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365 online is a leading IT training and consultancy which provides services to various customers. We offer Oracle WebCenter sites online training will help you in understanding the complete Oracle Webcenter sites product. Website :

Get the Best Angular JS Online Training Courses & Certification. Angular JS is termed as a strong framework for JavaScript that has been developed and maintained by Google.

Get the Best Angular JS Online Training Courses & Certification

The use of Angular JS is not only to develop the web applications, but it is also used for running the web applications on the client machine. The main aim of designing Angular JS was to overcome the drawbacks of existing technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML and to combine all these technologies into the single flawless package. Angular JS has made it possible for the web developers to make use of the single tool to do everything at the single place.

Comparing to jQuery, Angular JS has a plenty of benefits. Therefore, it is recommended that every developer should get indulge in the Angular JS Online Training so as to avail the benefits of this powerful technology. Although J Query and Angular JS are used for the same ends, which implementation is beneficial? Rapid Development Pace: Easy to Do Unit Testing: A Comprehensive and one Stop Solution: Different Features of Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c. Since the demand for scaling the IT infrastructure is increasing day by day, therefore, all IT enterprises are looking forward to lessen IT investments and complexities.

Different Features of Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c

Hosted services are nowadays gaining a lot of popularity because these services are the only solution to these issues. To reduce such complexities and costs, Oracle is providing highly flexible, standard-based, and enterprise grade solutions for hosting the applications easily on the cloud. To do so, Oracle has Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service. Oracle has also one powerful tool that is named as Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c which makes it possible for business users to manage interactive and social online experiences on multiple channels to drive more and more sales. This tool can be installed on Oracle Java Cloud Service for enhancing the customer experiences.

Oracle WebCenter Portal Online Training. Oracle WebCenter Content Training. Oracle WebCenter Content Training With the upcoming and new technologies, Oracle WebCenter Content Training is gaining popularity day by day in the market.

Oracle WebCenter Content Training

It helps you to get quite faster and reliable web experiences. There are still some organizations, which still use the older form of web browsing technologies and take assistance from the traditional vendors. The contribution of oracle webcenter content 12c is of great help for those who want to progress in the field of technology. Angular JS Online Training. Hello AngularJSWhat is AngularJSThe Big PictureHello WorldKarma Jasmine and a Hello World Testcompile, digest and $apply, Model View WhateverReview Modules of Angular JS Online Training Modules in AngularJSYour First ModuleDependency InjectionModule ConstantModule Constant ExampleModule Array SyntaxKicking Things Off with ExampleReview Controllers Controllers and $scopeBuild Your First ControllerMethods and Properties on $scopeMethods and Properties on $scope ExampleRoutes with ControllersRoutes with Controllers ExampleReview Views Views in AngularJSCreate Your First View with a TemplateLayout DirectivesLayout Directives ExampleInteraction DirectivesInteraction Directives ExampleStyling DirectivesStyling Directives ExampleReview Services.

Angular JS Online Training

Oracle WebCenter Content Management gets a new user interface. Oracle Atg Online Training. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Online Training Oracle ATG Training at 365online training will help you understand the complete Oracle ATG Development Life Cycle .

Oracle Atg Online Training

Participants will get hands on experience by building a Sample Application using Oracle ATG. Our team of well-qualified and certified trainers would be demonstrating numerous small examples which will help you understand and implement the concepts of Oracle ATG commerce. Our Oracle ATG online Training would focus and ensure that the participants are comfortable using Oracle ATG for e-commerce site development. During the training, we will be covering a series of practice that will help in understanding the implementation concept. No specific pre- requisite is needed for the ATG training except the basic knowledge of Java and Java Server Faces (JSP).

Getting Started – Oracle ATG Training Overview of ATG products and technologyCore conceptsATG file organizationATG Application Module assembly and deployment. Oracle webcenter sites 12c online training tutorial. Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c interfaces. Oracle WebCenter Sites 12C provides support for various languages so that users can see interfaces in their preferred language.

Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c interfaces

Languages supported in Sites: SpanishGermanFrenchJapanesePortugueseEnglishArabicItalianKorean Step to change the language in WebCenter Sites: 1. Change the locale of the user to desired language. This can be done either from the “AdminSite” or from “Admin” tab. Oracle WebCenter Sites Search for user if user is already present in the system or create a user by clicking on “Add user” button. Change the locale to preferred language. Click on “Save and close” to save the user. 2. Log in from the user of which you changed the locale.

Same interfaces in English language. This blog is written by Tushar Singhal, Oracle WebCenter Sites Trainer and consultant. Click here to connect with him @Linkedin Related Tag: 1. 2. 3. Oracle WebCenter Content Training - 365 Online Training. Oracle WebCenter Sites Training Tutorial.