century.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Explainer Video

They are the short online marketing animated videos with the goal of explaining a particular product/service. If smartly created, they can have great impressions on the minds of the viewers. They have seen explosive growth over the past few years. There are many reasons for this. Here I am pointing out the Top 5 reasons: Easy to Understand Compared to text explanations, explainer videos are much simpler and easier to understand. Increased Conversion Rates. What is an Explainer Video & How long should it be? Explainer video An Explainer Video serves to explain a business or convey its brand message, essentially, in a clear, concise and engaging manner.

What is an Explainer Video & How long should it be?

It is generally a brief animated video created using simple graphics and easy language in order to hold the viewers’ attention. Considering the short attention spans we humans are known to possess, explainer videos are intended to be short. Animated Explainer Videos for Corporates & Startups. Explainer Video Production Company. Explainer Video Production Company.