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Plant Extinction - an alarming reality. Scientists claim that worldwide plant extinction is occurring at an alarming rate much faster than they expected.

Plant Extinction - an alarming reality

In the last 250 years, nearly 600 plant species were lost from the wild. The number is surprising because it is more than the combined extinction of all bird, mammal and amphibians. Information gathered by the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and Stockholm University has shown that due to the impact of human life, plant extinction is happening 500 times faster than it should have been naturally. Even so, the researchers believe this number is more than what can be traced. Evidence suggests that a few species of plants which were thought to be extinct have resurfaced. Due to severe conditions, a UN report in May stated that one million plants and animal species were threatened with extinction. Plant extinction will lead to an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Theresa May takes steps towards making mental health a priority. British Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May is all geared up to launch a new prevention plan to augment the mental health support system available to the public.

Theresa May takes steps towards making mental health a priority

According to this plan, all new teachers in England will be specially trained to identify any early warning signs of mental illness. The Prime Minister is utilizing her last few days in office, concentrating on what she believes to be fundamental domestic issues. Mrs May also mentioned that no one should ever accept a rise in mental health problems and pass it off as inevitable. This was countered by Labour’s Barbara Keeley who accused the Prime Minister of offering warm words while ignoring the over-stretched budgets and delay in treatments.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens and Sir Simon Wessely will be present at a round table discussion about Sir Simon’s review of the Mental Health Act. Klu Klux Klan: The Role Of Women In Its Rise. The infamous white supremacist movement that began in the United States of America in the late nineteenth century has been chronicled by law enforcers as well as social commentators for being viciously racist, xenophobic, and violent.

Klu Klux Klan: The Role Of Women In Its Rise

Even though men clad in white robes and hoodies surrounding burning crosses were the face of the movement, not much is known about the women that were part of it. The journey of Klu Klux Klan (KKK) can be categorized into three distinct phases – 1860 to 1870, 1915 to 1930, and 1950 to 1970 respectively. KKK came into prominence after the American civil war as a movement that harped on maintaining white supremacy over the neo liberated blacks. Initially, women were not part of KKK but used to provide food, shelter, and emotional support. Four little known organic remedies to get rid of joint aches. Arthritis is a kind of joint pain that causes inflammations and stiffness.

Four little known organic remedies to get rid of joint aches

Its two variants are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Although this condition has no permanent cure, its symptoms and signs can be controlled with the consumption of organic supplements. Four natural ingredients that are effective in providing substantial relief in joint disorders are discussed below. Turmeric. Words of wisdom from age-defying female celebrities. The fashion giant, Vogue has come out with a list of reflective quotes and advice from influential women celebrities who have embraced their over 50 age bracket unapologetically.

Words of wisdom from age-defying female celebrities

This list has been posted ahead of Vogue’s The Non-Issue Issue, due to be launched on 5th April. Glenda Jackson, a well known British actress and politician has not considered her turning 80 to be a big deal. Coming to the 66 years old Marie Helvin, the popular fashion model has called self-awareness a “joy of getting older”. She also believes that the old age inspired wisdom to understand her true interests and priorities. Undeterred by hip surgery, Murray makes a come back to the Tennis court. Andy Murray has recently announced his return to Tennis by posting a video on one of the social media platforms.

Undeterred by hip surgery, Murray makes a come back to the Tennis court

The video featured the two-time Wimbledon Champion in full practice. “It’s a start”, the caption of the video said. Although it is great news for all his fans, his decision might be provisional. Prof Hawking’s nurse struck off from nursing register due to inappropriate care. The nurse who looked after the late Professor Stephen Hawking has been struck off on account of unacceptable financial conduct and non-standard care towards the scientist.

Prof Hawking’s nurse struck off from nursing register due to inappropriate care

Patricia Dowdy, the nurse, had worked for 15 years for Stephen Hawkings. According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), they found that the 61-year-old nurse did not “provide the standards of good, professional care we expect and Professor Hawking deserved”. On Sunday, Mrs Dowdy told The Mail that she did not want to comment anything on the matter. However, NMC was pretty straightforward with its actions and removed Patricia from the nursing register. Lots of issues with Patricia’s service have come up and some insinuations include dishonesty, financial misconduct, lack of proper care, non-cooperation with the NMC, lack of required qualification, etc.

He also said that the family wanted to thank the NMC for looking deep into the matter. Young players need to have good values, Nadal says. Rafael Nadal believes that young players need to have “good values”.

Young players need to have good values, Nadal says

He criticised Nick Kyrgio last week in Acapulco, on the other hand, he expressed his respect for the Australian tennis player. According to the Nadal, Kyrgios “lacked respect” after surviving three-match points and beating him in the quarter-finals. Rafael said: “I never said nothing too negative about Nick, even if he took it more personally”. “But there’s other stuff in my opinion he can do better,” the Spaniard added. Frances McDormand makes new statement: pairs pink gown with Birkenstocks at the Oscars. Parkinson’s linked to handwriting: Alteration might be a sign of warning. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a long-term disorder and the symptoms show up gradually over time.

