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Common Core. Common Core Math Kindergarten Counting & Cardinality Operations & Algebraic Thinking Number & Operations in Base Ten Measurement and Data.

Common Core

3 (free!) ways to share bookmarks with students using Wibki. I’m always on the lookout for great free tech tools for teachers, so I was excited when Wibki reached out to me about reviewing their site.

3 (free!) ways to share bookmarks with students using Wibki

Wibki is a completely free tool for saving and sharing your favorite websites, and it’s especially nice for teachers because it’s an easy and highly visual way to bookmark sites for students. Here’s what Wibki is all about in 55 seconds: Nonfiction Vocabulary - Crossword Puzzle. Printable: New Year's Resolution Template. NetSmartzKids Home Page. Welcome to WiredSafety. CyberSmart! Student Curriculum. How Not to Teach Context Clues. To most intermediate, middle, high school, and college teachers, teaching context clues means helping students consciously identify and apply strategies to figure out the meaning of unknown words through hints in the surrounding text.

How Not to Teach Context Clues

These hints include pictures, syntax, text format, grammatical constructions, mood or tone, mechanics, and surrounding words that provide synonym, antonym, logic, or example clues Many of these teachers would also label the structural analysis of the unknown word itself as a context clue. Using morphemes (meaningful word parts, such as Greek and Latinates), syllabication strategies, grammatical inflections, and parts of speech also can help students figure of the meaning of unknown words. Context Clues Worksheets High School.