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Ocean Thermal Energy — Department of Business, Economic Developm. OTEC News - News about Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Alternative energy from the ocean. Spirit Of Partnership Can Drive Viable Energy Solutions For Guam. Headline News Fire Guts Guam Historical Landmark Guam Will Have A New Tumor Board By April Five Fires Mystify Guam Guam Hopes For Brush With Obama Democrats Vie For Guam Senator's Seat Guam Buildup Delay Gains Ground Over-Generalizing Guam’s Buildup Guam: Obama Speech Is Right On The Money Guam Looks Back At Obama's First Year Laptop Program Holds Promise For Guam's Kids Guam Reacts As Senators Approve New Tobacco Tax Guam's Everyday Hero - Jon Junior Calvo Unanswered Questions in The Wake Of Guam Senator's Resignation Archdiocese To Guam Senators: Quit Waffling Over Civil Unions Is Guam's Supermajority In Jeopardy?

Spirit Of Partnership Can Drive Viable Energy Solutions For Guam

Knocking The Wind Out Of Guam's High Power Bills On Guam, Gutierrez Still Stands Will Guam Landholders Unite? Senator Rector's Lease Costs Guam Taxpayers Twice The Going Rate Ancestral Remains Found On Guam. What's Happening in Philippine RE? - Renewable Energy From the Deep Ocean.