Parkinson’s linked to handwriting: Alteration might be a sign of warning

The degenerative disorder is usually characterized by nerve damage in the brain which mainly affects the motor system. Studies show that a sudden change to a person’s handwriting is one of the prominent symptoms of this disease. One of the main causes of PD is the loss of nerve cells in any specific part of the brain. Shell Plans Teaming Up With Carmakers For Expansion Of EV Charging. Stockholm – Royal Dutch Shell has decided to form partnerships with carmakers in order to take the charging of electric vehicles (EV) to the next level.

Shell Plans Teaming Up With Carmakers For Expansion Of EV Charging

According to one of the executives of Shell, the idea is to make the charging of EVs extensive. The Big Oil company has bought Greenlots, the U.S. charger provider for an undisclosed amount. Mark Gainsborough, the executive vice president for Shell’s Energies Operation told Reuters: “We recognize that the customers are not just necessarily going to go to recharge just at retail sites, they’re going to want to charge at work and home, so we’re moving into this space.” Shell has been eyeing the EV charging sector since 2017. It was clear back then that the company had bigger plans in mind when it took its initial step by acquiring NewMotion, the owner of one of Europe’s largest EV charging networks.

In purview of this, the International Energy Agency has estimated that there would be approximately 125 million EVs by the end of 2030. Baghdad Workshop Discloses the Magnitude of Looted Artifacts by Militants. During its occupation in Iraq in 2014 and 2015, Islamic State militants raided historical sites and stole thousands of ancient artefacts, most of which are still missing. Since they were dislodged from Iraq in 2017, an international team of archaeologists had been working tirelessly to search and recover as many artefacts as they could find. As per Unesco, the loot was used to fund its operations, as they smuggled the items all through the Middle East and other areas.

A conservation architect Bruno Deslandes working for the U.N. cultural agency informed that the team is working to recover the many artefacts missing and want international resources to work for them. Prevent Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms With Cod Liver Oil. If you suffer from milk allergies or shun the sun, you may have vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency is common during the winter months when the daylight hours are reduced. According to the NHS, vitamin D is an important vitamin that the body requires to keep the bones, muscles, and teeth healthy. A deficiency of vitamin D makes regulation of calcium or phosphate difficult in the body.

And in severe cases of vitamin D deficiency, there are chances of bone deformities or osteomalacia. A great way to lower the possibilities of developing a vitamin D deficiency is by making some dietary changes and taking supplements. A Time Of Distress For Britain - The Nation May Go Without A PM. (Image: GETTY) According to predictions on Wednesday morning, Britain is all set for an aimless Government under the influence of hypothetical Brexit strategy.

The nation may allegedly run without a Prime Minister. Britain is likely to face a huge political disruption which would affect regular people. MPs fight over Brexit debates instead of uniting for a single Brexit policy for the benefit of common people. BREXIT CRISIS: May in last DESPERATE CALL to EU in bid for more border concessions. Theresa May was also braced for further frontbench resignations as tomorrow’s vote looms. Will Quince, a ministerial aide to the Ministry of Defence team, quit in protest at the deal on Saturday night. At least one more frontbencher was reported to be on the brink of resignation. Amid the febrile atmosphere at Westminster, Mr Johnson used a BBC interview to set down his demands for backing the Prime Minister. The former Foreign Secretary signalled he could back the Prime Minister’s deal as long as the backstop was scrapped.

Suggesting there was a “way forward”, he told BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “There is a programme that would unite the House and it’s very, very simple. Retailers Shut 2,700 Shops in First Half of the Year. About 14 shops are closing every day as UK high streets face their toughest trading climate in five years, a report has found. A net 1,123 stores disappeared from Britain’s top 500 high streets in the first six months of the year, according to the accountancy firm PwC. It said fashion and electrical stores had suffered most as customers did more shopping online. Restaurants and pubs also floundered as fewer people go out to eat or drink. London was the worst-hit region, PwC said, while Wales had the lowest number of closures.

Thousands Still Watch TV in Black and White. More than 7,000 people still watch TV in black and white more than half a century after colour broadcasts began. IRELAND DIVIDED: Varadkar UNDER FIRE for Brexit ‘cock-up’ - Sinn Fein Lash Out. Make Drivers Pay for Fuel in Advance, says Police Chief. Taxman Faces 'daunting workload' as Brexit Approaches, MPs say. Cracks are showing at HM Revenue & Customs as tax officials struggle with a huge workload, MPs have warned. RADICAL Brexit plan: UK to Hire BUSINESS LEADERS as Ambassadors to Boost post-EU Trade. Budget 2018: Tech Giants Face Digital Services Tax. Technology giants will be forced to pay tax on the sales they generate in the UK, under new plans announced in the Budget. Chancellor Philip Hammond plans to introduce a digital services tax from April 2020 following a consultation. Philip Hammond Prepares Last Budget Before Brexit. Philip Hammond is preparing to present a Budget for the last time before the UK leaves the EU.

