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麻将技巧. Reach Mahjong. Mahjong Rules, Overview, and Gameplay - Mahjong Wiki (麻将维基) New Page 1. Tom Sloper's Weekly MahJong Column. Gareth and Jane Saunders v.5.0. In my opinion, of the books I have so-far read on Mah Jong, there are two which I have found most helpful in considering one's strategy in the playing of Mah Jong.

Gareth and Jane Saunders v.5.0

A. D. Millington Millington contributes a whole chapter (Ch.4) of his book "The Complete Mah-Jongg" to the matter of strategy. Entitled "Luck and Skill in Mah-Jongg" it examines the place of luck in the Chinese game, before turning to an analysis of how the player may think primarily offensively about his play, and perhaps later defensively. Mahjong Competition Rules Scoring Sheet. MCR Scoring Sheet is a software for Windows for keeping scores of Mahjong games played by Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR aka CO) - easy-to-use and error-free.

Mahjong Competition Rules Scoring Sheet

You would still have to calculate the hand points of each game by yourself, but then simply enter the result and define just by click who won and who discarded the winning tile or if it was self picked. MCR Scoring Sheet calculates the points for all players, sums them up and determines the table (match) points. In addition it counts how often each player called "hu" or discarded the winning tile. A seat rotation scheme helps you to take the right seats in each round. Osamuko's Mahjong Blog.