The chancellor has said a change of approach – and a new Budget – would be needed if the UK and the EU cannot agree a Brexit deal. NO DEAL BREXIT EXPLAINED: What Could a no-deal Brexit Mean for The Cost of Rent? CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond will deliver the Budget on Monday and will be expected to outline how the government will protect the economy in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Here, we continue our special no-deal series, today looking at the cost of rent. Brexit WARNING: UK to be TRAPPED in 'long-running' transition period - SHOCK Papers Reveal. THE European Union could rule over the UK for years if Theresa May’s plan went through as Britain could be trapped in a “long-running” transition period, leaked Cabinet documents revealed., Qualcomm to Put Alexa Assistant In More Headphones. May Admits Brexit Deal Faces Delay as Alarm Grows Over Irish Border Row. Coast Fashion Retailer Collapses Putting 300 Jobs at Risk. Brexit DILEMMA: May faces unionist REVOLT if she agrees to Barnier's Irish border DEMANDS.

Kanye West to Lunch With Donald Trump This Week. Water Meters Should be Compulsory, say MPs. Young People With Deposits Still Cannot Buy Homes. Warning to Brexiteers: Sack Theresa May and the Tories will 'COLLAPSE' Claims Minister. Toyota Car Fault Prompts Massive Recall. Brexit date: When Will Brexit Happen? How Likely is a NO DEAL Brexit for Britain? ‘Useful idiot’ Corbyn is slammed for EU talks. Big Energy Firms Face Action By Ofgem Over Complaints. BREXIT CLASH: Labour Plunged Into New Confusion Over Second EU Referendum. Labour Conference: John McDonnell Unveils Shares Plan For Workers. Women 'half as likely' As Men To Start A Business.

Brexit news: EU to ALLOW Britain to negotiate with Norway - Will UK adopt 'Norway Model'? Theresa May Exclusive: ‘Brexit plan DELIVERS freedoms people voted for’ Amazon Investigates Staff Bribery Claims. 'The Bank Of Mum And Dad Will Run Dry' MPs say RBS Boss 'withheld information' About Alleged Criminality. Apple iPhone XS Unveiled Alongside Fall-detecting Watch. How Did The Financial Crisis Affect Your Finances? Network Rail Sells Railway Arches For £1.5bn.

Alibaba's Jack Ma To Step Down In September 2019. British Airways Probes Customer Data Theft. Post-Brexit Migrant Farm Worker Visa Scheme Announced. Debit Card Glitch Means Thousands Charged Twice. MPs To Probe Carney Over Extension Of Bank Of England Role. Argentina To Outline Cuts Aimed At Stabilising Peso. Teenagers Risk Missing Out On Savings Pots. Trump Threatens To Pull US Out Of World Trade Organization. Dyson Gears Up For Electric Car Testing.

What Went Wrong With Payday Lender Wonga? Food Prices 'To Rise 5%' Because Of Extreme Weather. Will The US Stock Market Boom Continue? UK's 'no-deal' Brexit Plans Warn Of Credit Card Fees. China Vows Counter-attack On Trump's New Tariffs. Salary Question Blamed For Gender Pay Gap. Trump accuses China Of 'manipulating' Its Currency. House of Fraser Cancels All Online Orders. House Of Fraser Suppliers Face Anxious Wait. Supply Shortage Could Push Rents Up 15% Says RICS. Elon Musk: Going Private Is The Best Path Forward. Home Equity Release May Cost Pension Firms Billions. House Of Fraser Store Closures To Go Ahead. Savers 'missing out on better rates' Apple Is First Public Company Worth $1 Trillion. Interest Rates: Bank of England Expected To Increase Base Rate. Best Supplements For Arthritis - 14p a Day Capsules Could Reduce Joint Pain. UK Car Production Hit By 'perfect storm'

Northern: Most Cancelled Services To Resume After Timetable Disruption. How Jeff Bezos Took Amazon To The Top. Firms Failing To Tackle Sexual Harassment, says MPs. Recycled Packaging 'may end up in landfill', Warns Watchdog. Ryanair Flight Cancellations To Hit UK And Ireland Routes. Publishers Warn Of Brexit Threat To Record Exports. Google Braced For Giant Android Fine From EU. Netflix Shares Plunge As Subscriber Growth Stalls. May Pledges To Boost Aerospace Amid Brexit Fears. The Battle For Sky: Five Reasons Why It Matters.

US Appeals Against $80bn AT&T-Time Warner Deal. Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms: Five Drinks To Help Stay Hydrated And Control Blood Sugar. I'm First Person To Have Proton Therapy In The UK. Salisbury MP Blames Putin For Fatal Poisoning Of Dawn Sturgess In Amesbury. David Davis Quits As Brexit Secretary Over May’s Plan To Leave EU. US Tariffs On $34bn Of Chinese Goods Go Into Effect. Jaguar Land Rover Boss: Brexit Threatens £80bn UK Investment. Firms 'Running Out Of Patience' On Brexit. Cave boys of Thailand Must Learn To Dive Or Face Months Trapped Underground. How My Wife’s Death Inspired Invention Of Cancer Breathalyser. Regulator Crackdown On Hotel Booking Sites. Brexit: Businesses And Unions Call For Urgency. Heathrow Airport: MPs Gear Up For Crunch Third Runway Vote. BMW Joins Airbus In Brexit Warning. Airbus Warns No-deal Brexit Could See It Leave UK.